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Recent Instagram Photos: All About Whitemoney BBNaija Hazel Oyeze Onou Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Cars, Age, Birthday, Wife, Married, Height, Relationship, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Movies, Hairstyle, Bleaching, Beard Gang, Instagram Handle, Facebook, Twitter, Hazel Oyeze Whitemoney Images, Photos, Pictures Ig Pics

History Of Whitemoney: Everything To Know About White Money BBNaija Profile, Wife, Girlfriend, Family, Parents, Net Worth, House And Cars, Businesses, Brother, Sister

Who Is Whitemoney? 
Hazel Oyeze Popularly known as White Money (born 6 July 1992) is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Model, Actor and Singer who is a Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 'Shine Ya Eye' housemate.

Whitemoney whose real name is Hazel Oyeze Onou is a 2021 BBNaija Housemate, a Nigerian businessman and the CEO of Whitescollections.
Whitemoney was born in Kebbi State, Northern part of Nigeria where he grew up.

Photos of Whitemoney, BBNaija Housemate

Whitemoney the beard Gang member

Whitemoney Profile Bio Data (BBNaija White Money)

Nickname: White Money (Whitemoney BBNaija)

Full Name, Real Name: Hazel Oyeze Onou

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Enugu

Tribe: Igbo

Place Of Birth: Kebbi

Date Of Birth: 6 July 1992

Age: 29

White Money Height: 5"7 feet tall

Net Worth: $350,000 US Dollars

Career, Occupation: Entrepreneur, Model, Actor, Singer

Married: No

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Yes

Wife: No

Child, Baby Mama: No

Place Of Birth: Enugu

Place Of Residency: Lives In Lagos

Languages: English, Igbo, Yoruba

Siblings: 2 Brothers

Mother: Florence Nwachukwu

Whitemoney BBN Instagram Handle: whitemoney__

Whitemoney Phone Number: 2348073241043

Whitemoney Slangs: Who dey breath?

Full Biography Of Whitemoney BBNaija

Whitemoney Real Name: White Money real name is Hazel Oyeze Onou.
Pictures, Image Gallery of Whitemoney, BBNaija Housemate
Photos of White Money and his blond stylish hairstyle and beard

Photos of White Money standing tall with Swag

Whitemoney Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021: White Money is one of the contestants & housemates on the Season 6 BBNaija 2021 tagged 'Shine Ya Eye'. 

White Money is a businessman who Imports shoes. He is also an entertainer who loves to see people smile and happy.

White Money can cook. He ran a restaurant with his mother. He says he can cook any meal.

White Money speaks yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

He is an entrepreneur. 

He sells shoes. He makes lip balms from scratch.

He is a professional barber.

He braids and makes women's hair.

He sells and moves cars.

He has a jewellery line.

He is known in major markets in Lagos - Yaba, Ojuelegba for his legit hustle.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is White Money from? Whitemoney BBNaija is from Enugu state, Nigeria.
Whitemoney is Igbo by tribe. 
Languages Spoken: Whitemoney speaks English, Igbo and Yoruba.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Whitemoney? White Money was born on 6 July 1992. He is currently 29 years old as at 2021.

Bleaching: Did White Money bleach his skin? It's not clear if Whitemoney bleached his skin or not but some BBNaija fans have Accused White Money of Bleaching.

Educational Background, School: White Money attended primary and secondary schools. He has NECO certificate only as he couldn't proceed to the university.

Graduate, University: Is White Money a graduate? No, Whitemoney is not a university graduate. He didn't go to the university.

BBNaija: Why I Didn’t Attend University To Secure A Degree – Whitemoney

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6 housemate, Whitemoney, has finally revealed his reason for not having a university degree.

JMK, the new BBNaija housemate, had approached Whitemoney to know more about him.

In the process, Whitemoney told JMK that he does not have a degree because he did not have the opportunity to go to the university.

He added that that’s one of the reasons why he wants to get married to a smart woman, adding that he only wrote NECO examinations.

Whitemoney said, “I want a smart woman because I did not go to school due to the situation at that time.I am smart but I didn’t go to school. I don’t want a situation whereby my children will ask me about their assignments and I’ll not be able to help them.

“My own is to make money. I don’t know how to solve maths. Their mother will do that.”

Whitemoney, however, revealed that his siblings have so many certifications and are big men.

“Any degree you want to talk about, my siblings have them. As for me, as I managed to finish my NECO, I said God be the glory,” Whitemoney said.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: White Money was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Onou. Whitemoney has 2 siblings brothers and no sisters. His mother runs a restaurant business.
Photo of Whitemoney brother

Celebrating himself on Father's day, Whitemoney wrote on his Instagram page:

"Happy father's day to me,I have been my own father for as long as I can recall,No be beans.🙌 Am everly great full too God Almighty that I don't look like what I have been true in life 😎My name still remains#WHITEMONEY

Whitemoney Father, Mr Onou: Who Is White Money father, name, pictures? BBNaija's Whitemoney is Mr Onou but he doesn't know who his father is because his dad abandoned him as a kid. But White Money's father's family is rich.

I don’t know my father, was abandoned as a kid – Whitemoney

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 6 housemate, Whitemoney has revealed that he was abandoned as a kid by his father.

According to him, that is the reason why he has been hustling his whole life.

Whitemoney said this while discussing with Saga about his altercation with Pere.

He explained that his father’s family is wealthy but he does not know his father therefore had to hustle his way in life.

Whitemoney said: “Imagine that Yankee boy (Pere) intimidating a street boy like me.

“My grandfather is the first man to invent leather in Nigeria but I was abandoned as a kid by my father so I don’t even know him.

“Boma saw my surname on my passport and knows the kind of family I come from but I could not have all that luxury because my father abandoned me. If he dies today I don’t know him.”

Recall Whitemoney and Pere had an altercation on Monday night.

Pere’s behaviour has been condemned by viewers as well as housemates who demanded that Biggie issues him a strike for ‘bullying’ Whitemoney.

Photos of White Money and his brother

Meet Whitemoney BBNaija Brother at the gym

Mother: Who is White Money mother? Whitemoney mother name is Florence Nwachukwu. Whitemoney is close to his mother and doesn't relate with his dad.
Meet White Money mother, Florence Nwachukwu

Picture of Whitemoney and his mother

Meet Whitemoney Brother: White Money has a brother called Makky Designer. BBNaija's Whitemoney brother, 'Makky Designer' is a fashion designer who owns a Fashion Brand.

Married, Marriage: Is White Money married? No, BBNaija Whitemoney is not yet married and has not revealed who his fianceé is.

Wife: Who is White Money wife, Name, Pictures? BBNaija Whitemoney 'Hazel Oyeze' does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be is.

Whitemoney Girlfriend: Who is White Money Girlfriend, name, pictures? White Money has a beautiful girlfriend but keeps her away from social media.
Photo of Whitemoney at a wedding event Where he performed

Whitemoney Net Worth: White Money net worth is about $350,000 US Dollars in 2021.

Whitemoney House and Cars: White Money drives nice cars, and lives in a nice house. He is a fine rich young man.
Photo of Whitemoney house

Pictures of White Money cars

Whitemoney Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: 2348073241043. It's his business phone line.

Instagram: Whitemoney BBNaija Instagram Handle is whitemoney__.

Whitemoney Quotes

"If you ever looked down on me or my doings,no wam🤷‍♂️,in no distance time thou shall look 👀 up to me and guess what ? I go still show you luv base on who i be #Whitemoney360😎

"No shortcuts to success bro/sis ,put that Amazing brain of yours to work please.

"When God lifts a man up👨, no one can bring him down.💪✊🏻(WHITEMONEY😎)

"Am sorry dear I wasn’t built for a weak woman 👩, kindly take your insecurities somewhere else sis, It’s not my fault am Good looking 😍.✌🏼
Swipe 👉🏻too order your beautiful sneaks 👟 and quality Italian shoes 👞 thanks .

"When God announces you my brother/sister ,2 secs everywhere go pure ,chill he has a solid plan for you 👌.#swag 

"The gift of life is Gods greatest gift 🎁 too humanity,each day you wake up to see is testimony,never take it for granted.
Money 💰 can’t by life ooo.
Thank you lord for the gift 💝 of life upon me and my household.bless be your holy name now and for ever more Amen 🙏 

"I will not lie fam .God has been so dope too me I swear chaii 🙌🙌 ,last last who go blow go blow ,nah patient we no get smh 🤦‍♂️.

"Being born into a poor family it’s a crime,but dying a poor man for me it’s a taboo 🤦‍♂️ so I must strive everyday to see that I actually begin to leave out my dreams and imaginations of how I wanna leave my life here on earth,,🌍 afterwards there’re it’s a second coming for a sinner like me.
#am not Jesus ✌🏼

"Mind you guys,,not all Benz can a panties buy,😎wake up ,hustle,drink enough water 💦,and mind your business...
At the end of the day ,no one actually cares how you make your cash 💰 ,just be successful 💵 and people be nice to you..especially the caro’s 😂😂💃💃 @tundeednut @funny_african_pics @krakshq @bellanaijaonline"

"Stay fly but remain humble ,My God hates a proud fellow #model#musician #artist#entertainer#actor talentedmind"

Whitemoney Bbn biography

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Mannn I love you i swear ❤️
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Whitemoney for the money
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Whitemoney for the money!!
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Awww!!! I have learnt a lot from you white money. May the ground you step favour you. May your chi guide and keep you safe.
Long live odogwu white money. Much love broda❤️❤️
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White money you are brave,strong,smart, loving and caring. Wow!!! On the first day i saw you I knew you gonna win the 90m thank you for not disappointing Ur fans. Continue to be who you are, don't change your ways. Because the almighty God will still bless you. Bye dearest ❤️❤️❤️❤️ hoping to see you some day. Tho.....am not in Nigeria for now! Coming back soon!!!!!
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The one thing I really loved about you whitemoney is the fact that you recognise God and speak about Him, your humble nature , your consistency , your love for pple , some times loving pple is so hard , am glad I voted you and watched you on the show I learnt alot from you , you were a unique housemate , congratulations , may God continue taking places to the Glory of His Name
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Ive fell deeply in love with you the very first day you entered the bbnaija house, although am not a bbnaija fan before not until last year during lekan's time then I started watching bbnaija. I go to work 7:00 and close 8:00 at night but I can't miss the show because of you. I've always told my friends and colleagues that whitemoney for the money. Ive always believed in you thank God that you did not disappoint me. I can't wait to meet you face to face. Am not saying this because you worn the money, but because you've always been my heart desire. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😘😍🤩😘😘😘😘
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