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History Of Dele Adeleke: Everything To Know About Bamidele Adeleke Profile, Wife, Father, Family, Parents, Net Worth, CV, Davido Fight & Osun Election, Article

Who Is Dele Adeleke?

Dele Adeleke (born 3 March 1972) is a Nigerian Politician, Financial Expert, Former Bank Executive, Strategist & African Entrepreneur with a passion for people Impact.

Bamidele David Adeleke is Osun State PDP Governorship aspirant, Davido's cousin and Senator Ademola Adeleke's Nephew.

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Dele Adeleke Profile Bio Data Wiki Facts

Name: Dele Adeleke

Full Name: Bamidele David Adeleke

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Osun State

Hometown: Ede

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Muslim

Place Of Birth: Osun State

Date Of Birth: 3 March 1972

Birthday: 3rd March

Age: 50 Years Old (In 2022)

Occupation, Career: Politician, Financial Expert, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $2 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦1,100,000,000 Naira

Height: 6"3 Feet Tall

Relationship, Marita Status: Married

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Mrs Bamidele Adeleke

Children: Yes

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adeleke

Father: Mr Adeleke

Grand Mother: Nnena Esther Adeleke

Uncles: Adedeji Adeleke, Ademola Adeleke

Cousins: Davido, Sharon Adeleke, Adewale Adeleke, B-Red, Nike Adeleke

Education: Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Course Of Study: Management/Accounting

Grade CGPA: 2:2

Instagram: deleadeleke001

Facebook: Dele Adeleke


Twitter: Bamidele Adeleke

Full Biography Of Bamidele Adeleke

Dele Adeleke Career, Occupation, Educational Background, Life History, CV, Story, Politics, Businesses, Banking Career, Riches, Wealth, Family, Religion & More

Who Is Bamidele Adeleke?

Biography, Wikipedia: Dele Adeleke whose real, full name is Bamidele David Adeleke is a Nigerian born ex banker, Financial Expert and Politician who is popularly known as Davido's cousin and Ademola Adeleke's nephew.

Dele Adeleke holds a B.SC in Management/Accounting and an MBA in General Management (distinction) both from Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria). He has attended many courses and workshops organized by prestigious institutions including Lagos Business School.

About Dele Adeleke Banking Career: Dele Adeleke started his career as a Banker in Liberty Merchant Bank Limited in 1991. He was part of the turnaround team of STB between 1998 and 2002, when the bank grew from 11 – 60 branches before he left to join Pacific Merchant Bank limited. In Pacific Bank, he piloted the recapitalization drive of the Bank in 2002 which led to the fresh inflow of about N 1.2bn as well as the restructuring from a Merchant Bank into a commercial bank.

He spear-headed Pacific Bank's in-road into the oil & Gas Market and managed key relationships and portfolio encompassing all white products as well as vessel acquisition. During the last banking industry-wide consolidated exercise, he was seconded to Merger Project office of the Unity Bank Group as head of strategy and integration. He later became the project manager for the integration of the Unity Bank Group's operational procedures and information Technology platform. He was later appointed Divisional Head/Executive in charge of Strategy and Corporate Development.

Dele Adeleke Companies Jobs: Bamidele Adeleke restructured Axis Power Distribution Company and managed the company’s entry into a consortium that bid for the acquisition of Kaduna Electricity Distribution company of PHCN, he was appointed the Pioneer CEO, He was later appointed as Project Director/COO for TKM where he supervised the reengineering of the company and the manufacture, importation and deployment of 250 Telecommunications Towers for MTNN and several others for GLO the position he held before appointment as CEO of Seal Towers Ltd.

Bamidele Adeleke is very resourceful and highly creative. He is a fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, A certified Project Management Professional, A member of the American Society for Quality and an Alumnus of the Lagos Business School (IMP).

Quick Facts About Me - By Dele Adeleke

An Accomplished Expert

I have 2 decades of banking with several years as a successful Nigerian Entrepreneur.

A Political Strategist

I have an unwavering devotion to the PDP, and this is evident in all I have done and still do.

An Erudite Mind

I have numerous academic qualifications, and I'm an alumnus of Lagos business School.

A silent Helper

I am part of a family that has over the years proven her commitment to social development.

Osun Governorship Aspirant & Election: Dele Adeleke has declared his intentions to contest in the coming Osun Governorship Election as a PDP candidate.

Dele Adeleke's slogan, mantra is 'Igba Otun tide', meaning (A new era has come).

My declaration statement to contest as Osun's Next Governor - Dele Adeleke

'On the 10th of November 2021, I went to the Peoples Democratic Party National secretariat to pick up my Expression of Interest and Nomination form in order to be chosen as the flagbearer of the party in the forthcoming Osun gubernatorial elections."

Dele Adeleke is a financial expert who believes that decades of his experience in the banking industry would save Osun from its current precarious economic state. He said he believes he is more fit to bring better economic fortunes to the state than any other candidate both in PDP and APC.

Dele Adeleke has shown himself to be a brilliant business manager.

Picture of Dele Adeleke Billboard

Dele Adeleke PDP Political Party: What is Dele Adeleke's party? Dele Adeleke party is PDP. He is a full member of the Osun State PDP.

Dele Adeleke Gets Clearance Certificate From PDP

Sharing pictures of his clearance certificate on his Instagram page and Facebook account, Dele Adeleke wrote:

"Today, I received the clearance certificate from the People's Democratic Party's screening committee. We give glory to God, who is the most gracious, most merciful. Only God's counsel shall stand. #IgbaOtunTiDe"

After his screening exercise, Dele Adeleke had shared pictures on his Instagram page and wrote:

"As the screening exercise ends, I would like to thank the People’s Democratic Party leaders for their sterling qualities, the entire screening committee for their professional and unbiased conduct, and the numerous Osun state PDP party members for their resolve to choose a worthy gubernatorial aspirant. #IgbaOtunTiDe"

Dele Adeleke welcomed to Ede, Osun in style after his clearance by PDP
Pictures of Dele Adeleke car convoy

Dele Adeleke Vs Ademola Adeleke

Photos Of Billboard Of Dele Adeleke vs Ademola Adeleke, side by side Billboard in their Ede hometown. #OsunDecides2022

Dele Adeleke, an aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has explained why he is challenging his uncle, Ademola Adeleke, for the party’s ticket ahead of the Osun 2022 governorship election.

In an interview with Channels Television, Mr Dele ​Adeleke said he is more competent than his uncle, who was the governorship candidate for PDP in 2018. He also said that being Senator Adeleke’s nephew should not hamper his aspiration to serve the people of the state.

He stated that running for a political office is more about competence than political alliances and, claiming to be the best candidate PDP can produce to challenge the incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

“He (Sen. Adeleke) is also aware that I’m running,” he said, noting that his uncle was “shocked” when he informed him about his aspiration to jostle for the PDP’s governorship ticket.

Asked how long he had wanted to pick Osun governorship race, he said he began to nurse the political ambition when he started playing the “engine room role” in the political space of Osun and beyond.

In 2018, Mr Adeleke was the PDP’s Returning Officer during the gubernatorial election in the state, PREMIUM TIMES gathered. He had defended his uncle during the polls, challenging the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in courts after the elections.

“I believe all those have actually prepared me for the political landscape of the state,” he said.

Senator Adeleke’s nephew said he will not step down for him in the political race even though he is pressured to do so. He said his nephew should rather step down for him, considering his old age.

“It is time for a generation of shift. It is time for those who are fit and able to deliver,” he said. “The role of leadership or governance, especially in Osun, is a very serious thing.”

He said even Senator Adeleke knows he is fitter and more prepared for the gubernatorial race.

Throwback video of Dele Adeleke supporting Ademola Adeleke during the 2019 Osun Governorship Election

Dele Adeleke Vs Davido

Davido had called out his cousin, Dele Adeleke for contesting the same position with his Uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

Pictures of Dele Adeleke and Davido

David Adeleke, popularly called Davido, attacked his cousin, Dele Adeleke on Twitter. Dele Adeleke, an accountant, is running to clinch the Peoples Democratic Party ticket with his uncle, Ademola Adeleke, in the forthcoming Osun gubernatorial election.

This comes just days after Davido told Dele Adeleke to shut his mouth in a tweet which he deleted after.

Recall that shortly after PDP gubernatorial aspirant and Nephew to Senator Ademola Adeleke, Dele Adeleke, posted on his Twitter page and wrote:

"Intelligence & Understanding can not be falsified, stolen or handed to anyone on a silver platter. It takes dedication, patience and discipline to attain such feat." "It is up to the party members to identify and support an intelligent aspirant among the lot. We can do better in Osun state! #IgbaOtunTiDe"

Davido had responded by saying "Yo cuz STFU & your talking to yourself #MOLEDE"

Twitter user, ADEMOLASparkles @HajjiDEMO believes that...

"If you understand politics to some extent, you will know that Seyi Makinde is using Dele Adeleke against Demola Adeleke to clear for Akin Ogunbiyi to get the ticket.

I love politics so much. Agodi landlord ni leader PDP in SW."

Photo of Dele Adeleke and Governor Seyi Makinde

On Osun Pensioners Being Owed And Left To Suffer After Retirement - Dele Adeleke

"These issues won’t change if we remain docile in words and action. It’s time to do things right, and it starts with you taking a stand for competence, innovation, and progress. #IgbaOtunTiDe #TheDawnOfANewEra"

Dele Adeleke Education Background, School, Grade, CGPA

Dele Adeleke has a B.SC degree in Management/Accounting and an MBA in General Management (distinction) both from Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife, Nigeria).

Grade: Dele Adeleke graduated with 2:2 degree from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU).

Dele Adeleke is a fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing, A certified Project Management Professional, A member of the American Society for Quality and an Alumnus of the Lagos Business School (IMP).

Dele Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Dele Adeleke was born on 3 March 1972.

Dele Adeleke Real Age: How old is Dele Adeleke? Dele Adeleke is currently 49 years old.

Dele Adeleke will celebrate his 50th birthday on 3rd March 2022.

Birthday pictures of Dele Adeleke

Dele Adeleke State Of Origin Home Town, Tribe: Where is Dele Adeleke from? Dele Adeleke is from Osun State, Nigeria.

Dele Adeleke is Yoruba by tribe and hails from Ede, his hometown, village is in Osun State, South West part of Nigeria.

Dele Adeleke Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Dele Adeleke was born into the famous Adeleke family of Ede, in Osun State.

Dele Adeleke has other siblings brothers and sisters, cousins, uncles.

Names of Dele Adeleke cousins are Davido, Sharon Adeleke, Adewale Adeleke, B-Red, Nike Adeleke.

Names of Dele Adeleke uncle's are, Ademola Adeleke, Deji Adeleke

Bamidele Adeleke Father

Dele Adeleke Father: Who Is Dele Adeleke father? Dele Adeleke father is Mr Adeleke, the elder brother of Ademola Adeleke and Adedeji Adeleke.

Dele Adeleke's father is the eldest of the Adeleke’s dynasty and Adeleke brothers.


Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another” – Ernest Hemingway

Serubawon, as if given to you by God Himself, is the nickname that perfectly described you while you walked the face of the earth and even in death. Your life was always a great event. When you moved, all men knew a great man has moved. Your politics was consummate; your love for humanity exceptional. Your death stirred many and it was a whirlwind that shook the very foundation of the society that you impacted so greatly.

De Guv, you were a great man in every ramification. In death, you have towered above many still living and continue to be an institution even while you no longer sojourn on this side. You were a man filled with milk of human kindness, empathy and you were a relentless crusader against oppression and injustice. The testimonies of the men and women you built continue to reverberate.

Though we consider the time you spent with us quite short given that you still had a lot to do in the emancipation of the people you so deeply loved, we continue to take solace in the beautiful memories you made, the institutions you impacted and the individuals who grew because you gave them a chance when none else would.

I celebrate you today, Uncle Tunji, on your 67th posthumous birthday. I celebrate the life you lived, the legacies you left and the lessons that your life continues to teach us. Your life has remained a model to me and I am committed to ensuring that as you made brighter the glory of the Adeleke dynasty, I must make every effort with any opportunity given, to make the dynasty even greater.

Thank you for sharing your great life with us. Continue to rest in Jannah, until the day of reckoning.

Happy 67th Posthumous birthday, dear mentor and leader and Sen. Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.

With fond memories,

​Your college boy (like you fondly called me)

*‘Dele Adeleke*

Dele Adeleke And Deji Adeleke, Davido's Father

Dele Adeleke was trained and raised by Davido's father, his billionaire uncle, Adedeji Adeleke and his late wife, Veronica Adeleke.

Throwback photo of Dele Adeleke and Davido's father, Deji Adeleke

Dele Adeleke shared a throwback picture with Davido father, Deji Adeleke who he also sees as his dad and wrote:

"Celebrating my dear Uncle and father figure. You took me under your wings as I passed out of high school and raised me like your own son. Whatever I am or achieve, I owe to God and you. I can never thank you enough."

Dele Adeleke And Ademola Adeleke

Dele Adeleke supported his uncle, Ademola Adeleke when he contested for Osun Governorship.

Pictures of Dele Adeleke And Ademola Adeleke

Sharing a throwback photo with his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, Deji Adeleke wrote:

"Throw back to build up to the July 8th Osun West By Election... the result was a resounding 9 - 1 LG Victory! We thank God."

Dele Adeleke Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Dele Adeleke married? Yes, Dele Adeleke is married to his wife, Mrs Bamidele Adeleke with children.

Dele Adeleke Wife: Who is Dele Adeleke wife? Dele Adeleke wife is Mrs, Bamidele Adeleke, the mother of his kids.

Dele Adeleke Children, Son, Daughter: Dele Adeleke and his lovely wife are blessed with children - sons and daughters.

Dele Adeleke Net Worth 2022, 2021 Forbes, Dollars, Naira (Bamidele Adeleke Net Worth, Salary)

How Much is Dele Adeleke Net Worth?

Dele Adeleke net worth is about $2 Million US Dollars.

Davido is Richer than Dele Adeleke. Davido father is also much more richer than Bamidele Adeleke father.

Dele Adeleke House and Cars

Dele Adeleke lives in a fine house and drives his own cars.

Dele Adeleke Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Dele Adeleke can be contacted via his Instagram page, Facebook account and Twitter page.

Dele Adeleke Instagram: Dele Adeleke Instagram page Account Profile Handle is deleadeleke001.

Poor Vs Rich: Be Bumble - Dele Adeleke Preaches

Sharing photos of a rich man's mansion and a poor man's house, Vs their one grave, Dele Adeleke gave a motivational write up:

"We came to this world witb no physical possession and we shall leave this world with NOTHING.

Never forget to be #humble 

#lifeisgood when we give consideration for others, when we show compassion and #kindness .

Do all the good to as many as you can

#bekind #showlove #godislove"

Dele Adeleke News

Osun 2022: Davido knocks cousin Dele Adeleke for writing about his mother’s death

Award-winning Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has again knocked his cousin, Dele Adeleke, for his Osun State governorship ambition.

This time, the singer slammed the politician for writing about the death of his (Davido’s) mother in an article relating to his political ambition.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Davido noted that his cousin employed people to write about him (Davido), though he cared less about that.

However, the singer noted that his mother raised his cousin, yet the latter wrote about his death.

“Because of your ambition, you have your people write about me (which I don’t care about) but to include the death of my mother in an article; the same woman that raised you. Ok Dele, God will reward you,” Davido tweeted.

The Aye crooner noted that Dele Adeleke also stoop so low to mention the name of another family member, whom Davido simply described as ‘Aunty Vero.’

He said, “The truth hurt you that much you had to go that low to mention your Aunty Vero that cared for you. Well, I don open my crase for the year (sic). Stay tuned.”

Davido had on Tuesday called out Dele Adeleke for eyeing the governorship seat of Osun State, a position which his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, was also interested in.

Dele Adeleke Article (Dele Adeleke Article About Davido's Mother, Veronica Adeleke)

Davido accused Dele Adeleke of writing an article about his late mother, Vero Adeleke and this has sparked controversies online.

Dele Adeleke: Davido’s Fans Threatened Me On Social Media Over Alleged Article

An aspirant in the Osun State governorship race, Dele Adeleke, has cried out that fans of his cousin, singer David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, threatened him on social media.

Davido had taken to Twitter on Tuesday to call out the politician for contesting against their uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, for the Osun State governorship ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party.

This was after a Channels Television interview in which Adeleke was asked to state how he feels about contesting against his uncle.

Stating why he decided to run for office, Adeleke said the “demographics favour a younger, competent, passionate and credible candidate, and that is what Dele Adeleke represents in this race.”

Taking to Twitter, Davido expressed displeasure at his cousin, just as he warned the people of Osun to “beware of fakes”.

He wrote, “Wonderful! I finished university with a 2:1. But it’s now cousin Dele who struggled to even get a 2:2 that is now forming ‘intellectual’.

“Intellectual that has not succeeded in building one single thing in his life on his own. This life! Osun, beware of fakes!(sic)”

Not done with his cousin, in another post, Davido slammed the politician for writing about his (Davido’s) mother in an article.

“Because of your ambition, you have your people write about me (which I don’t care about) but to include the death of my mother in an article; the same woman that raised you. Ok Dele, God will reward you,” he tweeted.

In response, Adeleke stated that he would never write anything against Davido’s late mother, just as he pointed out that he would never allow such to be done to his own mother whom he lost at a young age.

Declaring his respect for Davido’s decision to support their uncle, the governorship aspirant said it was possible for each one to make their political choices without rancour and bitterness.

He wrote, “Dear David, For whatever this is worth to you, please note that I lost my mother at a tender age like you and would never allow anyone to denigrate her nor her memory.

“I will NEVER write nor say anything against my Auntie Vero, who I cherish dearly.

“You are the king of social media and you definitely know people take it upon themselves to write whatever they believe will give them clout.

“So many of your fans came to my SM handles to threaten me and some even asked me to go and die. Did you send them to threaten my life? I seriously doubt it and I do not believe you will do such a thing.

“So, irrespective of politics, please note that I am not that kind of person; I have maintained decorum in the face of provocation and I will continue to do so.

“I respect your decision and choice to support Uncle Demola and that is the beauty of democracy.

“It is possible we can all make our individual choices without rancour and bitterness. We can all follow different paths and still live as one big, happy family.

“The people of Osun, greatly deserving the best, will give the job to who they so deem fit and may the #Best man win #OSUN2022

“You will always remain dear to me.”

He added that he decided to reach his cousin via Twitter when the message he sent to the singer on Whatsapp failed to deliver.

SOURCE Thefamousnaija

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