Merlisa Determined - “She Sexy”

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Merlisa Determined - “She Sexy” Movie

In the past Some would say, black romance on the big screen was hard to come by. 

Here is a romantic film “ She’s Sexy” featuring a young black lead couple. It’s a simple movie about the love lives of a career driven movie actress, named Brazil and a complex black writer, named M. Sparks, Starring Merlisa Determined and Yohance Miles. 

Writer-director Joseph Elmore film followed the highs and lows, of a relationship between a young black couple  fighting to understand their love. Set in the eclectic city’s high rise apartment, “She Sexy” showcased a different aspect of black life, one where struggle and strife did not dictate one’s circumstances and where one’s group of friends, played by Flo Peters and Nicole Crump were more like therapist and family.

Black love has found its way into films and television shows. Think “The Best Man” franchise, “Queen Sugar,” “Southside With You” and “Insecure,” to name a few. 

Merlisa said “She Sexy” Is the kind of film that touched on a different story topic, about an actress and a writer who takes a chance on romance but find their ambitions and baggage could keep them from taking their relationship further. Their love is explosive, intense, crazy, sexy, fun and exhilarating but exhausting. . It’s very adult, but still capturing the experiences of black young people.

She’s Sexy, its core, is about possibilities, those opportin love, life and career.


Anonymous said…
Vous regardez vos premiers rendez-vous et vous vous rendez compte de l'amusement, de l'indécision, de la pudeur et des souvenirs qui vous ont changé, de la personne que vous êtes maintenant, parce que l'importance est différente, à quel point vous étiez fidèle à vos sentiments... Alors comment cela se passe-t-il dans les films ?
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