Beatrice Nwaji BBNaija Biography, Age, Pictures, Husband, Son, Net Worth

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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Beatrice Agba Nwaji, Beatrice BBNaija Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Husband, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Tattoo, Height, Baby Daddy, Family, Parents, Siblings, Sisters, Hairstyle, Mother, Wedding, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Tribe, Divorce, Beatrice BBNaija Images, Photos, Ig Pics

History Of Beatrice Agba Nwaji: Everything To Know About Beatrice BBNaija Profile, Ex Husband, Son, Child, Baby Daddy, Parents, Mother, Father, Relationship, Marriage, Siblings, Net Worth

Who Is Beatrice Agba Nwaji?

Who Is Beatrice Nwaji?

Who Is Beatrice BBNaija?

Beatrice BBNaija whose real, full name is Beatrice Agba Nwaji (born 15 May 1993) is a Nigerian Fashion Model, Nollywood Actress, Software Developer, Digital Marketer and Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6, 2021 'Shine Ya Eye' housemate and contestant. 

Bikini Pictures of Beatrice BBNaija

About Beatrice Nwaji Career, Occupation Life History, Story

Beatrice Agba Nwaji popularly known as Beatrice BBNaija is a Nigerian born Fashion model, up and coming actress, content creator and an entrepreneur. Beatrice Nwaji is a 28-year-old single mother of a five-year-old boy. She is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where she studied marketing.

She believes that she was “created with a special clay” because she wonders how she is able to do the things she does, without having learned how to do them. She can sing, dance, play basketball and football very well and is also a great hairstylist. She is a talented software developer and when it comes to games, she is always the winner or the first runner up, even when she is not familiar with the game.

Beatrice BBN wants to be in the Big Brother Naija house because she has an interesting personality which the world needs to see and also wants to positively impact those who have stories similar to hers.

About Beatrice Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 6 Housemate: Introducing herself as a BNN Housemate on her Instagram page, Beatrice wrote on her Instagram handle beatriceofficial_;

"Hello Everyone.

My name is Beatrice and I am contesting in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Show. This is a dream come true for me and I really can't wait to show you guys my amazing personality and entertain you all to the fullest.

I am a native of Rivers State but I am based in Lagos. I am a graduate of Marketing from the University of Port Harcourt. I am a digital marketer, a model, an actress, a content creator and an entrepreneur as I run my own fashion line. I have a lot of potential and I am very hardworking and talented.

Kindly follow me on this amazing journey and stay glued to this space for premium content and entertainment from your girl this Big Brother Naija Season.

Thank you."

Beatrice BBNaija Wildcard Game, Withdrawn Attitude: Beatrice while as Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 'Shine Ya Eye' contestant was withdrawn, not really active which made his fellow housemates think that she was the BBNaija Wildcard. She later explained why she was acting that way after she was revealed not to be the real BBNaija Wildcard.

Beatrice BBNaija Comedy Skits: Beatrice Nwaji BBNaija has featured in comedy skits with comedians like Zic Saloma and others.

Beatrice BBNaija Profile Bio Data (Beatrice Agba Nwaji)

Nickname: Beatrice BBNaija

Real Name: Beatrice Nwaji

Full Name: Beatrice Agba Nwaji

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Rivers State

Hometown: Ikwerre

Tribe: Ikwerre

Birthplace: Rivers State, Nigeria

Date Of Birth: 15 May 1993

Birthday: 15 May

Age: 28 years old (in 2021)

Height: 5"7 feet tall

Net Worth: $150,000 US Dollars

Occupation: Model, Actress, Content Creator, Digital Marketer

Parents: Mr and Mrs Agba Nwaji

Father: Mr Agba Nwaji

Mother: Mrs Agba Nwaji

Married: Married but Divorced

Marital Status: Divorced Single Mother

Relationship Status: Divorced

Divorced: Yes

Boyfriend: Not Available

Husband: No Husband

Children, Child: Son

Son's Age: 5 Years (as at 2021)

Baby Daddy: Unavailable

Education, School: University Of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

Course Of Study: Marketing

Place Of Residency: Lives In Lagos

Skin Colour, Complexion: Lightskinned

Eye Colour: Black

Tattoo: Yes

Hairstyle: Low cut, Wigs

Beatrice BBNaija Instagram Handle: beatriceofficial_

Full Biography Of Beatrice BBN (Beatrice Agba Nwaji)

Beatrice BBNaija Real Name, Full Name: What is the real name of Beatrice BBNaija? Beatrice BBN real name is Beatrice Agba Nwaji.

Beatrice BBNaija State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Beatrice Agba Nwaji from? Beatrice BBNaija hails from Rivers State, Nigeria.

Beatrice BBNaija Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Beatrice Agba Nwaji was born on 15 May 1993.

Beatrice BBNaija Real Age: How old is Beatrice Agba Nwaji? Beatrice BBNaija is currently 28 years old as at 2021. Beatrice BBNaija celebrated her 28th birthday on 15 May 2021.

Height: How tall is BBNaija Beatrice Nwaji? Beatrice BBNaija is about 5"7 feet tall.

Photos of Beatrice BBNaija

Hairstyle: Beatrice BBNaija likes to rock short hair, low cut, coloured, blond hair style and wears wigs sometimes. When Ebuka asked her about her hairstyle, she said she likes it all natural.

No Makeup: Beatrice BBNaija likes to be without makeup. She likes to look all natural.

Tattoo: Beatrice BBNaija has her body tattooed. She rocks a tattoo on her Chest.

Education, School: Beatrice Agba Nwaji BBNaija is a Graduate of Marketing from the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). She attended her primary and secondary schools in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Beatrice Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Beatrice Agba Nwaji was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Agba Nwaji her parents in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Father: Beatrice Nwaji BBNaija father is Mr Agba Nwaji.

Mother: Who is Beatrice Nwaji BBNaija mother? Beatrice Agba Nwaji mother is Mrs Agba Nwaji. Beatrice BBNaija said if she wins the BBNaija star prize money, that she would build a house for her mother first.

Modelling Photos of Beatrice BBNaija

Husband: Who is Beatrice BBNaija Husband, Name, Pictures? Beatrice Agba Nwaji BBNaija was married but she is now divorced and a single mum.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Beatrice BBNaija married? Beatrice BBNaija used to be married but now a divorce single mother.

Divorce, Ex Husband: Is Beatrice BBNaija divorced, who is her ex husband? Yes, Beatrice Nwaji was married but now a divorce who left her ex husband because of domestic abuse.

Beatrice Agba Nwaji was married to her ex husband but she quit her marriage after incessant beatings from her ex-husband. She opened up to Pere on the show that her former husband almost blinded her left eye during one of his violent episodes and that she made sure to leave his house before he came back. 

Boyfriend: Who is Beatrice BBNaija Boyfriend? Beatrice Nwaji has not revealed who her boyfriend is. But it's like Pere may be her boyfriend in the bbn house.

Children, Child, Son: Yes, Beatrice BBNaija has a child, a son who is 5 years old as at 2021.

Picture of Beatrice Nwaji BBNaija and her son

Beatrice BBNaija Son's Age: How old is Beatrice BBNaija Son? Beatrice Agba Nwaji son is currently 5 years old.

Baby Daddy, Son's Father: Who is the father of Beatrice BBNaija son, who is Beatrice Agba Nwaji baby daddy? Beatrice Nwaji of BBNaija had a baby boy for her ex husband but has not revealed the identity of her baby daddy who is her ex husband.

Beatrice and Pere Relationship On BBNaija

Pere Declares Interest In Beatrice — BBNaija

The relationship between Pere and Beatrice is an entanglement even they don't fully understand.

It started with a kiss and now we are here! Where is here you ask? We really do not know. That’s the dilemma Pere and Beatrice have put us and the viewers in.

The two set tongues wagging when they shared sensual kisses during a truth or dare game which saw Pere chose Beatrice to act out the kiss dare given to him. Beatrice also got the same dare and also chose Pere.

This kiss was such a huge deal that even Pere’s love interest Maria complained to other Housemates that she felt disrespected by the act. What we didn’t envision was that the kiss would lead to further conversations between Pere and Beatrice. On Thursday morning, Beatrice approached Pere and asked why he doesn’t associate with her like he does with other Housemates. That question led to a conversation between the two in the early hours of this morning that has got us wondering if Pere has moved on from Maria or not.

So what happened in the garden?

Pere had called Maria saying he wanted to speak to her about something. The two then went to a corner of the garden to have a conversation. Pere playing the suave gentleman role started out by telling Beatrice that she is such a sweet girl and she shouldn’t think otherwise. He also claimed he knew she liked him and would want to explore a relationship with him.

Wait did we by any chance miss Pere saying he had a side job as a prophet?

After a little banter, Pere went on to tell her that he liked her, he sees a possibility of them becoming more than friends— but he is not sure if they would ever become a thing. So he doesn’t want to waste her time.

Yeah! We are as confused as you are.

All the while Pere was saying this, Beatrice was blushing like a lady who just got proposed to. At the end of Pere’s speech, Beatrice made it clear that she wasn’t necessarily interested in Pere and he might be mixing things up in his head. We hope this murky water clears up soon so we know what’s up.

Beatrice BBNaija Net Worth: Beatrice Agba Nwaji BBNaija Net Worth is about $150,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Beatrice Agba Nwaji lives in Lagos and drives nice car. She hopes to build a house for her mother if she Wins the BBNaija prize money.

BBNaija Beatrice Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Beatrice Agba Nwaji can be contacted via her Instagram page Account Profile.

Beatrice BBNaija Instagram: Beatrice Agba Nwaji BBNaija Instagram Page Account Profile Handle beatriceofficial_. Beatrice has been verified on Instagram and she currently has 93.7k followers on her Instagram page as at August 7.

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