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Queen BBN Latest Instagram Photos: All About Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Boyfriend, Net Worth, House, Cars, Height, Married, Husband, Child, Family, Siblings, Mother, Father, NGO, Feminist, Home Town, State Of Origin, Queen BBNaija Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Queen Mercy Atang: Everything To Know About Queen BBNaija Profile, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Boyfriend, Husband, Married, Marriage, Wedding, Dating, Relationship, Siblings, Sister, Brother

Who Is Queen BBNaija?

Who Is Queen Mercy Okon Atang

Who Is Queen Mercy Atang?

Queen BBNaija whose real name is Queen Mercy Atang (born 11 June 1994) is a Nigerian Philanthropist, Model, Ex Beauty Queen, Entrepreneur and BBNaija 2021 Season 6 Housemate.

Queen Mercy Atang is a 27-year-old beautiful Nigerian born model, Big Brother Naija (BBN) star and the owner of Queen Mercy Atang Foundation.

Pictures of Queen BBNaija

Describing herself on her Instagram page, the NGO owner and Queen BBNaija wrote:

"My Name is Queen Mercy Atang, a carrier of positive vibes, a positive thinker. A believer that all things are possible when you set your mind to achieving it. Dreams are never to big over here. God is here and everything is gonna be possible😘🙏 QMAFoundation to the world 🌎 #positivevibesonly✨"

Queen BBNaija Profile Bio Wiki Data (About Queen Mercy Atang)

Nickname: Queen BBNaija (BBN)

Real Name: Queen Mercy Atang

Full Name: Queen Mercy Okon Atang

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Akwa Ibom State

Hometown: Eket

Tribe: Ibibio

Birthplace: Akwa Ibom

Date Of Birth: 11 June 1994

Birthday: 11th June

Age: 27 years old (in 2021)

Height: 5"5 feet tall

Net Worth: $250,000 US Dollars

Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

NGO: Queen Mercy Atang Foundation

Family: Mum, 4 children

Parents: Mr and Mrs Okon Atang

Mother: Mrs Okon Atang (Single Mother)

Siblings: 3

Brother: Obong Atang

Relationship Status: Dating

Marital Status: Single, Not Married

Married: No

Husband: No

Boyfriend: Yes

Children, Child: None

Hairstyle: Short Hair, Lowcut, Wigs

Complexion, Skin Colour: Fair, Lightskinned

Bleaching: No

Surgery: No

Education, School: Tansian University Oba-Umunya

Lookalikes: Ibiwara Etuk, Stephnora Okere

Phone Number: Unavailable

Instagram Handle: queenmercyatang

Photos of Queen Mercy Atang

Full Biography Of Queen BBNaija (Queen Mercy Atang)

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Queen Mercy Atang is from Nigeria.

Queen Mercy Atang Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Queen Mercy Atang aka Queen BBNaija is a 27-year-old philanthropist, ex beauty queen and aspiring politician. She hails from Akwa Ibom State and has a mom she adores and three siblings that she loves.

Queen BBN is a Tansian University graduate and an international beauty queen. Queen describes herself as “beautiful, courageous, and fearless” and reckons being raised by a single mother taught her a lot about life.

An ambitious and driven person who values everyone around her, she considers herself a true leader and an excellent communicator who is very calculating, loyal, and peaceful.

BBNaija's Queen Mercy Atang is a Role model to so many youths, especially in her home state, Akwa Ibom.

She represented Nigeria in 2017 at the prestigious Miss International World and won as Ms International World classic 2017.

She used her platform to launch numerous projects in Nigeria, she is the founder of Queen Mercy Atang @qmafoundation.

Queen Mercy Atang, in an Instagram post on International Women's Day gives an insight into her personality and what she believes in:

"My struggles have made me stronger, I’m now a problem solver. You’re stronger than you think you are, you’ve survived all your challenges to this point. And you will survive what ever else comes. The struggles were sent for a reason and a lesson. It might be to make you strong, it might be to teach you patience, It might be for you to survive in the spirit. There’s always a reason. So don’t you ever give up. You have a purpose in this world. You can only find it, if you keep going and keep growing.

Happy international women’s day to all the strong women out there striving to be successful in life. Never give up, trust the process, everything will fall into place. I’m brave, strong and fearless💪 🇳🇬 #internationalwomensday #qmafoundation"

Beauty Pageants: Queen Mercy Atang started her Journey into beauty Pageants and pageantry in 2013 at age 19. She was:

Throwback Photos of Queen Mercy Atang as a Beauty Queen

- Face Of Democracy Southern Nigeria Queen in 2014

- Miss Nigeria International 2015

- Miss International World Classic 2017 Winner

Queen Mercy Atang Foundation: Queen BBNaija launched her Queen Mercy Atang Foundation on 20th December 2019. She uses her NGO & foundation as a philanthropist to help the less privileged ones and to help Communities in need. Her Foundation, Mercy Atang Foundation has helped in providing Boreholes, School Materials and other things for her people in Akwa Ibom State.

Pictures of Queen Mercy Atang Foundation Event

Launching the Queen Mercy Atang Foundation in 2019, Mercy BBNaija wrote:

"My dream came through, a dream of owning my own charity foundation, a foundation that will help me to render help to people in a larger way. A foundation which will enable me empower mothers and children. A foundation which will help me educate the girl child to know the importance of leadership; be it in an organization, political forum etc. Dear lord my Imagination became reality🙏 truely imagination can take you anywhere. QMAFoundation to the world 🌎 #charity #lesspriviledge"

"Exactly what God has laid me to do, giving back. Putting smiles on the faces of people. I feel so fulfilled when ever I am able to do this. Yes sometimes I wish I could do more. So I work really hard towards achieving this, With God on my side I will do more some day. QMAFoundation to the world #charity #lessprivilege #internationalfoundation"

Queen BBNaija State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Queen Mercy Atang from? Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She is Efik-Ibibio tribe from the South South part of Nigeria.

Queen BBNaija Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Queen Mercy Atang was born on 11 June 1994.

Real Age: How old is Queen Mercy BBNaija? Queen Mercy Atang is currently 27 years old as at 2021.

Did Queen BBNaija Lie About Her Real Age? See The Real Age Of Queen Mercy Atang

Queen Mercy Atang while in her first day at the Big Brother House claimed she is 26 years old as at August 8th 2021. But Thefamousnaija has found out that Queen BBN lied about her age.

First, BBNaija's Queen Mercy Atang rightly told Emmanuel Umoh during a discussion that she started beauty pageant contest at the age of 19 in 2013. She later changed the narration to age 18 in 2013.

From Thefamousnaija findings, we can reveal that Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' is not 26 years old as she claims. Queen BBNaija is actually 27 years old in 2021 as at August 8 that she entered the BBNaija house. 

From our findings, Queen Mercy Atang celebrated her 24th Birthday On 11th June 2018 and celebrated her 25th birthday on 11th June 2019 which means that she was really born on 11th June 1994. So she can't be 26 years now rather she is 27 years old.

Queen Mercy Atang Celebrated Her 25th Birthday On 11th June 2019. She wrote: 

"25 years ago my mom gave birth to a me, according to the story she and my dad told me, I came out shinning lol, my dad quickly named me Queen. Saying she is a Queen. 25 years of my life I’ve grown up to friends and family constantly singing this name to my hearing. I grew up feeling like a queen to being a beauty Queen. Well some people usually fight me saying I gave myself the name simply because I’m a pageant girl😂 while growing up people discouraged my mom to change my name, saying obanje is disturbing me. Ah little me, I agreed ooh that my name should be changed. I wish I can see them to let them know the obanje they felt was worrying me is heavenly. I’ve been a carrier of success since childhood so I forgive them for misinterpreting. I’m excited I’m getting older, the future is near. #politicslover #childofgrace #inmybirthdayfeeling #geminiqueen"

Queen BBNaija Celebrated Her 24th Birthday On 11th June 2018 and wrote:

"it been 24years already, 19years of being a mommy's girl, 5years of being an independent young girl, although my mom still tries to interrupt my independency (lol) God has been so faithful to me. He always shows me light in my days of tunnel. He has been my heavenly and earthly father. I wanted to type a long note thanking my God but i am so overwhelmed i cant type much. Happy birthday Queen mercy okon Atang. Be strong and hold your head high. Jesus got you always. P.s thanks to my parent for naming me Queen, i have seen my name work wonders for me. #geminigirl #junegirl #24yearsofgodsgrace #entrepreneur #winegirl #lavestawinery #Godovereverything"

Queen BBNaija Feminist: Is Queen Mercy Atang a feminist? Some of Female fans of Queen BBNaija are already saying that she is a feminist and that they like her.

Queen Mercy Atang Measurements are: 5’5 ft height, 23, 32, 24 (in 2016)

Height: How tall is Queen Mercy Atang? Queen BBNaija is about 5"5 feet tall.

She likes high heel shoes: 

"Give a girl the correct foot wear and she can conquer the world🌎 I can’t do without my heels, especially 6 inches. They are basically life to me🤪🇳🇬👑 #intlpageantgirl" She wrote on her Instagram page.

Surgery, Curves, Figure: BBNaija Queen Mercy Atang is naturally curvy and beautiful. She did not do any form of plastic surgery to enhance her curves and body. Queen BBNaija is one of the hottest BBN 2021 contestants.

Writing about her beauty, Queen Mercy Atang BBNaija wrote: "And who said the beautiful ones are not yet born? I guess that needs to be rephrase because i am born😋❤️"

Education, School: Queen Mercy Atang attended Government Secondary School, Eket.

Queen BBNaija is a graduate of Tansian University Oba-Umunya.

NYSC: Queen BBNaija served in Lagos and passed out from NYSC in October 2018.

Queen BBNaija Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Queen Mercy Atang is from a family of 6, including her parents Mr and Mrs Okon Atang and 4 children. She has other brother, sister. Queen BBNaija revealed that her mother is a single mother.

Photo of BBNaija Queen Mercy Atang and her Mother

Mother: Who is Queen Mercy Atang mother? Queen BBNaija mother is Mrs Okon Atang. She is a nurse and a single mum.

Picture of Queen Mercy Atang and her mother at her foundation event

Father: Who is Queen Mercy Atang father? Queen BBNaija did not revealed much info about who her father, Mr Okon Atang is. It's not clear if her father is dead or alive or if her parents are separated because she says her mom is a single mum.

Queen Mercy Atang buried her grandmother in March 2021. She wrote;

"A very proud granddaughter of a Queen 👸 my grandmother was a philanthropist, a political woman leader, a retired nurse/midwife, an international traveler, above all she was a Queen. So you see an apple 🍏 doesn’t fall far from the tree 🌲. #royalty #royalfamily #restongrandma"

Siblings, Brothers, Sister: Queen BBNaija has 3 siblings, one elder brother, one younger brother and a younger sister. Queen Mercy Atang also has 2 step brothers.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' married? No, Queen BBNaija is not yet married. She is single.

Husband: Who is Queen Mercy Atang husband, name, pictures? Queen BBNaija doesn't have a husband yet as she has not revealed who her husband to be or fianceé is


Queen BBNaija Boyfriend: Who is Queen Mercy Atang Boyfriend, name, pictures? Queen Mercy Atang has not revealed who her boyfriend is and it's not clear if she will find love in the bbn house.

Dating, Relationship, Engagement, Engaged: Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' is not engaged to be married soon and has not revealed if she is in a serious relationship or who she is dating.

Children, Child: Does Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' have a child? No, Queen BBNaija has not child, baby, son or daughter yet.

Net Worth: BBNaija Queen Mercy Atang net worth is about $250,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Queen Mercy Atang lives in Eket Akwa Ibom State and drives nice cars.

Queen BBNaija Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Queen Mercy Atang can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Queen BBNaija Instagram Handle: Queen Mercy Atang instagram page Account Profile Handle queenmercyatang. Queen Mercy Atang 'Queen BBNaija' currently has 27.8k followers on her Instagram page as at the time of writing this article on 9th August 2021.

SOURCE Thefamousnaija

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