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History Of Rahmon Adedoyin: Everything To Know About Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin Profile, Wife, Owner Of Hilton Hotels and Resorts & Oduduwa University Profile Bio Wiki

Who Is Rahmon Adedoyin?

Rahmon Adedoyin whose full name is Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin (born 1 January 1957) is a Nigerian born Billionaire Businessman, Educationist, who is the Owner Hilton Hotels and Resorts and the founder, proprietor and owner of Oduduwa University and The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife.
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Rahmon Adedoyin Profile Bio Data Fact

Name: Rahmon Adedoyin

Full Name: Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Osun State

Hometown: Ife

Tribe: Yoruba

Title: Maye of Ife Kingdom

Place Of Birth: Ile-Ife

Religion: Islam, Muslim

Career, Occupation: Businessman, Educationist, Hotel Owner, University Owner

Hotel Name: Hilton Hotels and Resorts

University Name: Oduduwa University

Polytechnic: The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife

Net Worth: $150 million US Dollars.

Father: Alhaji Zakariyau Adedoyin 

Mother: Alhaja Bintu Abeni Adedoyin

Married: Yes

Spouse, Wife: Mrs Rahmon Adedoyin

Children: Yes

Education: University of Ife, All Saints University School of Medicine

Degree, Course Of Study: Mathematics Education.

Full Biography Of Rahmon Adedoyin (Biography Of The Owner Of Hilton Hotels and Resorts & Oduduwa University, The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife)

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Rahmon Adedoyin? Rahmon Adedoyin is from Osun State, Nigeria.
Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin is Yoruba by tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Rahmon Adedoyin? Rahmon Adedoyin was born on 1st January 1957. Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin is currently 64 years old as at 2021.

Rahmon Adedoyin Religion: Is Rahmon Adedoyin a Christian or Muslim? Dr Abdulrahman Adegoke Adedoyin is a Muslim.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin is from a royal family. He is Ife Prince.

Dr Abdulrahman Adegoke Adedoyin was raised solely by his mother, Alhaja Bintu Abeni Adedoyin because of the demise of his father, Alhaji Zakariyau Adedoyin at a younger age,the success story of “The Maye of Yoruba land”, a chieftaincy title bestowed on him by His Royal Majesty Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, has been that of a dint of hard work, and the grace of the Almighty.

Dr. Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin was born into four ruling houses: the Giesi (Agbedegbede Ruling House) (female lineage) Obalufe Royal Ruling House, and Akui Obalaayeto Ruling House/Oshinkola (male lineage) all in Ile-Ife,the cradle of Yoruba race Osun State on January 1, 1957 ‘Ramon’ as he was popularly known while growing up, learnt the virtues of humility and respect for humanity in his early life at Maha-Had Islamic foundation, Ibadan in 1960.

Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin Wife
Children, Wife: Who is Rahmon Adedoyin wife? Rahmon Adedoyin is married to Mrs Adedoyin and they are blessed with children.

Education Background: Rahmon Adedoyin attended University of Ife, All Saints University School of Medicine.
Ansar-Islam Primary School in Ile-Ife.
Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin formal education however started at Ansar-Islam Primary School in Ile-Ife (1961-1969). He attended Oduduwa College, Ile-Ife (1970-1974), and later, Muslim Grammar School, Odinjo, Ibadan (1975-1976). He graduated from the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife in 1983 with an honours degree in Mathematics Education.

Dr. Rahmon Adedoyin also has Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Mathematics and Education from All Saint University of America, New York, United States of America.

Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin Net Worth: How Much Is Rahmon Adedoyin Net Worth 2020, 2021, 2022?
Net Worth: Rahmon Adedoyin Net Worth is about $150 Million US Dollars.


A distinguished educationist and notable business mogul, Chief, (Dr.) Ramon Adegoke Adedoyin could best be described as a role model worthy of being emulated by many Nigerians.

Chief (Dr.) R.A Adedoyin could also be described as one of the foremost educationists in Nigeria whose singular effort has contributed immensely in providing Nigerians especially the youths with solid education which is indispensable for social and economic empowerment.

As an educationalist, he is a great moulder and builder of worthy characters thereby contributing tremendously to the transformation of the society. He radiates the ideals of morality, decency, decorum, God-fearingness, probity, accountability, hardworking and inspiration to management.

He is also a man of creative ingenuity, great vision, managerial acumen, indefatigable spirit, irrepressible courage whose astute business initiatives have made him a success in every sphere of his life.

He learnt the virtues of humility and respect for humanity in his early life at Maha-Had Islamic foundation, Isale Alfa, Ibadan in 1960.

His formal education however started in Ansar-Islam Primary School in Ile-Ife (1961-1969). He attended Oduduwa College Ile-Ife (1970-1974), and Muslim Grammar School, Odinjo, Ibadan (1975-1976). Also he gained admission to the then University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (GREAT IFE) and he graduated in 1983 with an honours degree in Mathematics Education.

Dr. Adedoyin also has Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Mathematics and Education from All Saint University of America, New York, United States of America.

His great love for education prompted him to establish the Universal Tutorial College, Ile-Ife as soon as he left the University in the 1980's when all his mates were running after white collars jobs in the corridors of powers.

The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife (formerly Universal College of Technology) is today described as one of the fastest growing Tertiary Institutions in the country (Nigeria) offering courses in Accountancy, Business Administration, Computer Science, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mass Communication, Statistics and Catering and Hotel Management both at the National Diploma and Higher National Diploma levels.

A lover of fun and tourism, Dr Adedoyin ventured into the hospitality business when he established the 5-star Hilton hotels, Ile-Ife which today is regarded as one of the best hotels in Osun State (Nigeria). The hotel which is located in the Parakin lay out of Ile- Ife has played host to many great Nigerians who have had course to visit the cradle of the Yorubas.

In the field of community development, Chief Adedoyin has made monumental contributions to the development of Ile- Ife community in particular and the society in general. He is a great philanthropist who has been giving scholarship and awards to outstanding students especially those from indigent background.

He has made appreciable donations to charity services; he has contributed a lot to the upliftment of the dignity of life and moral values. He is a great defender of humanity, a vanguard of peace, order, justice and equity.

It was in recognition of his gallantly that he was conferred with the chieftaincy titles of Balogun of Parakin Eleyele Community, Ile-Ife and Maye of Ife by His Imperial Majesty, Oba Okunade Sijuade, the Ooni of Ife.

In recognition of his outstanding and tremendous contributions to community development and the Nigerian project, he was also honoured by the Ife Central Local Government through the naming of the popular NITEL road to be known as Dr. Ramon Adedoyin way. The Ife Development Board also bestowed on him ‘The Best Ife Son’ Award during a recent Ife Day celebrations.

To his collosal tracks are chains of businesses and investments in Ile-Ife, Lagos, Abuja and the United States of America. Some of these include:

Our Saviours Institute of America Inc. New York, Our Saviours Tours and Visitors Company of America Inc., The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Hilton Hotels, Ile-Ife, Ray Power Guards (Security Outfit) Lagos and Abuja and of course the singular brain behind the establishment of Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu Ife NLG, Osun State, Nigeria.

Chief (Dr.) R.A Adedoyin is a complete detribalised Nigeria, a paragon of Pan- Nigerians which is evident in his recruitment of workers in his various establishments.

In his home life, Dr Adedoyin is no less a success. He is happily married to a devoted wife; Chief (Mrs.) Iyabo Adedoyin and they are both blessed with wonderful children.

At his leisure, he plays Table-Tennis, discusses Politics and loves dancing.

About Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Arrest Of Rahmon Adedoyin, Hotel, Schools, University

About Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin Hotel, Schools, University, Polytechnic
List of hotel, schools, university and polytechnic owned by Rahmon Adedoyin include; Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Oduduwa University, The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife, Our Saviors University, USA, Unique Citizen University, Ghana.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts: Who is the owner of Hilton Hotels and Resorts? The owner of Hilton Hotels and Resorts is Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin, a Nigerian Billionaire Businessman and Educationist from Osun State.

Oduduwa University Owner: Who is the owner of Oduduwa University? The owner of Oduduwa University is Rahmon Adedoyin.

Pictures of Oduduwa University owned by Dr Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin

The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife: Who is the owner of The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife? The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife is owned by Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin..

Rahmon Adedoyin Wikipedia Profile

Rahmon Adegoke Adedoyin, M.D. (born January 1, 1957) is a high-profile suspect in the gruesome murder of Adegoke Timothy. He was arrested by the Nigerian Police in connection with the murder case on 15th November, 2021. He is a Nigerian educationist, businessman, founder and proprietor of Oduduwa University and The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife.[2] In an interview with Vanguard, Rahmon claimed that the late Oba Okunade Sijuwade had nominated him as the Ooni of Ife before his death because of "his developmental strides, particularly in the cradle of Yoruba land".

Rahmon Adedoyin And Adegoke Timothy Death, Murder And Arrest

Arrest on the Murder of Adegoke Timothy

According to Police investigations, Adegoke Timothy, an MBA student of Obafemi Awolowo University was killed at Hilton Hotel and Resort owned by Rahmon Adedoyin. Confessions made by the arrested staff of the hotel directly linked Adedoyin to the death of Timothy. Subsequently, the Nigerian Police (Osun state command) arrested Adedoyin on 15th November 2021.

Serial Killings, Rituals and Kidnappings Allegedly Associated With Rahmon Adedoyin

Media reports indicate that Rahmon Adedoyin has been connected with several killings and kidnappings in Ile-Ife. In particular, several students of his university have been declared missing, guests in his hotel have been killed or kidnapped and many have gotten drowned in swimming pools owned by him. The death of Adegoke was said to be the 5th reported case of a guest being killed at Adedoyin's Hilton Hotel and Resort.

Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin Early Life, Education and Career

Rahmon Adegoke was born into the royal family of the Akui ruling house in the ancient city of Ife in Osun State, where he went on to complete his primary and secondary school education. He proceeded to the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1983 after studying Mathematics Education. He also attended Centurion International University, California where he obtained his master's degree and went on to bag a doctorate degree in 1996 from All Saints University School of Medicine, New York City.

In a bid to revamp education in Nigeria, Rahmon founded The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife in 1984 and Oduduwa University in 2009. He is a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Industrial Statisticians.

About Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin Latest News

Osun Police Arrest 6 As MBA Student ‘Disappears’ After Lodging In Hotel Of Oduduwa University Owner, Adedoyin - SaharaReporters

The owner of Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Mr Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin and his worker, Ms Adedeji Tobiloba Adesola have been accused of being involved in the disappearance of one Mr Adegoke Timothy Oludare.

Oludare had lodged in the hotel located in Ife, Osun State a number of times between October 22 and November 5, 2021.
The hotel is owned by the founder of Oduduwa University, Ipetumodu, Osun State.

A source told SaharaReporters that Oludare was a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student at the Obafemi Awolowo University was in Ife from October 22nd to October 24th; October 29th to October 31st; and had also planned to stay from November 5th to November 7th, 2021.

He was said to have frequented the town to take MBA examinations scheduled at intervals.

However, he was said to have been reported missing since he checked in at the hotel on Friday, November 5 preceding his examinations scheduled for Saturday, November 6 and Sunday, November 7.

SaharaReporters learnt that it was noticed that Oludare was missing when his wife could not reach him on the phone.

Meanwhile, he had earlier contacted his wife to inform her that he was staying in a hotel.

Following a police investigation, money paid by Oludare for lodging was traced to Adesola, who works in the hotel.

The source, however, allegedly that the owner of the hotel, who also owns Oduduwa University, and other workers initially denied that Oludare was at the hotel.

The source in a text made available to SaharaReporters said, “Adegoke Timothy Oludare is a student of Obafemi Awolowo University studying MBA executive programme. He is also a Director of Finance of FJJ Company. Adegoke Timothy Oludare frequented Ile-Ife between October 22nd to October 24th; October 29th to October 31st; and November 5th to November 7th, 2021 to take MBA exams at Obafemi Awolowo University and he had been consecutively lodging at Hilton Hotels and Resorts owned by Rahman Adedoyin.

“On Friday, November 5th, 2021, Adegoke Timothy Oludare contacted his wife (in Abuja) that he had arrived Ile-Ife and had lodged at an undisclosed hotel.

“The following morning, her wife was calling Adegoke Oludare's phone line to extend morning greeting but the line kept ringing with no one picking up the call. The line was ringing throughout the day (Saturday 6th, 2021).

“Adegoke's wife contacted relatives and the relatives immediately sent delegates to the examination centre of the OAU to confirm whether their son was in the examination hall. The examination coordinator checked the attendance for Saturday and Sunday (6th and 7th November) and they discovered that Adegoke Timothy Oludare did not come to take the exams.

“OAU Management and relatives proceeded to the police station to report the matter and investigation began. In the effort of the OAU Management, the chairman of the hoteliers' association was contacted to reach out to hotels whether Adegoke Oludare lodged in any of the hotels but no positive response was received.

“On Wednesday, November 10th, 2021, wife of Adegoke Timothy Oludare discovered the receipt of the hotel in which her husband lodged the penultimate weekend to November 5th, 2021. The name of this Hotel was Hilton Hotels and Resorts.

“The investigation panel proceeded to Hilton to enquire whether Adegoke Oludare lodged again in the penultimate weekend which was 5th November 2021. They met the proprietor of this hotel (Chief Rahman Adegoke Adedoyin) but they denied that Adegoke Timothy Oludare lodged at their hotel.

“On Thursday 11th November 2021, investigation revealed that Adegoke Timothy Oludare transferred the sum of N37,000 from his account to a lady whose name is Adedeji Tobiloba Adesola and the details of the transfer showed that the transaction took place on Friday, 5th November 2021 that Adegoke Oludare's wife claimed that her husband reported to have lodged at a hotel in Ile Ife.”

The source also alleged that an Islamic cleric was also involved in the matter and that six persons have been arrested as suspects in connection with the case.

“Upon tracking the phone number on the said account, it was discovered that the owner of that number was at that moment at the Hilton Hotels and Resorts owned by Rahman Adedoyin. Police proceeded to the venue and Adedeji Tobiloba Adesola was fished out to be a staffer of the said hotel.

“Adedeji Tobiloba Adesola was apprehended and she confessed to allocating room 35 of Hilton Hotels and Resorts to Adegoke Timothy Oludare the same Friday. She was arrested and she was taken to the police headquarters, Osogbo.

“On November 12, 2021, her confession led to arrests of 6 other suspects by the police. One of the suspects who is a self-acclaimed Alfa (Islamic cleric) claimed to have left Ile-Ife for Ejigbo on Friday.

“Before Alfa's confession, police tracking had shown that Adegoke Timothy Oludare's phone was moved from Ile-Ife to Ejigbo between 5th and 6th November, 2021.

“On November 13, 2021, the proprietor of Hilton Hotels and Resorts mobilised three lawyers to Osogbo in order to pervert the investigation process. The police also seem to be compromising in their investigation process.

“We call on well-meaning Nigerians to intervene and help us. Rahman Adedoyin is also the owner of Oduduwa University and he is claiming to be more powerful on this matter,” the source added.

However, when SaharaReporters tried to reach Adedoyin, his SA (Special Assistant), Mohammed Oladapo, who answered the call, said, “This is not Adedoyin. You are talking to his SA. Well, I can't deny that it happened because the country itself is battling with insecurity. But, I won't like to say anything so as not to jeopardise the investigation that is going on. You can call me back in the next two or three days.”

Missing Timothy Adegoke Found Dead By Fiji

Timothy Adegoke, the MBA student at Obafemii Awololowo University (OAU), Ile Ife, who was declared missing on November 7, is dead, FIJ can report.

According to a statement signed and made available to FIJ by Opalola Yemisi Olawoyin, the spokesperson for the Osun State Police Command, the police said it was working to unravel the circumstances surrounding Adegoke’s death.

“The Commissioner of Police, CP Olawale Olokode, psc, wishes to assure the general public, especially the family of the deceased, students and management of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, that the police command is working assiduously to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr Timothy Adegoke, a master’s degree student of OAU who came from Abuja to sit for his examination at the OAU distance learning centre, Moro, Osun State,” the statement reads.

“It would be recalled that, a case of missing person was reported on 7th November, 2021 at about 1630hrs, at Edun Abon police station and later transferred to State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for discreet investigation on 9th November, 2021. Immediately the case was received, detectives from SCID of the command swung into action and have arrested six (6) suspects in connection with the case while investigation is ongoing.

“Consequently, the Commissioner of Police is using this medium to appeal to the family, the sympathizers, students and management of the university to remain calm and be rest assured that, the police will do all within its constitutional responsibility to unravel the mystery behind his death.”

The police however did not state how he died or where his body was found.

Adegoke, was an Abuja-based student who travelled to Ife on November 5 to sit for an examination at the school’s distance learning centre in Moro, Osun State.

He was declared missing two days later when friends and family members could neither reach his phone line nor find him at the exam venue.

Update from his brother !!!

(1) The lady receptionist who had earlier denied admitting the young guy into d hotel confessed after the payment was traced to her account

(2) the lady also confessed that their Chairman had hand in the brutal ritual killing

(3) the lady supposed to close at 12noon but called another staff to take over duty at 8am, that she had emergency call at Ejigbo. Her phone was tracked and eventually picked up by d police. She then pleaded with the police that she was ready to confess everything that happened

(4) It was at her instance that all principal actors were mentioned and apprehended, including the Chairman of the hotel.

(5) Contrary to earlier report that an herbalist from Ejigbo was involved. No please. The Manager "4", who is also one of the principal staffs of the hotel is an Alfa/ritualist and probably been used by the Chairman to carry out their evil plans. He had also confessed and in police net with 6 others

(6) the lady receptionist is on N200,000.00 monthly salary, salary that Eko Hotels or Sheraton cannot pay if not for her involvement in ritual killings

(7) The young man was suspected to have been strangled to death in his hotel room
(cool His body was wrapped with hotel blanket and bed sheet and buried at the upper side of the hotel in Ife (contrary to earlier report that he was found around Ejigbo), the Dustbin arena and reliable sources said that spot has been the burial ground for various victims

(9) The body of the man was exhumed and already taken to Ife teaching hospital for proper examination

(10) Sources said that the Chairman had involved in ritual killings in the hotel numbering about 6 but was covered

(11) One deputy commissioner of police from Osogbo Command supervised the body removal where he was buried.

(12) Please recall that the hotel initially denied of ever seeing him. Even his wife had given his previous lodgment receipts to the police. He always lodged there during the previous MBA exams.

OAU MBA Student Death, 12 More Facts Emerge - Vanguard For The Truth Foundation

12 more facts have emerged on the case of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife MBA student, Timothy Adegoke Oludare whose disappearance and eventual death has been generating a lot of controversies in the past couple of days and has led to the arrest of the owner and 6 staff of the hotel where he allegedly lodged before his disappearance.

Aderibigbe Adekunle of the Vanguard for Truth Foundation, a non-governmental organisation made it known that;

1. There are indications that there are some new revelations about some of accusations made against the Ife-born educationist and business man especially by the brother of the deceased who has been going all over various media to accuse the hotelier of using his brother for rituals

2. It was gathered that the initial denial of the hotel management as to whether Adegoke lodged with them was because there was no record of any payment by him in the Hotel’s account, but it was later that it was detected that he made payment into the personal account of the receptionist which normally is wrong.

3. Another fact discovered during the investigations was that the hotel had operated for less than 2 years and had never recorded any death as the public was led to believe by the deceased brother.

4. Also, the lady receptionist who was recently employed by the hotel is on a salary of twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000) and not two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) as being spread in some media

5. It was discovered that the person called Alfa which could be misinterpreted as an Islamic cleric and possibly a spiritualist or ritualist is actually a plumber and maintenance manager in the hotel and is neither a cleric nor a ritualist.

6. As a very busy person, Dr. Adedoyin is not personally involved in the day-to-day running of the hotel in question as he has other more important businesses which include

5 tertiary institutions within and outside Nigeria, security outfit, publishing and hospitality business.
7. It was also found out that Adedoyin did not become rich overnight like many wealthy Nigerians, but has been in the business of education for more than 40 years starting as home lesson teacher, owner of tutorial college, a private polytechnic, and a university before venturing into the hotel business.

8. From investigations on the fees and population of Oduduwa University alone, Adedoyin obviously makes money aside from universities owned by him in the USA and Ghana where they pay in dollars and many other businesses and investments that have good returns, so he does not need any ritual.

9. It was also discovered that Dr Adedoyin is a devout Muslim who has performed holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem several times. He has also greatly contributed to the development of Ife land and Osun State

10. Contrary to the claim that the exhumed Timothy’s corpse was mutilated, the whole body parts were intact and the autopsy being conducted was to discover the cause of death.

11. A fact being overlooked by many is that according to the earlier statement by the wife, the deceased was sick when he left home, and that was one of the reasons the wife kept checking on him by phone calls.

12. Also, Timothy’s elder brother openly threatened to tarnish and destroy Adedoyin’s name and his businesses and has been doing just that, on different social media platforms to drag Oduduwa University into a matter that happened at a hotel.

I Am Not A Murderer or Money Ritualist, My Money Is Clean, I'm Not Spending Blood Money - Rahmon Adedoyin

Hilton Hotel Owner, Adedoyin, Speaks from Detention, says ‘I know nothing about OAU Student, Timothy Adegoke Death’

In an audio message obtained by Punch correspondent and confirmed by one of his aides, the hotel owner appealed to the public to await police investigation on the matter.

Rahmon Adedoyin said, “I, Rahmon Adedoyin is not a murderer or money ritualist. God already blessed and enriched me since I was 26 years old and up till now that I am 65 years old.

“I have never killed anyone. I am a devout Muslim. Adegoke lodged at Hilton Hotel, Room 305. The hotel officials that lodged him did not pay any money in his name into the hotel’s account.

“There was also no record that he paid into the hotel’s WEMA Bank account. I don’t know how he was given a room without making payment into the official account of the company. I don’t know why they decided to receive the payment into their personal account.

“I was only informed that something like that happened at the Hilton Hotel when police started searching for Timothy.

“When they (police) investigated and found where Timothy’s corpse was dumped, senior police officers checked his body and confirmed that no part of his body was missing, so it is clear that no one asked them to get any of his body parts.

“I appeal to everyone to be patient and allow police to do their work and thorough investigation.

“I had my humble beginning from Ile-Ife. I started as a home lesson teacher, started universal college of tech, a polytechnic and then university.

“I never left Ile-Ife before God blessed me and made me rich. My wealth is pure. I am not spending blood money.”

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