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Patoranking Latest Instagram Photos: All About Patoranking Bio, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Wife, Baby Mama, Married, Wedding Pictures, Parents, Family, Children, Son, Daughter, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Siblings, Mother, Father, Height, House, Cars, Tribe, Hometown, Nationality, Ethnicity, Relationship, Patoranking Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Patoranking: Everything To Know About Patoranking Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Married, Wedding, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Father, Mother, Education, Marriage, Dating, Relationship

Who Is Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie?

Who Is Patoranking?

Full Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Patoranking?

Patoranking (born 27 May 1990) whose full, real name is Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter.

Handsome Pictures of Patoranking

Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie aka Patoranking is a Nigerian born Music star who is famous for his unique style of singing and who has collaborated with other top Nigerian artistes.

About Patoranking Career, Occupation Life History, Story, Endorsement Deals (All About Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie)

Patoranking was born and raised in Ijegun-Egba Satellite Town, Lagos State but he is originally from Onicha, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Patoranking started his music career with collaborations with artists such as XProject, Konga, Slam and Reggie Rockstone. He signed a record deal with K-Solo's Igberaga Records in 2010 and released "Up in D Club" under the outfit. 

Patoranking And Timaya: Patoranking became a protégé of Timaya's Dem Mama Records after collaborating with Timaya on his song "Alubarika". 

In February 2014, Patoranking left Timaya Records label and signed a record deal with Foston Musik and released "Girlie O", a single that put him in the limelight.

During an interview, Timaya said Patoranking left his label and was never officially signed.

On 4 February 2014, Patoranking released "Girlie O", a song produced by WizzyPro. 

Patoranking And Tiwa Savage: Patoranking and Tiwa Savage collaborated and their collaboration made him more popular.

Foston Musik released the Tiwa Savage-assisted "Girlie O" (Remix) on 19 May 2014 to critical acclaim. It debuted at No. 9 on MTV Base's Official Naija Top 10 chart. Tiwa Savage told Ehiz of MTV Base she admires Patoranking's music and decided to reach out to him to do the remix.

About Patoranking Endorsement Deals

Patoranking has bagged several endorsement deals as brand ambassador and brand influencer. Some of Patoranking's endorsement deals include;

Darling Hair 'Black Girl Magic' Song: Patoranking signed an endorsement deal with Darling Hair and released a song which he sang for them titled "Black Girl Magic".

Photo of Patoranking And his daughter at a Darling Hair event

Patoranking Darling Hair song and Advert appears on Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) 2021 show as Darling Hair is one of the sponsors of BBN season 6 edition.

Hennessy Ambassador: Patoranking also signed an endorsement deal with Hennessy as ambassador.

WorldRemit Ambassador: Patoranking is also a WorldRemit Ambassador. WorldRemit offers fast, low fee online money transfer service. 

Patoranking Wiki Profile Bio Data Summary

Nickname, Professional, Stage Name: Patoranking

Real Name: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie

Full Name: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie

Nationality: Nigerian

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

State Of Origin: Ebonyi State

Hometown: Onicha

Ethnicity: Black

Tribe: Igbo

Place Of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Grew Up: Ijegun-Egba Satellite Town

Date Of Birth: 27 May 1990

Birthday: 27 May

Age: 31 years old (in 2021)

Religion: Christian

Height: 5"10 feet tall

Weight: 70 kg

Net Worth: $700,000 US Dollars

Net Worth In Naira: ₦350,000,000 Naira

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer

Record Label: Amari Musiq, VP Records

Family: Dad, Mum & Siblings

Parents: Mr and Mrs Okorie

Father: Mr Okorie

Mother: Mrs Okorie

Siblings: Sharon Okorie, Raphael

Sister: Siblings: Sharon Okorie

Brother: Raphael Okorie

Sexuality: Straight

Married: Not married

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Yes

Spouse, Wife: No wife yet

Baby Mama: 2

Children, Child, Baby: 2 Children

Son: Raphael 'Rapharanking' Okorie

Daughter: Wilmer Okorie

Place Of Residency: Lagos

Skin Colour, Complexion: Dark-skinned

Hair: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Tattooed: Yes

Instagram Handle: patorankingfire

Full Biography Of Patoranking (Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie)

Patoranking Real Name, Full Name: What's Patoranking real name? Patoranking real name is Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: What nationality is Patoranking? Patoranking is from Nigeria, he is Nigerian by Nationality.

Jamaican: Is Patoranking Jamaican? No, Patoranking is not Jamaican but a Nigerian.

Patoranking State Of Origin: Patoranking is from which state in Nigeria? Patoranking is from from Onicha, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Patoranking is Igbo by tribe.

Patoranking Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Patoranking from in Ebonyi state? Patoranking hails from Onicha, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. 

Patoranking Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Patoranking was born on 27th May 1990.

Real Age: How old is Patoranking? Patoranking is currently 31 years old as at 2021.

Hairstyle, Hair: Patoranking likes to rock Stylish Afro hairstyles.

Patoranking Height In Feet: What is patoranking height? How tall is Patoranking? Patoranking is 5"10 feet tall.

Photo of Patoranking standing at about 5"10 feet tall.

Tattoo: Patoranking has a tattoo on his neck. He likes Body tattoos.

Picture of Patoranking tattoo on his neck

Education School, School, University: Patoranking attended Citizen Comprehensive College in Epe, Lagos; Jibril Martin Memorial Grammar School in Iponri.

Patoranking Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Patoranking was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Okorie, his parents. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Patoranking Parents: Who are the parents of Patoranking? Patoranking parents are Mr and Mrs OKORIE, from Ebonyi State.

Pictures Of Patoranking Parents

Father: Who is Patoranking father? Where is Patoranking father from? Patoranking father is Mr Okorie, from Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Picture of Patoranking and his Father on Vacation in US

Mother: Who Is Patoranking Mother? Where is patoranking mother from? Patoranking mother is Mrs Okorie from Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Photo of Patoranking and his mother

Patoranking Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: The name of Patoranking brother is Raphael Okorie while his sister's name is Sharon Okorie. Patoranking has not revealed much about his siblings.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Patoranking married? No, Patoranking is not yet married and has not revealed any wedding plans.

Patoranking Wedding Pictures: Patoranking got married to Yemi Alade on a music set but not in real life.

Wife: Who Is Patoranking Wife, Name, Pictures? Patoranking does not have a wife yet. He is not yet married and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Baby Mama: Who is Patoranking baby mama, name, pictures? Patoranking has two baby mamas but he has not revealed the names of his baby mamas.

Picture of Patoranking first baby mama and his son (Throwback in 2014)

Girlfriend, Fianceé: Who is Patoranking Girlfriend, name, pictures? Patoranking has a beautiful girlfriend but has not revealed the name of his girlfriend, he only shared pictures of his girlfriend on Instagram.

Photo of Patoranking And his girlfriend

Patoranking Children, Child: Does patoranking have a child? Yes, Patoranking has two children from two different baby mamas.

The names of Patoranking Children are Raphael aka Rapharanking Okorie who is his son and Wilmer Okorie who is his daughter.

Pictures of Patoranking Children

Patoranking Son: Who is Patoranking son, name, Age, Pictures? The name of Patoranking son is Rapharanking Okorie. Patoranking's son, Rapharanking Okorie is about 12 years old now.

Pictures of Patoranking son, Rapharanking Okorie

Patoranking Daughter: Who Patoranking daughter, name, age, Pictures? Patoranking daughter's name is Wilmer Okorie. She was born on August 20, 2018. Patoranking daughter is currently 3 years old as at 2021.

Pictures of Patoranking daughter, Wilmer

Celebrating his daughter, Wilmer Okorie on her birthday, Patoranking wrote:

"Happy Birthday My Lil Queen 🎂you are blessed Forever ❤️I Love You so Much Wilmer. 🎂🎂🎂 Wow my Lil Mama is 3."

Sexuality: Is Patoranking Gay, Bisexual or Straight? Patoranking is straight.

Patoranking And Yemi Alade Relationship, Married, Wedding: Is Patoranking married to Yemi Alade? No, Patoranking is not married to Yemi Alade in real life, they only got married on musical set during shoot. 

Wedding Pictures of Patoranking and Yemi Alade on set

Patoranking And Flavour: Patoranking has been friends with Flavour for long.

Throwback And Recent Pictures of Flavour and Patoranking

Patoranking Net Worth Forbes, Dollars, Naira 2021, 2022

Net Worth: How much is Patoranking Net Worth? Patoranking net worth is about $700,000 US Dollars.

Patoranking Net Worth In Naira: Patoranking Net Worth In Naira is about ₦350,000,000 Naira.

Patoranking House and Cars Pictures

House and Cars: Patoranking lives in Lagos and drives his own car. He has his own house, mansion.

Pictures of Patoranking House and Cars

Pictures Of Patoranking In Private Jet: Patoranking doesn't have a private jet but he has been seen flying in private jets.

Photos of Patoranking in a private jet

Patoranking Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Patoranking can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Patoranking BBNaija Instagram: Patoranking Instagram Handle patorankingfire. Patoranking currently has 7.6 million followers on his Instagram page Account Profile as at the time of writing this article.

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