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Where is Ifeoma Anyiam, Nollywood Actress, Now? Old And Recent New Pictures Of Ifeoma Anyiam

Who Is Ifeoma Anyiam?

Ifeoma Anyiam (born 1970s) is a Nigerian top Nollywood actress who disappeared from the screen after her marriage to her London-based husband in 2009.

Ifeoma Anyiam travelled out of Nigeria for a while. She travelled to the UK, and lived there for a while before returning to the country. Upon her return, she got married to her husband and returned to the UK where she had her first, baby, a son.

New Pictures of Ifeoma Anyiam (On set in 2017)

Ifeoma Anyiam Wiki Bio Data Summary

Name: Ifeoma Anyiam

Full Name: Ifeoma Anyiam Nwaedo

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Imo

Tribe: Igbo

Place Of Birth: North

Grew Up In the: North

Languages: Speaks English, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba

Date Of Birth: 1970s.

Age: 40+

Occupation, Career: Actress, Businesswoman

Net Worth: $400,000 US Dollars

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Parents: Mr and Mrs Anyiam

Married: Yes

Husband: Yes

Children: Yes

Son: Kamsy

Instagram: ifeomaanyiam

Facebook: Ifeoma Anyiam Facebook Profile

About Ifeoma Anyiam Career, Occupation, Life History, Story, Background, Break From Nollywood

Ifeoma Anyiam is a Nigerian Nollywood actress and Businesswoman who took a long break from acting to concentrate on her marriage, family and kids.

Ifeoma Anyiam has acted alongside other top Nollywood actors and actresses such as Patience Ozokwor, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Chiege Alisigwe, Shan George, Sandra Achums, Lilian Bach, Chidi Ihesie Okafor, among others.

Throwback Photos of Ifeoma Anyiam and Shan George, Sandra Achums, Lilian Bach, on a movie set.

Movies: Ifeoma Anyiam movies are Secret Courage, Pains Of Love, Colours of Emotion, Nirvana, Hopes, Havoc, among others.

Ifeoma Anyiam 'Secret Courage' Movie Part 1

Ifeoma Anyiam 'Secret Courage' Movie Part 2

Ifeoma Anyiam Takes A Long Break From Nollywood, Acting

Where is Ifeoma Anyiam now? Is Ifeoma Anyiam dead or alive? No, Ifeoma Anyiam is not dead but alive. She only took a long break from Nollywood movies and acting to take care of her family, husband and children. Ifeoma Anyiam had travelled out of the country to abroad, The UK, in the mid 2000s before returning to Nigeria.

Upon her return to the country, Ifeoma Anyiam decided to veer into something else like buying and selling. She also organises events for her clients. That’s what she is doing presently instead of acting.

On her kind of business, Ifeoma Anyiam is into cosmetics, clothes, shoes, handbags business.

On if her husband told her to quit acting? Ifeoma Anyiam told Vanguard No, that her husband didn’t ask her to quit acting. She had to take a break from acting on her own to nurture her family.

How Ifeoma Anyiam Started Her Acting Career, Joined Nollywood & Her First Film, Movie

Ifeoma Anyiam joined Nollywood and started acting when she was doing her Diploma and through the help of Steve Yaw of Wazobia FM.

Her first movie was 'Hopes', then she later did the movie 'Havoc' where she played her first major role.

"While doing my Diploma, I had this friend, Steve (Yaw of Wazobia FM) who usually attend the AGN meetings. So whenever he came back to the class, he usually tell me about many notable actresses and actors. So, I was excited and wanted to meet them too. And back then, I used to love Ann Njemanze because people said we look alike."

"She was like my role model at that time. So I asked Yaw if I could see Ann if I went with him, and he said yes. So, I followed him and saw many movie stars. I was so excited about it and one thing led to the other, I met someone (I can’t remember his name) who asked me if I could act. I said yes and that was how I started."

"My first movie was Hopes. But after that movie, I went back to school because I needed to concentrate on my studies. But when I started officially, my first movie was Havoc where I played my first major role."

Education: Ifeoma Anyiam has a Diploma in TV & Radio Communications from Lagos State University and a degree in Theater Arts also from LASU. She did her NYSC in Kano.

Ifeoma Anyiam attended primary and secondary schools in the North. She completed her secondary education in Lagos after her parents and siblings relocated from the North to Lagos.

Childhood, Family Background

Ifeoma Anyiam was born Ifeoma Anyiam but her surname is Nwaedo. Growing up was fun for her. She is from a family of five children and happens to be the second child of her parents. She was born in the North and had her early childhood there. Her family came back to Lagos because of the riot in the North, so, she had to finish her secondary school in Lagos. Afterwards, I had my Diploma in TV & Radio Communications at Lagos State University and my degree in Theater Arts also in LASU.

Parents, Family, Father, Mother, Siblings: And your parents? Ifeoma Anyiam was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Anyiam. She is from a family of 7, including her parents and 5 children.

Ifeoma Anyiam describes her father as a very typical British man because he schooled in the UK and doesn’t believe in flogging a child. All he does whenever she and her siblings erred is to sit them down and talk to them as adults. 

But Ifeoma Anyiam's mother is more of an African woman because she doesn’t spare the rod.

She had a normal growing up - they were not so rich but they were not poor either. She was comfortable as a child because she never lacked anything.

Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Ifeoma Anyiam has four (4) siblings. She is the second child of her family.

Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Ifeoma Anyiam married? Yes, Ifeoma Anyiam is married. She got married to her husband in the year 2009 and they are blessed with kids.

Speaking on her marriage & being married, Ifeoma Anyiam told Vanguard in an interview:

"Being married is beautiful. I’d say that when you are married to someone who loves and respects you, things become easier. It’s not that we don’t have our ups and downs but because of the understanding we have, things become easier to handle."

Ifeoma Anyiam Husband: Who is Ifeoma Anyiam husband, name, pictures? Ifeoma Anyiam got married to her UK based husband in 2009. Her Husband is a businessman.

Picture of Ifeoma Anyiam and Her Husband

Ifeoma Anyiam and her husband met in 2004. They courted for some years and later got married.

On what drew her attention to her husband when her husband approached her, Ifeoma Anyiam told Vanguard:

"When my husband approached me, it was his physic that attracted him to me because then I used to love R.Kelly. So my husband was like R.Kelly. Afterward, I noticed he has a good nature- he’s sweet, nice, understands me well, he knows when I’m not happy and when I’m happy."

Her husband asked her to leave the country at that time.

"Yes. I had my baby over there too. At that time, he was in the UK. So, I had to travel to meet him over there and we both returned to Nigeria together."

Children, Son, Daughter: Ifeoma Anyiam and her husband have children, son and daughter.

Her first child is a son named Kamsy.

Photo of Ifeoma Anyiam Son, Kamsy

Pictures of Ifeoma Anyiam Children

Net Worth: Ifeoma Anyiam Net Worth is about $400,000 US Dollars. 

House and Cars: Ifeoma Anyiam drives nice cars and lives with her family in Nigeria, though her husband is based in London, he often comes back to be with them in Nigeria. They travel to the UK too on holidays.

Instagram: Ifeoma Anyiam Instagram Page Account Profile Handle ifeomaanyiam. She currently has 1,230 followers as at the time of writing this article in October 2021.

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