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Who Is josiah Bassey?

Josiah Bassey (born 7 January) is Grammy Nominated Nigerian born song writer, Musical Artist, Singer and Producer based in New York, USA.
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Josiah Bassey Profile Bio Data Facts

Name: Josiah Bassey

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Akwa Ibom State

Hometown: Uyo

Tribe: Efik

Place Of Birth: Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Grew Up: In Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Date Of Birth: 7 January

Birthday: 7th January

Age: 20 +

Parents: Mr and Mrs Cletus Bassey

Father: Bishop Cletus Bassey

Mother: Mrs Bassey

Occupation, Career: Songwriter, Music Artist, Producer, Singer

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Height: 5"6 Feet Tall

Tattoos: No

Sexual Orientation, Gay, Bisexual, Straight: Straight

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: No

Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: Dating

Facebook: Josiah Bassey

Instagram: josiah_bassey

Full Biography Of Josiah Bassey, Songs, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Childhood Background, Grammy Award

Biography, Wikipedia: Josiah Bassey is a New York based Nigerian born Musician, Musical Artist, Producer and Songwriter.

Josiah Bassey was born on 7 January in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where he grew up before he relocated to New York City, United States of America in 2016.

Josiah Bassey grew up in a family of musicians who fully supported him in his musical journey.

Josiah Bassey took his first steps in music at the age of 3 in his father’s church and never stopped playing and expanding his musical talents ever since.

Josiah Bassey plays seven instruments, including the drums, piano, bass guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, saxophone and violin, and became a renowned songwriter, respected by his peers.

Josiah Bassey is one of the most influential songwriters in the industry, and is surrounded by the best in the music industry, such as Grammy-award winner H.E.R.

He started his music career when he joined the primary school band. Little did he know that would lead him to play at the government house’s events, at a state meeting show in front of 2,000 people, and on a local TV station where he was interviewed for the first time, at the age of 9 years.

At the age of 11, Josiah Bassey had already put an album together and recorded the song titled 'A Ray of Hope' with his middle school friends. The song is very positive, extremely catchy, and already featured the talent of an outstanding artist.

In 2016, Josiah released 'Because we have Love'. The song was played on repeat on the radio in Nigeria.

"The song was inspired by my mother who was in a church building that collapsed and it killed several people. Somehow my mum made it out alive. I believe the song helped many people at the time."

Josiah Bassey Best Friends In The World Lyrics, Soundtrack: Josiah Bassey wrote and produced 'Best Friends in The World' Original Web Series Soundtrack.
Josiah Bassey wrote and composed the music for 'Best Friends in the World' - a Movie, show, web series produced by a renowned Nigerian company, Neptune3 Studios owned by Jemima, Jesimiel and Jeiel Damina 3 sisters.

Relocation To New York City, USA: Josiah Bassey became an international artist, when he relocated to the US all the way from Nigeria in 2016.

Josiah Bassey played several shows at the SOB’s stage in New York City, opened for Grammy Nominated artist Kierra Sheard in 2016 during her “Bridges Tour”, and performed for many prestigious events and concerts.

But after the frustration of ending second place on a songwriting competition 'Unsigned Only' with Victoria Dennis for the song they wrote together “When I Fall”, Josiah Bassey had to move on to write something new : “Hold us together”.

His new song is interpreted by the R&B superstar and Grammy winner, H.E.R., for the new Disney Plus movie “Safety”.

Josiah Bassey wrote a song for a Disney show, millions of songwriters would dream of getting their song featured in, produced it with the most nominated R&B producer at the Grammy, and got the most famous new R&B singer to perform it.

This song not only led Josiah to confirm his international status and exceptional talent. It also led him to work with some of the most respected producers and artists in the music industry, starting with D’ Mile who produced the song with H.E.R. “Hold us together”.
Josiah has also collaborated with J White. Together they worked on a song for RCA signed artist Tone Stith. He also worked with producer Swagg who produced the song “Devotion” that is out on all streaming platforms now.

Josiah Bassey writes a lot of different styles and genres of music for himself and for other artists.
He’s been doing a lot of fusion with Afro Beats and R&B lately.

Josiah Bassey worked with J White on a song for RCA signed R&B artist Tone Stith. J White is best known for producing Cardi B's chart-topping singles, "Bodak Yellow" (2017) and "I Like It" (2018).

He also worked with Grammy Award Winning Producer Swagg, who produced the song “Devotion” as well as artists such as H.E.R., Alicia Keys, Kehlani, and Ne-Yo to name a few.

Josiah Bassey also toured with Grammy Nominated artist Kierra Sheard in 2016 during her “Bridges Tour” and co-wrote a song with young singer Victoria Dennis.

Josiah Bassey Grammy: Josiah Bassey was nominated for the Grammy award for 2022. Josiah Bassey was nominated for a song titled 'Hold Us Together' (Hope Mix), written by him, H.E.R., Tauren Wells and Dernst Emile.
Announcing his Grammy nomination on his Instagram page on 23 November 2021, Josiah Bassey shared picture and wrote:

"I’m a Grammy nominated Song Writer!"

Nigerian Akwa Ibom State Born Josiah Bassey Nominated For 2022 Grammys

Akwa Ibom son, Josiah Bassey, has been nominated for the 2022 GRAMMYs Awards. The Recording Academy announced nominations for 86 categories recently, and josiah was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

This award is given to the artist(s) and songwriter(s) (for new compositions) for the best contemporary Christian music single or track, (including pop, rap/hip-hop, Latin, or rock.)

Josiah Bassey, who started his music career in Uyo before settling in New York City, USA, is rated among Kirk Franklin, Chandler Moore, CeCe Winans; Dwan Hill, Kyle Lee, Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music, Naomi Raine, and Chris Brown etc., in this category.

Josiah Bassey is nominated for a song titled Hold Us Together (Hope Mix), written by him, H.E.R., Tauren Wells and Dernst Emile.

Josiah Bassey Educational Background, Schools Attended, University
Josiah Bassey attended Topfaith International Secondary School
Surefoot american international school.

Josiah Bassey Nationality, Country Of Origin: Josiah Bassey is from Nigeria.

Josiah Bassey State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Josiah Bassey from? Josiah Bassey hails from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Josiah Bassey Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: How old is Josiah Bassey? Josiah Bassey was born on 7th January.
Josiah Bassey is 20 + years old.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Josiah Bassey was born into a Christian family to of Bishop and Mrs Cletus Bassey. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.
Photo of Josiah Bassey Parents

Josiah Bassey Father: Who Is Josiah Bassey father? Josiah Bassey father is a pastor named, Bishop Cletus Bassey.

Josiah Bassey is the son of a popular clergyman, pastor, Bishop Cletus Bassey.
Picture of Josiah Bassey Father, Pastor Cletus Bassey (Bishop)
Who Is Bishop Cletus Bassey?
Cletus Bassey is a Nigerian born pastor who is the founder of Destiny Mission International Inc in Akwa Ibom State.
Archbishop Cletus Bassey is the first Akwa Ibomite to serve as Chancellor of a university in the United States of America.
Photo of Archbishop Cletus Bassey, Josiah Bassey Father

Josiah Bassey Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Josiah Bassey married? No, Josiah Bassey is not yet married to any wife.

Wife: Who is Josiah Bassey wife, name, pictures? Josiah Bassey is single and not yet married.

Josiah Bassey Girlfriend: Who is Josiah Bassey girlfriend, name, Pictures? Josiah Bassey has not revealed the identity of his girlfriend or fianceé and it's not clear if Josiah Bassey is in a relationship or engaged.

Josiah Bassey Net Worth 2021, 2022, Forbes, Naira, Dollars
How much is Josiah Bassey Net Worth?
Josiah Bassey net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars.

Josiah Bassey House and Cars: Josiah Bassey lives in New York, USA and drives nice car.

Josiah Bassey Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Josiah Bassey can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle and Facebook account.

Josiah Bassey Instagram: Josiah Bassey Instagram Page Account Profile Handle josiah_bassey.

Throwback Photos Of Josiah Bassey:

Checkout throwback pictures of Josiah Bassey which he posted on his Facebook account in 2013.

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