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History Of Shatu Garko: Everything To Know About Miss Nigeria 2021 Shatu Garko Profile, Family, Boyfriend, Parents, Father, Mother, Husband, Married

Who Is Shatu Garko?

Biography, Wikipedia: Shatu Garko (born 23 November 2003) is a Nigerian born Hijab Model, Beauty Queen and the winner of Miss Nigeria 2021, the 44th Miss Nigeria. Shatu Garko replaced Beauty Tukura as Miss Nigeria.

Beautiful Pictures of Shatu Garko, Miss Nigeria 2021

Shatu Garko Bio Profile Data Facts

Name: Shatu Garko

Full Name: Shatu Sani Garko 

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Kano State

Tribe: Hausa

Hometown, LGA: Garko Local Government Area, Kano

Place Of Birth: Kano

Grew Up: In Kano

Region: North West Geopolitical Zone

Religion: Muslim

Date Of Birth: 23 November 2003

Birthday: 23rd November

Age: 18 Years Old (as at 2021)

Height: 5"9 Feet Tall

Occupation, Career: Model, Student, Pageant Winner

Net Worth: $30,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦17,100,000

Parents: Mr and Mrs Garko

Father: Mr Garko

Mother: Mrs Garko

Relationship, Marital Status: Single

Married: Not married

Husband: No

Boyfriend: Dating

Instagram: shatu.garko

Full Biography Of Shatu Garko (Miss Nigeria 2021)

Shatu Garko Images

About Shatu Garko Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Pageantry, 44th Miss Nigeria 2021

Shatu Garko whose full name is Shatu Sani Garko is an 18 year old hijab model, student and beauty queen who loves horse riding and helping the needy.

Pictures of The Moment Shatu Garko Was Crowned As 44th Miss Nigeria 2021 by Beauty Tukura

Miss Nigeria Pageant 2021: 18-year-old Shatu Garko won the 2021 Miss Nigeria beauty pageant that held in Lagos State on Saturday night, 27th December 2021.

Shatu Garko who hails from Kano State, Nigeria represented the NORTH WEST zone in the 44th Miss Nigeria pageant in December 2021.

Photos of Shatu Garko As Miss Nigeria, Wearing Her Crown

List Of Shatu Garko Prizes As Winner Of Miss Nigeria 2021: Shatu Garko prizes won as 44th Miss Nigeria include, winning ₦10 million, a one-year residency at a luxury apartment, a brand new car, and brand ambassadorship opportunities.

Shatu Garko History: Shatu Garko made history as the first hijab-wearing model to be crowned Miss Nigeria.

Shatu Garko Is Thankful After Winning Miss Nigeria 2021 And Making History

"Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Shatu Garko, and I am the 44th Miss Nigeria.

It still feels like a dream.. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love! Thank you Nigeria for your support through out this journey, my heart is filled with gratitude.

To the @missnigeriaorg , thank you for finding me worthy of the crown." - Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko wrote on her Instagram page.

Shatu Garko Speaks On Criticisms, Being Linked With Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen

Shatu Garko said that critics dissuaded her from competing in the pageant, as they told her that she’d bring Boko Haram into the brand.

According to her, naysayers told her to face her schooling instead of going for the contest.

When Punch asked if she received any backlash for her decision to contest, she said, “Yes, and not only from Northerners; from other people too. Some said, ’go to school’ and some said I was going to spoil the Miss Nigeria brand. Others even instigated that I was bringing in Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen. I simply ignored them.”

Speaking on her motivation, Garko said, “I wanted to take a chance on myself. When I applied, I honestly did not think for a second that I could win.

“But a small voice kept ringing in my head, ‘what if you get selected’? I realised that just by getting selected, I could inspire so many young girls even if I didn’t win.”

Shatu Garko Background, Childhood

Shatu Garko was born in Kano state on 23rd November 2003 to her parents Mr and Mrs Garko. Shatu Garko father and mother are Muslims from Garko Local Government Area of Kano State. Shatu Garko grew in up in Kano State with her family - parents Mr and Mrs Garko and siblings brothers and sisters.

Shatu Garko Education

Shatu Garko attended primary and secondary schools in Kano State. After graduating from Secondary School, Shatu Garko was set to proceed to the University when she emerged the winner of Miss Nigeria 2021.

Shatu Garko State Of Origin: Where is Shatu Garko from? Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko is from Kano State, Nigeria.

Shatu Garko Home Town, Tribe, Village: Shatu Garko is Hausa by tribe from Garko Local Government Area, Kano State.

Shatu Garko Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Shatu Garko, Miss Nigeria born? Shatu Garko was born on 23 November 2003.

Shatu Garko Real Age: How old is Shatu Garko? Shatu Garko is 18 years old as at 2021 when she won the Miss Nigeria pageant.

Shatu Garko will celebrate her 19th birthday on 23rd September 2022.

Shatu Garko Religion: Is Shatu Garko a Muslim or a Christian? Shatu Garko is a Northern Muslim who practices Islam.

Shatu Garko Height: How tall is Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko? Shatu Garko is about 5"9 Feet Tall.

Shatu Garko Without Makeup Pictures: Here is a face photo of Shatu Garko (Miss Nigeria) not wearing makeup, looking all natural with beautiful face.

Photo of Shatu Garko Wearing Hijab

Shatu Garko Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Shatu Garko was born into a Muslim family to her parents, Mr and Mrs Garko who are from Kano State.

Shatu Garko's parents are from Garko Local Government Area.

About Shatu Garko Parents And Their Support For Her To Go For Pageant

Shatu Garko mother supported her decision to contest for Miss Nigeria 2021 but her father, Alhaji Garko didn't like the idea that Shatu Garko was going into pageantry.

Shatu Garko father was initially worried about the Miss Nigeria organisers asking her daughter to remove her hijab, wear Bikini to snap pictures. But Shatu Garko's dad later allowed her to go and contest

The 44th Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko, has stated how she convinced her dad to allow her to contest in the pageant.

The 18-year-old Garko who become the first hijabi to win the Miss Nigeria pageant since its inception in 1957 revealed this during an interview with The PUNCH.

She said, “My mum has always been my biggest supporter so convincing her to let me do this was not difficult. However, my dad was not on board.

“He was worried about me being forced to take off my hijab, or wear a swimsuit, or just being treated differently because of the hijab. My mum and I had to do an entire presentation to convince him. But after that point, I had his full support.”

Shatu Garko Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Shatu Garko married? No, Shatu Garko is not yet married to any Husband.

Shatu Garko Husband: Who is Shatu Garko Husband? Shatu Garko doesn't have a husband yet as she is not married.

Picture of Shatu Garko and Enyinnaya Nwigwe (Nollywood Actor)

Shatu Garko Boyfriend; Who is Shatu Garko boyfriend? Shatu Garko has not revealed the name of her boyfriend or Who her boyfriend is.

Shatu Garko Relationship, Dating: As Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko is not allowed to date openly or show off her boyfriend.

Shatu Garko Engaged, Engagement, Fiancé: Is Shatu Garko engaged? No, Shatu Garko is not engaged to any man at the moment.

Shatu Garko Net Worth 2021, 2022, Forbes, Naira, Dollars

How much is Shatu Garko Worth?

Shatu Garko Net Worth is about $30,000 US Dollars.

Shatu Garko won ₦10 million Naira as Miss Nigeria 2021 winner.

Shatu Garko House, Cars, Mansions

House and Cars: Shatu Garko won a one-year residency at a luxury house, apartment, and has a new car, a brand new car which she won too.

Shatu Garko Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Shatu Garko can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Shatu Garko Instagram: Shatu Garko Instagram page Account Profile Handle shatu.garko.

Shatu Garko currently has 37.3k followers as at the time of writing this article.

Shatu Garko Latest News, Update, Hisbah Controversies

Pictures of Shatu Garko at the beach

Shatu Garko And Hisbah Controversy

Hisbah To Grill Shatu Garko's Parents Over Illegal Participation In Miss Nigeria - BBC

The Kano State Hisbah Commander, Sheikh Harun Ibn Sina has said that they will invite the parents of Miss Shatu Garko, winner of the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant, to discuss the reason(s) behind her participation in the pageant.

The 18-year old Shatu Garko beat 18 other contestants to win the the 44th edition of the Miss Nigeria pageant held on 17 December, 2021, making her the first hijab-wearing model to be so crowned.

Hisbah said the reason for inviting Shatu Garko’s parents is to inform them about the Islamic tenets with regards to the participation of their daughter in the beauty contest.

“We (Hisbah) have confirmed that Shatu Garko is a Muslim from Kano State and her parents come from Garko Local Government Area. Kano is a Sharia state and this is why we won’t allow the matter to go like that.

“We will invite the parents to talk to them about the actions of their daughter and the fact that what she did was illegal in Islam in case they don’t know so that she won’t continue on that path and other girls will not copy her,” Ibn Sina told BBC News Pidgin.

What the Quran say - Sheikh Ibn Sina

Sheik Ibn Sina, a Popular Islamic teacher before his appointment as the Hisbah Commander backed his argument by quoting some verses from the Holy Qur’an.

"It is forbidden, forbidden for any person to enter any beauty contest. Long time ago, when our great teacher Mustafa Saba'i was asked a question about beauty pageants, he insisted that is forbidden for the following reasons."

"Many things that happened at the pageant is against the Islamic teachings, for example, there was a lot of body exposure and the events there did not teach ladies to be shy and reserved."

“Almighty God, in the Quran, told the Prophet to tell his wives, daughters and other women of faith to cover themselves properly.”

“In another verse in the Quran, God also instructed people to guard their eyes against watching sinful things like exposed body parts and also women not to expose their beauty to the outside world except their face, hands and feet.”

The Commander also said organsiers of these beauty shows incur the wrath of God as the act is condemnable.

For her win, Miss Shatu Garko, is expected to get a house, N10 million naira, 1-year residency at a luxury apartment, a brand new car, and several brand ambassadorship appointments, according to organisers of the pageant.

Garko takes over from Taraba State born-Etsanyi Tukura, the 43rd winner of the 2019 Miss Nigeria contest.

About Shatu Garko And Hisbah

Image of Shatu Garko in Fulani attire

Shatu Garko: MURIC Backs Hisbah, Says Miss Nigeria Pageant Is Like Bbnaija by The Punch

Islamic human rights organisation, Muslim Rights Concern, on Wednesday, backed the Kano State Hisbah Board’s decision to grill the parents of the 44th Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko, over their daughter’s ‘illegal’ participation in the beauty pageant.

MURIC Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in a chat with The PUNCH, said no decent Muslim lady would participate in any beauty pageant like the Miss Nigeria contest, adding that the beauty pageant is not different from the television reality show, Big Brother Naija.

The group said Muslims do not participate in any beauty pageant, according to Quran Chapter 24, Verse 31; and Quran Chapter 33, Verse 59.

“These two verses emphatically insist that women should cover themselves and dress up decently and neither should display their body for the public. Being present in a beauty pageant even if she was in a hijab, she had done the catwalked with thousands of men eating her up with their eyes. It is not acceptable,” Akintola stressed.

The PUNCH had earlier reported that the Commander General of the Kano Hisbah Board, Harun Ibn-Sina, said that the Sharia Police would invite the parents of 18-year-old Garko for allowing her to participate in the Miss Nigeria pageant on December 17, 2021 at the Landmark Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Garko, who wore a hijab during the pageant, had won the beauty pageant and took home the prize of N10m, one-year residency in a luxury apartment, brand new car, and many brand ambassadorship opportunities.

However, the Hisbah boss said Garko’s participation is illegal and unknown to Islam, adding that the parents of the teenagers would be invited so that other ladies won’t model after Garko.

Speaking with our correspondent also on Wednesday, Akintola said Muslims are not impressed with Garko’s action.

The Professor of Islamic Eschatology at the Lagos State University said, “We are not quite impressed by the development because the environment itself is un-Islamic – women parading their bodies and all of that. Hers may be different but she is not supposed to mix with those kinds of people. It is like going for BBNaija and using Hijab or dressing like a Muslim but you participated in BBNaija where people make love before the camera and millions of Nigerians are watching.

“In a beauty pageant, women also parade their bodies in stages, they come in bikini and all of that. It is not an exercise a Muslim lady should participate in, people who are decent, who have shame, who have honour, who would not display their nudity, who would not expose their bums for millions of naira should not participate in such pageants.”

On the proposed invitation of Garko’s parents by the Kano Sharia police, Akintola said, “It is very good. Why do you think Nigeria is in trouble and our youths uncontrollable? It is because that parental guidance and values are missing at home. How did the parents allow her to go contest? Though she may be 18-year-old, once you are still under your parents, you are under your parents in Islam.”

The various Hisbah Boards in the north enforcing the Sharia law have been accused of many highhandedness in the past including the destruction of millions of bottles of different beer worth billions of naira, thus, rendering hundreds of Southern traders hopeless and jobless in the north. They claimed consumption of alcohol and all other intoxicants was forbidden in Islam.

Hisbah has also been accused of blatantly violating the basic rights of citizens in its mission to enforce criminal aspects of Sharia law on residents of the North-West state.

Miss Nigeria: Hisbah Under Fire Over Move To Invite Shatu Garko’s Parents - Daily Trust

The Kano state Hisbah board is currently under fire over its plan to invite the parents of Shatu Garko, winner of Miss Nigeria 2021.

Garko, an 18-year-old Hijab wearing model from Kano, emerged winner of the contest, which held in Lagos on Friday night.

But Commandant-General of the board, Harun Ibn Sina, had told Daily Trust that participation in beauty pageants was against Islamic teachings.

Citing verses and examples from holy books, he had said, “We investigated and confirmed that the girl called Shatu Garko is from Kano state and an Indigene of Garko Local Government area of Kano state.

“Islamically, it is totally forbidden because it goes against the teachings and practices of Islam. Immorality is practiced and encouraging the female gender to be immoral. A female Muslim is not allowed to open any part of her body except her face and palms of her hands except for their husbands, children or siblings. It has come to our notice that our children are now coming out to contest for this immoral act which is not acceptable.”

He had said the parents of Garko would soon be invited over what their child did.

Reacting to the issue, the Contact and Mobilization Officer, Resource Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRICED), Zuwaira Umar, said the action is an infringement of her rights.

“She has the right constitutionally and Nigeria confers on every citizen the freedom of association and expression. There’s no law in Kano banning that and talking about immorality, what she did is no match to what some daughter’s of influential people in the state have done in terms of dressing.

“A daughter of highly influential person in Kano has dressed more terrible than Shatu Garko who was even decent compared to the people she went into the contest with. Secondly, she did not do it in Kano, she doesn’t even reside here. She did it outside Kano.”

She added that the criteria for selecting Miss Nigeria was not beauty alone but other aspects such as intellectualism, contribution to development, among others.

Shehu Sani, a former Senator, also commented on the issue, which is generating attention on Social Media.

In a tweet, he wrote, “Ms Shatu Garko contested Miss Nigeria pageant decently dressed. She has not cross the line of our cultural standards here in the North. There are the daughters of the rich and the powerful that have done that with impunity. I appeal to the Hisbah religious authorities to let her be.”

On her part, Aisha Yesufu, an activist, said, “So my daughter will participate in beauty pageant and Hisbah will invite me?! Kai! I laugh in unmade D! They will know that day that all of us have bed in psychiatric hospital! Nonsense and rubbish! Nobody has monopoly of violence and foolishness!”

Daily Trust columnist, Gimba Kakanda, also weighed in on the matter on Twitter, saying the invitation was unnecessary.

He wrote, “I just feel Hisbah enjoy having Muslims, especially northerners, subjected to ridicule. Inviting Shatu Garko’s parents is absolutely unnecessary, no matter their intention. There are critical issues affecting the Muslim society, and none is a teenager partaking in Miss Nigeria.”

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