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Wale Bob-Oseni

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Who Is Wale Bob?

Wale Bob whose full name is Wale Bob-Oseni is a Nigerian born property and real estate dealer who is the developer of the collapsed 21-storey building which collapsed on Gerrard Road, Ikoyi area of Lagos, South-West part of Nigeria on Monday 1st November 2021.

Adewale Bob-Oseni is the Executive Director, Africa Bureau for Legislative Empowerment, USA INC.

Wale Bob-Oseni Profile Bio Data

Name: Wale Bob

Full, Real Name: Adewale Bob-Oseni

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Occupation, Career: Property Developer

Wale Bob Net Worth: $10 million US Dollars

Married: Yes

Wife: Mrs Bob-Oseni

Death: Is Wale Bob Dead?

It's not clear if Wale Bob is dead or not at the moment. But Wale Bob-Oseni is reportedly trapped in the collapsed Ikoyi building in Lagos after going for a meeting there with Femi Osibona and others.

Updated: Wale Bob Oseni is now dead. He has been confirmed dead and his body recovered from the building.

AnchorageHC Mourns The Death Of  Wale Bob-Oseni

'With total RESIGNATION to God's will I join many of our EX-MAYS '93 sets; to announce the demise of our very own brother and father - Adewale Bob Oseni. He’s a very good and jolly fellow. I'm still in great shock and trauma. My hostel-mate, right from our days in Mayflower Junior School to Mayflower Senior School. My fellow look-up to then in coordination, humility and respect. Very homely and loving! Even till now, never met him since finished high school, and will never meet you again.

Rest on Brother...

We got a distress of his body finally RECOVERED and RECOGNIZED yesterday evening from the ongoing evacuations from the IKOYI BUILDING COLLAPSE.

My sincere CONDOLENCES to his entire family; both here in Nigeria and his direct family in the USA - even to all sets of '93 Ex-mays.

May our Lord, God grant his family members the fortitude to bear this great irreparable and unimaginable loss.

Wale Bob-Oseni

May your soul REST in PEACE!!!

Mr. Femi Osibona

May your soul REST in PEACE!!!'

Femi Osibona And Wale Bob Photos

The first picture is of Femi Osibona, the owner of the 21 storey building the collapsed yesterday in Lagos.

The second is Wale Bob, the developer of the building. Both met to have a meeting in the building when it collapsed and had them trapped with 50 others. There is fear that they are both dead. Now the third picture here is a letter from the original Engineers overseeing the project, withdrawing her services from the job sometime ago when, as captured in the letter, they could not have control over vital decisions on the progress of the job.

Wale Bob And Dele Momodu

Wale Bob is a close associate of Dele Momodu. In August 2020, Dele Momodu shared a picture of Wale Bob who is his friend after her supported his COVID-19 palliative initiative with N150k and captioned it:

"My own Brother, WALE BOB-OSENI, I'm blessed to have true friends and mentees like you. Thanks for supporting my modest palliatives with N150k just now. We shall account for every kobo, and no Nigerian will be discriminated against... I'm truly humbled..."

Wale Bob Linkedin Profile Reads:


Corporate Affairs Manager

first premiere motgage

Sep 2007 - Present 14 yrs 3 mos

* Advise regional management in Loan origination.

* Participation in Variety of transaction ranging from advisory work on loan.

* Externally representing the company in small and large group settings to promote the company’s and industry’s position on important public issues.

* Directing the external engagement of the leadership team as it relates to outreach on public policy issues.

* Pitching to clients for business and daily management of company.

* Working in close partnership with the company’s public relations team to develop effective internal and external communication strategies.

* Implementing an effective measurement and analysis approach for campaigns that will support prioritization of activities and investments.

* Acquisitions to depth and equity offering for both domestic and cross-border.

Executive Director

Africa Bureau for Legislative Empowerment,USA INC.(ABLE,USA)

Jul 2010 - 2014 4 yrs

Bowie, Maryland

Capacity Development Firm



May 2004 - Sep 2007 3 yrs 5 mos

* Assisting customers with concerns or questions that they have bought products they purchased.

* Troubleshooting of customers phones and data services

* Conducted assessments of training needs, planning, developing and training programs designed to increase skills and performance of staffs.

* Facilitated reviews on the use of manual standard of operations, specifications, rules, regulations, policy and procedures that require specific interpretation and application.

* Conducts organization, classification and compensation surveys and position of audits in various assigned departments and agencies.

* Activation of new lines for customers



May 2000 - Sep 2004 4 yrs 5 mos

* Trouble shooting of network connections for internet base customers.

* Diagnose software and hardware problems.

* Track, priotize and document request using an IT support request system.

* Install cables in organization.

* Identify problems and repair printers, copiers and scanners.

* Researching, Learning and evaluating new software

* Install and configure new computers and other IT equipments

Wale Bob Education: Howard University


2003 - 2005


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