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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Bio, Wikipedia, Children, Married, House, Cars, Birthday, Age, Height, Wedding Pictures, Family, Parents, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Surgery, Siblings, Father, Mother, Vivian Ajaelo Ugegbe Oyibo Images, Photos, Ig Pics

History Of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo: Everything To Know About Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Profile, Husband, Child, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Marriage, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Relationship, Wedding, Ugegbe Oyibo

Who is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo?

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo aka Ugegbe Oyibo (born 21 May 1980s) is a beautiful Nigerian Nollywood Actress, Model, Medical Practitioner, Event Host, Stylyst, Style Influencer who is the CEO of Attitudevcollections.

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Movies

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo 'Ugegbe Oyibo' aka Attitude_v is a Nigerian born fast-rising Nollywood actress, model, fashionista and a Medical practitioner.

Vivian Ajaelo is the owner of @attitudevcollections and a Red carpet host.

Photo of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and Toosweet Annan

Picture of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and Jerry Williams

As an actress, Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Jerry Williams, Eve Esin, Mary Igwe, Ego Nworji, Lizzy Gold Onuwaje, Ugo Doris, Maleek Milton, Yul Edochie, Georgina Ibeh, Harry B Anyanwu, Toosweet Annan, Ebube Nwagbo, Stella Udeze, McCarthy Nonwani, Ebele Okaro Onyiuke, amongst others.

Photos of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo

Movies: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo movies include, Money Is Power, Dangerous Mission, My Mother's Burial: Clash Of Billionaires, The Contest, My Brother's Wealth, All I Have, When Forever Ends, Faithful Sin, Newly Married, The King's Wish, Dangerous Mission, among others.

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Profile Bio Data Summary

Name: Ugegbe Oyibo

Full Name: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Enugu State

Hometown: Umuakpu Isikwe Achi

LGA: Oji River LGA Enugu State

Village: Umuakpu

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 21 May 1980s

Birthday: 21st May

Age: 30+

Career, Occupation: Actress, Model, Medical Practitioner, Event Host, Entrepreneur

Net Worth: $350,000 US Dollars

Height: 5"8 feet tall

Complexion, Skin Colour: Lightskinned

Bleaching, Bleached: No

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ajaelo

Father: Mr Ajaelo

Mother: Mrs Violet Chiegeonu Ajaelo

Siblings: 2

Brothers: 2

Sister: None

Child: Prince Winston

Son Name: Prince Winston

Son Age: 6 years old (in 2021)

Full Biography Of Vivian Ajaelo (Ugegbe Oyibo) Nollywood Actress

State Of Origin: Where is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo from? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo is from Enugu State, Nigeria.

Home Town, Tribe, Village: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo hails from Umuakpu Isikwe Achi, Oji River LGA ENUGU STATE.

Vivian Ajaelo is Igbo by Tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo was born on 21st May 1980s. Vivian Ajaelo 'Ugegbe Oyibo' is in her 30s.

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo while celebrating her birthday with stunning photos on her Instagram page, wrote:

Birthday Pictures of Vivian Ajaelo

"Today a queen was brought into this world , she is strong ! Beautiful! Daring ! Resilient ! Peaceful! A lover of God! She only fights for what she believes in ! A Go getter ! A serial entrepreneur! A sweet soul ! A fashionista! A caring goddess and a vibe that can’t be matched with none ! Happy birthday Ugegbe 👸🌶 #ugegbeoyibo👑 #birthdaygirl #red #sweetgirl #beautiful #photography #partytime #party".

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Educational Background, School: Vivian Ajaelo graduated from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (College Of Medicine UNN Class Of 2011).

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Ajaelo in Enugu State. Vivian Ajaelo Ugegbe Oyibo is from a family of 5, including her parents and 3 children.

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and her parents are quite close. She loves them so much.

Father: Who is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo father? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo father is Mr Oyibo Ajaelo.

Pictures of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and her Father

Celebrating her dad on his birthday in July 2021, Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo shared pictures and video with her father and wrote:

".... my daddy’s birthday, I called him earlier in the morning ,he was all moody , I asked y , he said my mum was usually d first to always say HBD, and I said he shouldn’t worry ,I cannot replace my mum yeah but I know I will do all I can to always put a smile on his face! He smiled over the phone ! N boom trust me I did!!!😊🥰,in my own little way😍Thank you everyone that wished my Dad a HBD, thank u for d calls n gifts , som1 here even sent him an expensive gift 😍! I sincerely app you all for the love! #birthday #daddy #mylove #beautiful #daddysgirl #iloveyou #gratitude #happybirthday #happypeople #explore #party #cake NB: peep the steps I taught him😂🤣"

Mother: Who is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo mother? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo mother, Mrs VIOLET CHIEGEONU AJAELO is late. She died on 15 August 2019.

Throwback Photos of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and her mother

While Mourning her mother's death, Vivian Ajaelo wrote:

"How on earth could I ever have imagined I will make a burial poster for you this early!We had lots of beautiful memories which I will hold on to forever!you were my only true friend 🤢life is full of thorns but this thorn has heavily pierced my heart, I am heavily broken, I cannot feel my heart beat! Everyday seems like night 🌓, the sunshine suddenly disappeared from me😶There is blood in my tears! My eyes hurt,My body is weak,my voice is so faint!😪my tears have seized I ve no tear to shed anymore💔mummy I want to hug you, I have a lot to tell you💔I have felt the true meaning of pain! I still feel an unending pain!Your demise is something I still feel is a dream mum, days are running by, it’s turning to weeks n month n now it is an undeniable reality😤nevertheless I will bury you and not the other way, you were a great woman, a trophy 🏆 mum with an enviable strength 🙌🏻,you loved peace , you helped everyone, you hated division, you were a true believer and worshiper🙏🏻 loved everyone equally, but the Almighty said an angel was missing in heaven and took you! I will not and cannot question my creator ! All I have to say is,”it is well”🙏🏻Your legacy lives on💐!I will make you proud best friend! I have only one consolation.....your beautiful soul is smiling in heaven🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻RIP Vio Bby till we meet to part no more💔😤🙏🏻"

"At exactly 2:01am, 15th of August 2019 mummy you left this wicked world, I still cannot believe this reality mum, when I heard daddy scream aruememuo’ from the ICU I fainted until I was restored till now , this whole journey still seems very weird to me! But in everything we should give thanks to God, you were getting better mum , no one expected this! Until boom you are no more!😢The shock I still ve😢, the questions , the disbelief, the constant thinking of is there any other thing i could ve done?☺️All these questions still ve no answer😤I just ve to accept this!moving on😑Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to endure all through this 365 days, thank you Lord for everything, dearest mum no one can take your space in my heart , I love you so much , but there is nothing else humanly possible I could ve done I didn’t do , but it is  well! Continue to Rest In Peace goodwoman🙏🏻the church misses u, your husband misses u, your sons miss you,your three grandsons miss you, your friends, your colleagues n everyone misses you mum , everyone ! My happiness is you live a good life here on earth , everyone can attest to that , so you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty God! RIP best friend 💐❤️#rip #ripmum #ripgoodwoman #itiswell"

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Announcing Her Mother's Burial wrote:

"Be our guest on the burial of my mother,our mother,wife and 

grand mother..... Late MRS 


25th October 2019 at Umuakpu  Isikwe Achi Oji River LGA ENUGU STATE Burial service holds at St Barth’s Anglican church Isikwe  Achi  oji River  LGA by 10am and service is songs holds at her home on the October 24th 2019 at Umuakpu isikwe Achi..."

Remembering Her Mother 1 year after her death, Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo wrote:

"Today marks it 365 days you left us mum, I can’t explain how this horrible journey has been, I ve cried and got tired of crying , I ve been through depression, accepting you death is the hardest thing I ve done mum , Ving no one to share anything with hurts , loosing the only one I know legit has my back hurts,I can’t believe a year has passed, I ve tried to pretend all is well with me for a year , but nights and days my eyes are soaked with tears , atimes I advice my self to stop , I do stop yes, but some mins later this irreparable loss keeps flashing my soul! Mummy I know you can see me , I know you are watching over me, Dad , my brothers and Winston ,that is the only consolation I ve, another one is you are in a better place where there is no more pain ! I miss you so much , your legacies will forever live , RIP goodwoman 💐 #rip #ripmum #foreverinourhearts #iloveu #imissu #greatwoman #sleepwell"

Siblings, Brothers: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo is from a family of 3 children. She is the only Daughter of her parents with two siblings brothers.

Picture of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and her brother

Son: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo has a 6 year old son whose name is Prince Winston Aka starboywinston on Instagram and who was born on 26 September 2015.

Photo of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo and her son

Picture of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo son

About Prince Winston (Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Son)

Prince Winston, is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo's 6 year old son who is a Nollywood child actor and model.

Prince Winston Movies: Prince Winston movies include,'Brotherly Ties' with Khing Bassey, Ella Idu, 'Love Left Behind' with Sonia Uche with Sonia Uche as his screen mother, 'Reunited' with Frank Artus and Rechael Okonkwo as his parents, 'Dangerous Mission', among others.

Instagram: Prince Winston Instagram Page Account Handle is starboywinston. Prince Winston Instagram account starboywinston profile bio reads:

"Prince Winston💫

Most charming boy in the whole world😻...#6 years old🙏🏻❤️ Acc managed by mum @vivian_ugegbe_ajaelo"

Son, Prince Winston Birthday: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo shared cute pictures with her son, Prince Winston Aka Starboywinston and wrote:

"On this day 6 years ago , I was blessed with the smartest, cute, adorable,lovable and charming prince! A gift so priceless but then I didn’t know how to go about it! My mum did it all! Bless ur soul my queen !(RIP mum👸,)🙏🏻fastfoward to 6 year today !everything is clearer, the vision is clear! I am finally meant to understand that God is not man and He cannot lie! Now I know y u came into my life🎁I am blessed to be your mum son, I still cannot fathom how I birthed you, atimes I watch you sleep n wonder how God made you with the finest of everything 🥰you are so awesome and I bless God for making me your mother! I will raise you to be that man God has destined you to be🙏🏻 you shall never deviate from his purpose! I love u so much son @starboywinston 🤴⭐️ #gratitude #grace #swag #cutekids #babyboy #fashionkids #kids #kidsworld #goodvibes #fashionkidsworld #fashionkidsnigeria #starboywinston #grace #kidactor #smartkids #birthday #birthdayboy #love #immaculate"

"Dearest @starboywinston you were born to do great things🙏🏻your name shall be heard across the whole universe! You shall lead your peers 🙏🏻Nations shall honor you🙏🏻Eyes has not seen, neither has ears head what God Almighty has destined for you🙏🏻you are a great child of purpose🙏🏻GROW AND CONTINUE TO SHINE 🔥⭐️ @starboywinston 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤴 #birthday #libra #greatness #star #starboywinston #kids"

"Dearest son, thank you for bringing extreme sunshine ☀️ to my life! Happy birthday @starboywinston."

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo married? It's not clear if Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo is married or not. But she has a child.

Husband: Who is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo husband, name, pictures? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo has not disclosed if she has a husband or not. She keeps her private life out of the media.

Single Mother, Baby Daddy: Is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo a single mother and who is Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo baby daddy, father of her son? Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo appears to be a single mom. She only posts pictures with her son and has never posted photos of her son's father, baby daddy or husband.

Relationship, Boyfriend: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo keeps her relationship away from social media.

Net Worth: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Net Worth is about $350,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo lives in Enugu and drives nice cars.

Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Instagram: Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Instagram page Account Profile Handle vivian_ugegbe_ajaelo. Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo currently has 9,739 followers on her Instagram page as at the time of writing this article.

Vivian Ajaelo Bikini Photos: Pictures of Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo In Bikini, Swimsuit

Vivian Ugegbe Ajaelo Old Throwback Photos

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