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Latest Instagram Photos: Al About Maureen Okpoko Bio, Wikipedia, House, Cars, Parents, Family, Daughter, Son, Birthday, Age, State Of Origin, Hairstyle, Marriage, Married, Divorce, Maureen Okpoko Images, Photos, Ig Pics

History Of Maureen Okpoko: Everything To Know About Maureen Okpoko Profile, Husband, Divorce, Parents, Marriage, Daughter, Child, Married, Nationality

Who Is Maureen Okpoko?
Maureen Okpoko ((born 3 September 1960s) is a Nigerian Jamaican Actress, Movie Producer and Entrepreneur who has featured in a good number of movies, TV commercials and music videos.

Pictures of Maureen Okpoko

Maureen Okpoko Profile Bio Data Summary

Name: Maureen Okpoko

Nationality: Nigerian, Jamaican

State Of Origin: Anambra

Hometown: Nnobi

LGA: Idemili South Local Government Area Anambra

Tribe: Igbo

Date Of Birth: 3 September 1960s

Birthday: 3rd September

Age: 50 +

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Occupation, Career: Actress, Entrepreneur, Model

Net Worth: $600,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦336,000,000

Parents: Mr and Mrs Don Egbue

Father: Justice Don Egbue (Nigerian)

Mother: Mrs Egbue (Jamaican)

Married: Yes but Divorced

Separated, Divorced: Yes

Husband: Mr Okpoko

Children: 3

Son: 1

Daughters: 2

Education: Graduate of English from University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

Instagram: maureenokpoko__

Full Biography Of Maureen Okpoko (Nollywood Actress)

Maureen Okpoko Career, Occupation, Life History, Movies, Background, Awards

Maureen Okpoko is a Nigerian actress who is known for her bald head signature hairstyle. In 2016, she was nominated for Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Maureen Okpoko started her acting career in the year 2010 when she joined the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, after resigning from her 8 - 5 Job.

Maureen Okpoko has acted alongside many top Nollywood actors and actresses such as, Nonso Diobi, Ngozi Nwozu, Femi Durojaiye, Ruth Kadiri, Ujams Cbriel, Dan David, Oluchi Julius, Joy Zubelu Okoh, Bryan Emmanuel, Dave Ogbeni, Krissyjoh, Fred Ebere, Ejike Collins, Emma Emordi, Zack Orji, Alex Usifo Omiagbo, Jerry Okpan, Ray Emodi, Mary Lazarus, Esther Audu, Wole Ojo, Majid Michel, among others.

Movies: Maureen Okpoko movies include, King's Sceptre, Dairy Of Faith, WEB Series, A Successful Woman, Babysitter's Chronicles, Blood Inheritance, American Husband, Holy Devil, Botched Attempt, Beware Of Dogs, Tears Of A Queen, The Delivery Girl, Tainted, Waterfalls, Umunede, Wives Of Kabiru, Marital Slavery, Cat of Darkness, Lady Gaga, Fazebook Babes, Mr. President, Ill Conscience, and TV series: Dear Mother, Living in Lagos, A Love like Ours, Tinsel, Daughters of Eve, and more.

Maureen Okpoko In Flavour Golibe‎ Video: Maureen Okpoko featured in Flavour’s musical video for the song titled 'Golibe‎' where she played the Queen, with Pete Edochie as the King in 2016.

Flavour Golibe Music video starred Maureen Okpoko, Pete Edochie, Flavour N'abania and Anna Ebiere.

Endorsement Deals: Maureen Okpoko signed an endorsement deal as Lead Homes Ambassador in October 2021.

Lead Homes Luxury and Apartments is about Lands, houses and other properties.

Maureen Okpoko was a Peak Milk ambassador who did a TV commercial for Peak Milk few years ago after bagging an endorsement deal with Peak Milk.

Awards & Nominations: Maureen Okpoko is an award winning Nigerian actress.

- Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) for Best Actress in a Supporting Role 2016.

- CMC Most Outstanding Movie Actress of The Year 2021 Award.

- Fashion Special Recognition Award 2021 By MykMary.

- Meritorious Award Of Excellence by Africa Talent Market

- SRTV International Award 2021.

Nationality: Maureen Okpoko where is Maureen Okpoko from? Maureen Okpoko is a Nigerian and a Jamaican. Her father is from Nigeria while her mother is from Jamaica.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Maureen Okpoko is from Anambra State, Nigeria. She is Igbo by tribe and hails from Nnobi village in Anambra State, South East part of Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Maureen Okpoko? Maureen Okpoko was born on 3 September 1960s. She is in her 50s.

Hairstyle, Haircut: Maureen Okpoko likes to rock bald head, skin cut, low cut to look natural and rarely wears weaves, weavon, wigs.
Photos of Maureen Okpoko Hair cut style

Rare pictures of Maureen Okpoko wearing Wigs
No makeup photo of Maureen Okpoko

Educational Background: Maureen Okpoko studied English Language ‎at the University of Port Harcourt. She also did some courses in Theater Arts.
Maureen Okpoko did her secondary school at Queens College, Enugu.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Maureen Okpoko was born into the family of Mr and Egbue. Her parents are from Nigeria and Jamaica. She was born to a Jamaican mother and a Nigerian father. She has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Father: Who Is Maureen Okpoko father? Maureen Okpoko father is Justice Don Egbue. He is late now. Maureen Okpoko's father is a Nigerian from Anambra State. He died some years back.
Picture of Maureen Okpoko father

Sharing photo of her late father, Justice Don Egbue, Maureen Okpoko wrote:

"My Late Dad, Hon Justice Don Egbue.May your Lovly soul continue to rest on.We will always love u and u will always be in our hearts. Much love from , Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children."

Mother: Who is Maureen Okpoko mother? Maureen Okpoko's mother, Mrs Egbue is from Jamaica and she is aged and still alive.
Photo of Maureen Okpoko and her Jamaican Mother

Sharing picture and video of her mother, Maureen Okpoko wrote on her Instagram page;

"The love for one’s mother never dies. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
I love my Jaimaican mum to the moon and back 

Happy Sunday and new week
I pray for a fruitful week for all my friends and Fans ⭐️"

Picture of Maureen Okpoko with her mother and one of her brothers, Terry

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Maureen Okpoko married? Maureen Okpoko was married to her husband but they are currently separated.

Husband: Who is Maureen Okpoko Husband, name, pictures? Maureen Okpoko Husband is Mr Okpoko, a Nigerian Businessman but they are no more married or living together.

Separation, Divorce: Maureen Okpoko and her ex husband are now estranged and separated. They no longer live together. But it's not clear if Maureen Okpoko and her husband have finally divorced. 
Maureen Okpoko and her husband got separated since 2010.

Talking about her marriage crash in an interview with The Nation, Maureen Okpoko said:

I am just grateful to my family for standing by me; they helped me pulled through the whole journey,” she said.

“It was not an easy task, but they kept encouraging and never let me alone, till I was able to pick-up the pieces of my life back.

“It could have been terrible; who knows could have been a lunatic roaming the streets. Prayers and counselling also helped me a whole lot. I remain eternally grateful to God”.

On reconciliation with her ex-hubby, she closed a possibility.

No too much water has passed under the bridge.”

On the rumour that her career success led to the separation with her husband, Maureen Okpoko told The Guardian:

"Not at all, I started acting when I ‎was still with him; he blessed my first script that I brought home. But when a man keeps listening to gossip, it will break his home. When people outside see that there is a measure of peace in your home, they are bound to scatter it; that was what I realised after the whole thing happen. People I thought were my friends were ‎actually the ones behind the whole storm, but I know better now."

On any hope of reconciliation with her husband, considering their 3 kids, Maureen Okpoko told Guardian in an interview:

"No, I’m coping. With the nature of my Job, I don’t want to be at the beck and call of any man. Right now, marriage ‎is the last thing on my mind; we have been separated since 2010. When my late‎ father was alive, he didn’t come one day to say what his reasons were, so, I’m not interested anymore. It has been six years now and I have moved on big time. I work hard for my money; I don’t sit down waiting for anybody to‎ give me things. I’ve had that firm resolve right from when I was a child; I had everything I needed, though I do not want to say I’m a silver spoon child. We were very‎ comfortable; even at that, I worked hard to be responsible for myself. I have three lovely children (a boy and two girls). I Love them, they are my treasure‎ and they love me that is all that matters to me."

Children: Maureen Okpoko has 3 children with her estranged husband. She has one son and two daughters.
Pictures of Maureen Okpoko and her children
Photo of Maureen Okpoko and her Son and Daughter

About Maureen Okpoko Daughters, Name, Age, Pictures

Maureen Okpoko first daughter and second child is Moira Okpoko who is a law student, a fitness blogger and the owner of KeepFitWithMoira. Maureen Okpoko first daughter was born on 14th July.
Pictures of Maureen Okpoko Daughter (First  Daughter, Moira Okpoko

Celebrating her daughter's birthday, Maureen Okpoko shared pictures of her daughter and wrote:

"2nd child and first Daughter Born July 14
A Hearty Birthday to my second fruit and first Daughter,Darlyn, my Attorney in the making.I almost lost u at birth but mercy said No.U have always bin s source ofJoy to me, took over themantle of Mummyship in the home .God grant ur heart desires, u shall continue to excel, long life is ur portion.May the Lord guide and protect u all d days of ur life.I love u to the moon and back.God Bless and keep u today and always. I will always be there for u. My frienz and welwishers pplz do celebrate with me as my girl adds a year to her age.Much loveMoiBaby, Hugs and kisses.Have a Blaaaast Sweets."

Maureen Okpoko Second Daughter & Last Child: her second daughter was born in June.
Photo of Maureen Okpoko Second Daughter

Maureen Okpoko Net Worth, Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Salary

Net Worth: Maureen Okpoko Net Worth is about $600,000 US Dollars.

Maureen Okpoko House and Cars, Mansion

House and Cars: Maureen Okpoko lives in a nice house in Lagos and drives nice cars.

Maureen Okpoko's Car Stolen, Duped By Estate Agent

Popular Nollywood actress Maureen Okpoko lost her car weeks to Christmas in 2017.

The actress said the Toyota Corolla, she parked in front of the house in Surulere, Lagos, was stolen in the early hours of Sunday the 3rd of December 2017.

Here is how she narrated her ordeal on FB;

“What a sad beginning of the month of December; my car was stolen in the early hours of the 3rd of December, 2017. “Trying to think straight; the joy of the Lord is my strength.”

Speaking with The Nation, the actress disclosed that her spirit has been asking her to leave her present residence but said she could not achieve that, as she was duped in earlier in the year, while trying to get a new apartment.

“I am very low in spirit,” she said.

“My spirit has been speaking to me about this place. I would have moved out, but I was duped while looking for an apartment. The car was parked outside and nobody saw them as it was taken away.

“But we have reported to the right authority”, she added.

Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Maureen Okpoko can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile Handle and Facebook page.

Maureen Okpoko Instagram: Maureen Okpoko Instagram page Account Profile Handle maureenokpoko__.

She currently has 5,999 followers on her Instagram page after her former Instagram account was hacked.

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