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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Kelvin Anene Bio, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Family, House, Cars, Net Worth, Divorce, Parents, Birthday, Height, Maria BBNaija Story, Kelvin Anene Profile, State Of Origin, Hometown, Images, Photos, Pics
Photos of Kelvin Anene, Maria BBNaija Boyfriend

History Of Kelvin Anene: Everything To Know About Kelvin Anene & Maria Relationship, Wife Maryanne Onyinyechi Divorce, Story, Husband Snatching Scandal

Who Is Maria Choke BBNaija Boyfriend?
Who Is Kelvin Anene?
Kelvin is a Nigerian born Businessman and Entrepreneur based in Dubai who is BBNaija Maria Chike's Boyfriend, Fiancé and husband to be.
Kelvin Anene is married to Maryanne Onyinyechi with two kids.
Maria BBN allegedly snatched Kelvin Anene from his wife, Maryanne Onyinyechi.

Kelvin Anene Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background
Kelvin Anene is a handsome Dubai-based Nigerian entrepreneur who is married with two kids and has been Exposed by Cubana Chief Priest as the Boyfriend, lover and sponsor of Big Brother Naija star, Maria Chike.
Kelvin Anene is a rich and wealthy Nigerian Businessman. He has his businesses in Dubai.

Kelvin Anene Profile Bio Data Summary

Nickname: 1stoil

Real, Full Name: Kelvin Anene

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Enugu State

Tribe: Igbo

Career, Occupation: Businessman

Net Worth: $2.5 Million US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦1,160,000,000

Married: Yes

Marital Status: Married to Maryanne Onyinyechi

Spouse, Wife: Maryanne Onyinyechi Obi Anene

Divorced: Yes, In the process

Number Of Children: Two (2)

Girlfriend: Maria Chike

Mistress, Side Chick: Maria BBNaija

Kelvin Anene Instagram: @1stoil

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Kelvin Anene from? Kelvin Anene is from Enugu State, the South East part of Nigeria. He is Igbo by tribe.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Kelvin Anene was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Anene. He has a brother called Energy Bank.

Brother: Kelvin Anene brother, Energy Bank defended him during his face off with his estranged wife.
Energy Bank is an artist, musician and a producer.
Pictures of Energy Bank, Kelvin Anene Brother

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Kelvin Anene married? Yes, Kelvin Anene, Maria's Boyfriend is married to Maryanne Onyinyechi.
Though they have Marital issues and are separated.

Wife: Who is Kelvin Anene Wife? Kelvin Anene Wife name is Maryanne Onyinyechi Obi Anene. 
Pictures of Kelvin Anene, ex wife, Maryanne Onyinyechi.

Maryanne Onyinyechi is Kelvin Anene first wife, now his ex wife as Maria takes over.

Children: Kelvin Anene and his ex wife, Maryanne Onyinyechi have 2 children.

Divorce: Kelvin Anene and his estranged wife, Maryanne Onyinyechi are set for a divorce. Kelvin Anene ex wife has filed for a divorce by dragging her estranged husband to court.

Kelvin Anene And Maryanne Onyinyechi Obi Anene Divorce Court Papers



TAKE NOTICE that a petition has been presented to the above named Court by MRS. MARYANNE ONYINYECHI OBI ANENE instituting proceedings for a Dissolution of Marriage.

1. A sealed copy of the petition is delivered to you with thil; Notice. 2. If you intend to consult a Solicitor in connection with tie proceedings, you should take to him all the documents delivered to you. 3. If you desire: (a) To deny facts alleged in the petition; (b) To allege any additional facts for the consideration of the Court (c)To submit to the Court that it should dismiss any of the proceedings instituted by the petition; or 

(d) To make any other submissions to the Cour, you should file an 

4. If you wish to Institute proceedings for dissolution of marriage, nullitY of marriage, judicial separation or restitution of con.. rights. Y.. may do so in answer to the petition filed by you. If you mstitute ProCeedings for dissolution of marriage on the ground that the Petitioner has committed adultery, you maY also, hY the ans.., institute proceedings for damages in respect of the adultery. S. If you wish to institute proceedings for the purpose of seeking an Order with respect to maintenance for Yourself, a se...en, the custody or guardianship of infant children of the marriage or the maintenance, welfare, advancement or education of children of the marriage, you should do so by filling an answer to Me petition. If you failed to do so, you will have to obtain the leave of the Court to institute the proceedings. 6. If you do not wish to file an answer but wish to receive a copy of each document filed in connection with the proceedings, you should file a Notice of Addreu for Service. However, unless you file an answer, you will not, without the leave of the Court, be entitled to furnish evidenCe to the Court, or address the Court, at the trial of the proceedings and the Court may hear and determine the proceedingc in your absence. 7. Any answer or Notice of Address for Service filed within 28 days after you receive this Notice or within such extended period as the Petitioner or the Court allows, and Service of a copy of the answer or Notice must be effected in accordance with the Matrimonial Causes Rules. Dated this ...9.3..‘.( . 2021. 

Girlfriend: Kelvin Anene Girlfriend, fiancée is Maria Chike. Kelvin Anene is allegedly set to marry Maria BBNaija.

Pictures of Kelvin Anene Girlfriend and wife to be, Maria Chike.

Net Worth: Kelvin Anene net worth is over $2.5 Million US Dollars.

House and Cars: Kelvin Anene lives in Dubai and drives nice flashy cars which Maria Chike, ex BBNaija Star rides in.

Kelvin Anene Instagram: Maria's Boyfriend, Kelvin has deactivated his Instagram handle (@1stoil) and is not currently active on the platform.

Kelvin And Maria BBNaija Love Story, Accusations, Husband Snatching Scandal

Social media went agog yesterday, October 24, with the news of Maria Chike, former Big Brother Naija housemate allegedly dating a married man identified as Kelvin Anene.

Before now, a popular blog on Instagram ‘Gistlover’ had called out Maria and told her to leave the married man she was with.

Following this, a businessman tycoon aka Cubana ChiefPriest posted on his Instagram, yesterday.

He said; “@grandfish1 @iam_lolofish_27 I get dollars for you, I get pounds for you, there is nothing sweeter than family, wives stay woke girls like @mariachikebenjamin are coming for your husbands, she stole my sister’s husband as if that’s not enough she is sending her threats, that I won’t let it slide, kelvin I dey find una come that dubai nothing must happen to my sister.”

How the saga started

Last weekend, Maria was seen in a video on her Instagram story flaunting wads of cash as she goes shopping, buying designers from Issey Miyake, Christain Dior, Givenchy etc.

Also, there was a particular wristwatch on her hand that some social media fans had tagged to be the supposedly lover’s wristwatch as he was seen in a picture wearing the exact same wristwatch, Vanguard gathered.

In a recent interview, Maria had said she has been working from the age of 16.

She said; “I have been working since the age of 16. I went to university and high school. I had two jobs. I paid my own rent nand I lived by myself and took care of myself sometimes when people say she got all of these because she’s pretty, I get upset. Beauty can only last for a short period of time.”
Picture of Kelvin Anene and Cubana Chief Priest

In addition, Cubana Chiefpriest posted a video on his Instagram handle with the caption; “@mariachikebenjamin how on earth will you threaten a married woman who has a male and female offspring to leave her husband for you or die, you dey show person husband’s watch and car to pepper her, Kelvin I am so ashamed of you, all of us dey street, you no carry woman pass anybody but we can never make home miserable for our woman to the point a sidechick calls your wife to threaten her life.

If what you are doing is right, why are you covering your face in shame in this video, my own na make nothing happen to my sister, okwa mmadu nwe ogodo ewu na ata (Someone is the owner of the cloth a goat is chewing), if anything happens to my sister”.

Cubana Chiefpriest further posted documents to back his claims that Kelvin (the alleged lover) is legally married with kids.

Another lady named Trap Selena has also revealed in a recent report that Kelvin, who was alleged to be having an affair with Maria has indeed ended his marriage with his wife a while ago.

“You don’t have to lock your page Onyi, just come out and tell the truth. You don’t even wear your ring anymore, you yourself have moved on, you just don’t like the fact that he is with a famous person and hinging on the fact that Nigerians will always be on the side of the woman with kids. It’s either you stay with the cheating or you don’t. There is no in and out as you like. Tell them about the divorce proceeding that is already in court, tell them the truth that you are not with kelvin,” she said.

Actress Iheme Nancy, others Blast BBNaija's Maria

Iheme Nancy, a Nollywood actress, and many Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize, Maria Chike Benjamin, a Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate.

Maria became a subject of ridicule after she was accused of being a homewrecker by Cubana Chief Priest, a popular celebrity barman.

Cubana Chief Priest: My Sister's Husband, Kelvin Sponsored Maria's Big Brother Movement

Few hours after he called out Big Brother Naija star, Maria Chike Benjamin for having an affair with his sister’s husband, Cubana Chief Priest stated that his sister gave up on the marriage after finding out that her husband, Kelvin sponsored Maria's Big Brother Movement.

The celebrity barman also mentioned that his sister went to Dubai to see her husband and it was Maria who opened the door for her wearing Kelvin's shirt. He stated that his sister had just started the divorce process and that all she needs is to be respected and not to be threatened by Maria.

He shared photos of divorce papers, and chats via his Instagram handle. He wrote;

"Divorce Was Just Served Barely A Month Ago, We No Dey Post Receipt With Ink Cover Slide To See Date, My Sister Gave Up The Marriage After Finding Out Kelvin Sponsored The Big Brother Movement And Also When She Came To Dubai To See The Husband Who Does Not Pick Calls Again And Low N Behold Maria Opened The Door For Her Putting On The Husbands Tshirt, I Personally Gave Kelvin Who Managed Maria’s Account While She Was In Big Brother And I Also Intorduced Them To @pauloo2104 For Management, All We Ask Is Let Her Not Receive Threats Again She Has Moved Out Of Their Matrimonial Home In Owerri To Abuja Few Days Ago To Get A New Life, Let Her Be Respected. They Were Never Divorced Since 2018, She Just Started The Process Which He Is Yet To Respond


Cubana alleged that Maria “snatched” her sister’s husband and also threatened her.

Cubana Chief Priest went further to share a video of Maria and a man he claims is his sister’s husband, Kevin, together in a bar.

Reacting to the video, Iheme Nancy praised Cubana Chief Priest for calling out Kelvin and Maria.

“Where do you think she’s living? story long joor …. his your friend, I love the fact you called him out with ur chest…. you can’t be living with a married man In Dubai and still have the guts to call his wife in Nigeria to threaten her, hand never touch shaa,” she wrote on Instagram.

Another Instagram commentator wrote: “So this was the reason she (Maria) posted a few days ago on her story “ If I can’t have him, nobody will”??? A queen and more indeed.”

'My Brother Left His Marriage Since 2018 Before Meeting Maria' - Kevin's Brother (Photos)

Energy Bank, brother of the married man who Cubana Chief Priest accused Big Brother Naija star, Maria of snatching from his sister Maryanne Onyinyechi, has revealed that his brother Kelvin left his marriage in 2018 before the reality show star came into his life.
Photos of Kelvin Anene Brother, Energy Bank

He claimed that his brother was "dying in silence" but held on to his marriage for the sake of his children and family. Energy Bank claimed that a lot happened in the marriage and they tried to cover it up because they respected Kelvin's decision to try making his marriage work.
Picture of Energy Bank and Maria Chike

He also alleged that Maryanne drove the husband's family from their home even though he (Energy Bank) helped build it. Kelvin's brother further claimed that though his brother was lavishing his money at a club which was managed by Cubana Chief Priest, he is now the one calling him out.

iamenergybank wrote on his Instagram page: Every family get Madman for corner wey just Dey hibernate. Man chiat and Woman been ch ating since 1960. If we begin talk wetin your so called sister Dey do inside her marriage for public everywhere go scatter. Make everybody respect theirselves for this social media. @cubana_chiefpriest you went too far with this bulls t. You know nothing about loyalty or respect. 

to a house boy to come and start living with me and enrolled him into the University. My mother lived in our old abandoned house in Ngwa RD in Aba because my brother was splurging his resources in clubs of the same man who's dr gging him today. What a Life! I guess he learned his lessons by now "This streets don't love you" 
The never did that's why you don't see me anywhere around them. 

iamenergybank: My brother left his marriage since 2018 before the so called @mariachikebenjamin came into the picture. Man was dying in silent but he kept his peace for the love of his children and family. Many things that happened in that marriage but we covered it because we are a family of peace and love people and we respected my brothers decision to try again and again for his marriage to work but for how long will a man keep trying with a woman that dr gs his name through every mud of sh me she finds available? She drove the entire family away from her home, we don't even visit there no more. My brother was building his house while I was still in school which I'd personally go and carry blocks to help out with the 

labour, me and my younger brother would work with laborers because of the excitement that a new house is coming to our family where we could equally live in love, peace and harmony until we grew to Man of our own. Since this house was finished I never slept a day in it because my brothers wife drove everybody away both my mother would visit and she would never offer her food nor drink. My brother would focus on his wife and forgets his family and his mother like he was under a spell to forget his family, and we would not complain. We left them in peace and moved on with our lives. I moved back to Enugu State where I was schooling and focused on my studies and my work until God showed me mercy. I had to bring my younger brother whom they turned.

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