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History Of Nicholas Ibenu Jr: Everything To Know About Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Profile, Books, Net Worth

Who Is Nicholas Ibenu Jr.?

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. (born 28 August) whose full name is Nicholas Michael Ibenu, Jr. is a Nigerian security advisor and associate lecturer of Networks and Security at ESCAE University, Republic of Benin.

Nicholas Michael Ibenu, Jr. is a personality who has impacted lives with his skills, expertise and vast experience in IT and security.

Nicholas Ibenu Jr. Profile Wiki Bio Summary

Name: Nicholas Ibenu Jr.

Full Name: Nicholas Michael Ibenu, Jr.

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Benue State

Hometown: Ohimini

Place of Birth: Otukpo, Benue, Nigeria

Religion: Christian (Catholic)

Date Of Birth: 28 August

Birthday: August 28

Age: N/A

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ibenu

Father: Mr Nicholas Ibenu, Sr

Mother: Mrs Grace Ibenu 

Wife: Not Married

Girlfriend: N/A

Height: 1.80

Occupation, Career: Lecturer, Researcher, Author, IT Engineer, Security Expert, Logistician, & Farmer

Net Worth: N/A

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Full Biography Of Nicholas Ibenu, Jr.

About Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. is a Security Advisor and Associate lecturer.

He earlier had the ambition of becoming a priest in the Catholic Church as his mother usually takes him to early morning mass daily.

He formerly worked with BusinessDay Limited where he served as an IT Engineer and currently a Security Advisor and Associate lecturer of Networks and Security at ESCAE University, Republic of Benin.

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. is a voracious security Researcher and enthused excursionist with deep passion for human development. He has written a few publications regarding IT and Security. He has been hosted on several television interviews to talk on security including his last interview on Nigeria’s National Television Authority were he talked about security in the business environment. 

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. is also a fellow member and the head of the Information Technology Department and Director of membership Mobilization of the institute of Leadership and Human Resource Management, Nigeria. He focuses on area of research interest like IT research and theory, reverse engineering, information security and privacy, cyber warfare and counter-terrorism, and civil engagement and social justice.

Author, Books: Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. has authored a book titled “Rudiments of Information Technology (A Contemporary Guide for the Fourth Industrial Revolution).

A picture of Nicholas Ibenu, Jr book

He has also contributed to scholarly materials, including the famous book “Multidisciplinary Approach to Modern Digital Steganography'' where he contributed chapter four on Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Steganography and Steganalysis.

Ibenu is widely known for his passion for human development and has written few publications regarding IT and Security.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. from? Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. hails from from Ohimini, Benue State, Nigeria where he was born, raised and had his early education.

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. Early Life, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. was born in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria into the family of Mr and Mrs Ibenu.

His father Nicholas Ibenu, Sr., Was a military officer who served as an engineer in the army while his mother, Grace Ibenu, a farmer and trader.

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. is a Christian, a devout Catholic, having grown up in a Catholic family, under the influence of his discipline father which helped him develop an intense self-discipline. 

Education, Schools Attended: Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. started his education at Odeba International Nursery and Primary School where he graduated and took first 1st placed out of 33 with a minimum of 89 percent attendance. He held the position of a discipline and labor prefect and his core subjects were computer science, Christian Religious Knowledge and English Language. Ibenu excelled at school where he was also a secretive and solitary child, preferring to read rather than playing sports or socializing with other children. 

Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. initially enrolled and intended to have his secondary education at St Michael the Archangel Minor Seminary, Amoke but later withdrew due to reasons "best known to him.”

He went on to complete his secondary education at St Paul Secondary School before he relocated to Lagos. 

After his secondary education, he was recommended and given a letter to be enlisted to join the Nigerian Military after when he went for a short training and later on redirected his interest to continue with the pursuit of his education.

After his secondary school, Ibenu proceeded to Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria, where he attained a National Diploma in Technology and Management in the 2016/2018 session. In September that same year, he started his Higher National Diploma program which he tendered a letter of withdrawal to the school after spending a year, accusing the college of corruption, malpractices and nepotism. Nicholas Ibenu, Jr's letter reads:

“Dear Sir/Ma,LETTER OF WITHDRAWALWith great sense of humility, I Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. tenders this letter as a formal document to withdraw from Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.The purpose of my withdrawal is to enable me embark on something more promising as I don’t find it convenient to continue with my Higher National Diploma Program (HND) programme in this College. For that, I have decided to go in another direction with my life and career. Up to date, all my results throughout my time in this college are outstanding. I have no outstanding dues in the college; and all my fees and departmental dues are up to date. I represent my department from AMAABS as the departmental representative, and I have sent a copy of this letter that my position be transferred to someone else with immediate effect.However, I would like to make few recommendations that I think will move the college forward in other to prepare students for a greater future. First; encourage active and practical learning experience and allow students to make connections to real-world applications of the course that they study; listen to students concerns and respond appropriately to student as most student struggle hard to get funding for their education, not failing student as a result of gross hatred and nepotism; engage students in tasks that have a clear connection with learning outcomes, as opposed to those that are perceived as busy work, rather than engaging students in task that has no meaningful outcomes in the real world. I will as well require an acknowledgement letter from the college as to the effect of this document.

Thank you.”

He went on to attain a bachelor degree in Computer science at ESCAE University, Republic of Benin.

Girlfriend, Wife: Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. is not yet married. He keeps his relationship private.

Net Worth: Nicholas Ibenu, Jr. net worth has not been estimated.

PERSONAL LIFE: Ibenu’s hallmark was his wide-rimmed glasses, moustache, and his trimmed beards. He has enormous affection for children and their education.Ibenu spoke fluently and confidently and like playing with words in the English language with an adopted English accent when pronouncing certain words. He is described as an “exceptionally complex personality, adding that very much is known of him to be very controversial.”Ibenu is a serious young man, who is diligent, hard-working, a voracious reader and avid researcher who uses every minute of his time, not much to give to laughter and pleasure: and above all, single-minded.Ibenu’s “self-disciplined, intelligence and appetite for hard work were remarkable,’ adding that his prime characteristics” were “tenderheartedness and resilience.’ Being that he was born in August, a lot of people have said that he shared so many character traits with the leopard because he is astoundingly strong, agile, smart, brave, stubborn, secretive, and charismatic. Most of his friends described Ibenu as having “a very humble, secretive and sharp, but sometimes rather aggressive, and can display unpleasant manners when he’s stressed and hungry.” Ibenu had a “paranoidal personality”. In that, while he did not suffer from clinical paranoia, he behaves in a paranoid fashion when placed under severe and sustained pressure.

IDEOLOGY: Ibenuism is a form of metaphysical view that associates reality to ideas in the mind rather than material objects, laying more emphasis on spiritual components of experience, and renouncing the notion of material existence.

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