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Ebuka Michael BBN Latest Instagram Photos: All About BBNaija Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Parents, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family, Age, Birthday, Mother, Father, Siblings, Height, Accent, House, Cars, Wedding, State Of Origin, Tribe, Ethnicity, Hometown, Ebuka Michael BBNaija Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Ebuka Michael BBNaija: Everything To Know About Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene aka Michael BBN Profile, Parents, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Father, Mother, Education, Marriage, Dating, Relationship

Who Is Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene?

Who is Ebuka BBNaija?

Michael bbn new housemate biography

Full Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Ebuka Michael?

Ebuka Michael whose full name is Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene (born 13 September 1993) is a Nigerian Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Filmmaker, Philosopher, Coach, Black Samurai who is Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6 Shine Ya Eye housemate and contestant.

Ebuka Michael is one of the new BBNaija Season 6 Housemates. He started his music career in Dallas United States of America but now back in Nigeria to pursue his music career.

BBNaija Michael real name is Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene and he is 28 years old. Michael BBN describes himself as being a bad boy with magnetism and also an open-minded person. He is a musician and aspiring to become a filmmaker. 

Ebuka Michael BBNaija was born in Lagos State, Nigeria before relocating to the United States of America as a teenager. He has since returned and is now based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Pictures Ebuka Michael BBNaija

Throwback Photos of Ebuka Michael BBN

About Ebuka Michael Career, Occupation Life History (Story Of Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene)

Meet EBUKA Michael Ngene your new season 6 Big Brother Housemate. Michael Ebuka was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria. He moved to the U.S at age 12. 

Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene hails from the Enugu State, Nigeria, he is Igbo by tribe.

Michael Ebuka is a musician, working professional, coach, part time samurai 😉 and all around fun guy. He hopes to showcase his personality, music and great vibes while on the show. He hopes to have the support of Africa for this new chapter of His life.

Michael BBNaija Songs, Music: Michael bbn has got the voice. He sang for his fellow housemates the night he entered the BBNaija house.

Ebuka Michael BBNaija Wiki Profile Bio Data (Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene)

Nickname: Michael (BBNaija)

Real Name: Ebuka Michael

Full Name: Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene

Nationality: Nigerian

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

State Of Origin: Enugu State

Hometown: Enugu

Ethnicity: Black

Tribe: Igbo

Place Of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

Accent: American, Nigerian

Religion: Christian (Catholic)

Date Of Birth: 13 September 1992

Age: 29 years old (in 2021)

Height: 5"8 feet tall

Net Worth: $300,000 US Dollars

Occupation: Musician, Rapper, Coach, Samurai

Parents: Mr and Mrs Ngene

Family: Catholic family, Dad, Mum & Siblings

Father: Mr Ngene

Mother: Mrs Ngene

Married: Not married

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Yes

Wife: No wife yet

Child, Baby: No

Ebuka Michael Gay, Bisexual Or Straight: Straight

Place Of Residency: Abuja

Skin Colour, Complexion: Dark-skinned

Hair: Braids

Eye Colour: Black

Tattoo: Yes

Michael BBNaija Instagram Handle: michaelngeneofficial

Full Biography Of Ebuka Michael BBNaija (About Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene)

Michael BBNaija Real Name, Full Name: What is the real name of Michael BBNaija? Michael BBN real name is Ebuka Michael and his full name is Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Ebuka Michael BBNaija is from Nigeria.

Michael BBNaija State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: BBNaija Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene is from which state? Ebuka Michael is from Enugu State, Nigeria. Ebuka Michael BBN is Igbo by tribe.

Ebuka Michael Dae Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene 'Ebuka Michael BBNaija' was born on 13 September 1992.

Real Age: How old is Ebuka Michael BBNaija? Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene 'Michael BBNaija' is currently 28 years old as at the time of entering the BBN house. Ebuka Michael Ngene will celebrate his 29th Birthday in September 2021.

Hairstyle, Hair: Ebuka Michael BBNaija likes to rock Stylish hairstyles, braids.

Photos Of Michael BBNaija

Ebuka Michael Accent: Michael BBNaija speaks American accent, speaks pidgin English and Igbo language small.

Height: How tall is Ebuka Michael BBNaija? Ebuka Michael is about 5"7 feet tall.

Tattoo: Ebuka Michael likes tattoos. Michael BBNaija has his body, hand, Chest tattooed.

Education School, School: Ebuka Michael attended primary school in Lagos Nigeria before proceeding to the US for his high school and university education.

Ebuka Michael Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: BBNaija Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene was born into Catholic family of Mr and Mrs Ngene, his parents. His family lives in Abuja. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Ebuka Michael Parents: Who are the parents of Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene aka Ebuka Michael BBNaija parents? Ebuka Michael BBN parents are Mr and Mrs Ngene.

Father: Who is Ebuka Michael BBNaija father? Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene BBN father is Mr Ngene, from Enugu State. Michael BBNaija father is late. He died few years ago.

Mother: Who Is Ebuka Michael BBNaija Mother? Michael Bbn mother is Mrs Ngene. She lives in Abuja.

Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Ebuka Michael BBNaija has not revealed much about his siblings.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Ebuka Michael married? No, Ebuka Michael BBN Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene is not yet married and has not revealed any wedding plans.

Wife: Who Is Ebuka Michael BBNaija Wife, Name, Pictures? Ebuka Michael BBN does not have a wife yet. He is not yet married and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Girlfriend: Who is Ebuka Michael BBNaija Girlfriend? Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene bbn talked met his girlfriend in California. He revealed what happened between him and his ex girlfriend. Michael BBNaija broke up with his girlfriend because they were not compatible.

I Don’t Mind If My Girlfriend Messes With Another Man — Michael BBNaija Tells Jackie B

Big Brother Naija housemate, Michael in a chat with Jackie B said he does not mind sharing his girlfriend with another man.

Narrating his relationship experience with Jackie B, the new housemate opined that ladies are naturally attracted to him and vise-versa.

He said; “I was trying the relationship for two years from 2010-2012. Met her in California. She was cool. We weren’t just compatible. Half of the relationship was early excitement. I didn’t cheat when I was with her.

“Getting girls is nothing to me. Girls are attracted to me as I’m attracted to them.

“It is all about compatibility. I have learnt not to force anything. Couple shouldn’t make their life about each other.Find a middle ground and have your own thing going.

“If you are a caring person, do it because you are indeed a caring person.

“It wasn’t a nasty breakup with her. My long relationship is ahead of me. I don’t mind if my girl messes with another man, if she’s not my wife, it’s her life.”

Net Worth: Ebuka Michael BBNaija Net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Ebuka Michael lives in Abuja and drives his own car.

Ebuka Michael Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Ebuka Michael BBNaija can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Ebuka Michael BBNaija Instagram: Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene BBN Instagram Handle michaelngeneofficial. Ebuka Michael Bbn currently has 33.9k followers on his Instagram page Account Profile as at the time of writing this article.

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