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Latest Instagram Photos: Diane Oputa aka Lady D Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Siblings, Family, Wedding, Net Worth, House, Cars, Birthday, Height, Tattoo, Father, Mother, Nationality, State Of , Tribe, Accent, Daughter, Son, Diane Oputa Lady Di Images, Facebook Photos, Ig Pics, Gym Workout, Fitness, Videos, YouTube

History Of Diane Oputa: Everything To Know About Charly Boy's Wife Diane Oputa aka Lady Di Profile, Husband, Family, Children, Parents, Net Worth

Who Is Charly Boy's Wife?

Who Is Diane Oputa?

Diane Oputa Aka Lady D (born 29 January 1960) is an American born singer, fashion designer, Entrepreneur, the CEO of Taakra Art & Crafts and the wife of Charly Boy and s fitness enthusiast.

Diane Oputa is the producer of Taakra television Show.

Pictures of Diane Oputa aka Lady Di

Diane Oputa Profile Bio Data Facts

Nickname: Lady D (Lady Di)

Real Name: Diane Oputa

Nationality: American

Country Of Origin: United States

Citizenship: American

Ethnicity: Black American

Tribe: Jamaican American

Hometown: Manning, South Carolina

State Of Origin: Imo State (Husband's State)

Place Of Birth: South Carolina, United States

Date Of Birth: 29 January 1960

Birthday: 29 January

Age: 62 Years Old (in 2022)

Occupation, Career: Singer, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $800,000 US Dollars

Height: 5"6 Feet Tall

Tattooed: Yes

Religion: Christian (Catholic Church)

Relationship, Marital Status: Married To Charly Boy

Married: Yes

Spouse, Husband: Charly Boy (m. 1979)

Divorced: No

Children: 3

Daughters: Dominique Oputa, Adaeze Oputa.

Son: Charles Alexander Oputa Jr.

Siblings, Sister: Janice

Instagram: dianeoputa

Facebook Name: Diane Oputa

YouTube 1: Diane Oputa

YouTube 2: Dianeoputa Fitness

Full Biography Of Charly Boy Wife, Diane Oputa Aka Lady Di

Pictures of Charly Boy Wife, Diane Oputa aka Lady D

Diane Oputa (Lady D) Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background

Biography, Wikipedia: Diane Oputa popularly known as Lady Di is the wife of Charly boy who is an American born Singer, Former Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Taakra Art & Crafts.

Dianeoputa Fitness: Diane Oputa aka Lady D likes to workout at the gym to keep fit even at the age of 60+. That's why Diane Oputa is still looking sexy at over 60 years.

Lady D likes to post her without fitness videos on her fitness YouTube channel, Dianeoputa Fitness and on her Instagram page.

Gym Photos of Diane Oputa Working Out
Pictures of Lady Di Diane Oputa at the gym

Watch video of Diane Oputa Working Out

About Diane Oputa's Taakra Art & Crafts (TAAKRA ACADEMY)

Diane Oputa is the the CEO of Taakra Art & Crafts and Taakra Academy.

TAAKRA is an acronym for (Teaching African Arts & Krafts). As an ambassador of African Arts & Crafts, Diane Oputa, the producer of Taakra television Show is committed to teaching by viewership craft ideas that can be translated into productivity thereby creating a platform for self-reliance and empowerment. This has birthed the Taaka T.V. 

In view of taking Taakra TV a step further, Taakra Kraft Academy joined its stable with a team of professional tutors available to give hands on training in selected courses. Some of the courses they offer are: Cane Weaving, African Motif Patchwork Quilting; African head tie/ Millinery; Cultural Beading Techniques; Career and Entrepreneurial Development; Traditional Tie-Dye, Traditional pottery designing, soap making, African cuisine, and much more. 

TAAKRA is a household name in arts and craft, spreading far beyond Nigeria and Africa. They are available for cultural exchange programs, seminars, workshops and skill acquisition programs. As ambassadors of African Arts & Crafts to the world, they are committed to teaching the world about the wealth of Africa's cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on arts and crafts.

Picture of Diane Oputa and Charly Boy
Family pictures of Diane Oputa and Charly Boy

Diane Oputa looks gorgeous in native wear, gele

Diane Oputa Education Background

Diane Oputa attended her high school and had her tertiary education in the US.

Place Of Birth: Diane Oputa was born in South Carolina, United States in 1960.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Where is Diane Oputa, Charly Boy wife from? Diane Oputa is from United States of America. She is an American citizen.

Diane Oputa Home Town: Diane Oputa hails from Manning, South Carolina.

Diane Oputa Tribe, Ethnicity: Jamaican American

Diane Oputa State Of Origin: Diane Oputa's husband is from Imo State, Nigeria.

Diane Oputa Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Diane Oputa was born on 29 January 1960.

Diane Oputa Real Age: How old is Diane Oputa, Charly Boy's wife? Diane Oputa is 62 years old in 2022.

Diane Oputa Tattoo: Diane Oputa is a lover of tattoos, just like her husband, Charly Boy and her daughter, Dominique Dewy Oputa. What a family of tattoo lovers! Diane Oputa has piercings too.

Diane Oputa has her arm, backside, chest and other body parts tattooed.

Tattoo pictures of Diane Oputa aka Lady Di

Diane Oputa Hairstyle: Diane Oputa likes to rock dreadlocks, crazy hairstyles.

Pictures of Diane Oputa Hairstyles

Diane Oputa Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Diane Oputa was born into a Christian family in the United States of America. Her both parents - father and mother are not dead but still alive, though aged.

Diane Oputa celebrated mother's day with her mum, dad and sibling sister.

Pictures of Diane Oputa and Her Mother

Photo of Diane Oputa and her father

Pictures of Diane Oputa with her parents and sibling Sister

Sharing family pictures with with her parents and sister on mother's day, Diane Oputa wrote on her Facebook account:

"Mothers Day Celebration with My beautiful Mother, Sister Janice and Dad."

Diane Oputa Hails Her Late Mother In-Law

RIP Dearest Mama 

Not many are blessed with a mother inlaw that truly takes you as their daughter. Although you had concerns about whether or not I could adapt to 

the foreign land I found myself in , or even if I could give you grand babys lol . 

The epitome of a true African woman you protected , advised and shared your personal life experiences making me feel loved and welcomed. It's these values you instilled in your son and has kept our relationship strong through the years. 

As we celebrate your life, we find solace in the fact that you are at peace in the Lord. 

Rest in Peace Ada Umutogwuma

Diane Oputa Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Diane Oputa got married to Charly Boy in 1979. Diane Oputa is Charly Boy's second wife. He married her after his first marriage crashed.

Diane Oputa and her husband, Charly Boy got married again in a Catholic church Wedding on 15 December 2018 in Abuja.

Wedding Pictures of Diane Oputa and Her Husband, Charly Boy

Diane Oputa Husband: Who is Diane Oputa Husband, name, Pictures? Diane Oputa husband is Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy, who is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, television presenter.

Pictures of Diane Oputa And Her Husband Charly Boy

How Diane Oputa And Her Husband, Charly Boy Met

Charly Boy met Diane Oputa in 1974 in a hair salon in Boston, U.S., where he had gone to make his hair.

Photos of Diane Oputa Lady D and Charly Boy

How Lady Diana Oputa Proposed To Charly Boy To Marry Her

In an interview, Diana Oputa revealed how she asked Charly Boy to marry her or she walks away from their relationship.

"I dated Charles for a few years before I proposed to him to marry me, else I would leave. He was getting too comfortable with just dating me because marriage wasn’t really on his mind. You know, he hasn’t been lucky in that department. During my first visit to Nigeria, I met his wonderful family and it was clear he was coming from a very strict Christian background. His family was a very spiritual one with high sense of morality and values, there was no way some of that wouldn’t have robbed off on Charles. I just fell in love with him and his close knit family. Since then, they have been ever so kind and loving to me. I just thank God." She revealed.

Diane Oputa 'Lady D' Hails Her Husband, Charly Boy


I just want to thank you for  last weeks surprise, you never seize to sweep me off my feet from time to time.

Our union has gone through so many seasons, but our commitment, friendship is the reason we still stand. 

You are still the best Husband, Father and Son that I know. The one dedicated to his family and works hard for us. 

My Husband and Friend, our love shall remain strong, even when we have  differences , because you are my rock. 

The children and I will continue to pray for you, that God will keep you healthy and full of life,

and strengthen me to keep providing a home of love and emotional purity, and when life places pain in your heart, may I always fill it with love. 

Thanks for being there for us, thanks for loving me and the beautiful memories you have given me so far. 

To my soul mate, lover and best friend… 

Thank you. 

Ur wifey 

Lady Di

#dianeoputa #areafada1

Diane Oputa Children, Daughters, Son: Diane Oputa and Charly Boy have 3 children together. She also has other stepchildren from Charly Boy's ex wife and ex girlfriends. They have many grandchildren.

Diane Oputa Family Picture With her Children & Husband, Charly Boy

Diane Oputa has 3 children - 2 daughters and 1 son - and the names of her children are Dominique Oputa, Adaeze Oputa, Charles Alexander Oputa Jr.

Pictures of Diane Oputa and her children
Pictures of Diane Oputa and her son, Charles Alexander Oputa Jr.

Photo of Charles Alexander Oputa Jr. And His mother, Diane Oputa

One of Diane Oputa's children, Dewy Oputa, is a lesbian.

Photo of Diane Oputa and her lesbian daughter, Dominique Oputa, Herr last child
Picture of Diane Oputa first Daughter, Adaeze Oputa

Diane Oputa Net Worth 2022, 2021, Forbes, Dollars, Naira

How much is Diana Oputa net worth?

Diane Oputa net worth is about $800,000 UaS Dollars.

Diane Oputa House and Cars

Diane Oputa lives in a mansion with her family and drives nice cars.

Diane Oputa Phone Number, WhatsApp Contact: Diane Oputa can be contacted via her Instagram page and Facebook account.

Diane Oputa Instagram: Diane Oputa Instagram page Account Profile Handle dianeoputa.

Throwback Photo of Diane Oputa in 1979, the year she married Charly Boy

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How old is Charly Boy wife

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