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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Fireboy Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Parents, Family, Height, Relationship, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Siblings, Tattoo, Father, Mother, Child, Tribe, State Of Origin, Real Name, Adedamola Adefolahan Aka Fireboy DML Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Fireboy: Everything To About Fireboy DML Profile, Girlfriend, Wife, Family, Parents, Real Age, Siblings, Height, Father, Mother, Children, Baby Mama, Gym Fitness Workout Pictures, Fireboy Shirtless Photos
Who Is Adedamola Adefolahan?
Who Is Fireboy DML?

Who Is Fireboy?

Fireboy (born 5 February, 1996)  also known as Fireboy DML whose real name is Adedamola Adefolahan, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who is signed to Olamide's YBNL record label.

Pictures of Fireboy

Fireboy DML Career, Occupation, Life History, Story (Everything You Need To Know)

Adedamola Adefolahan who is popularly known as Fireboy or Fireboy DML, is a Nigerian musician whose single 'Jealous' brought him into the limelight.
Fireboy started singing at age 12 and took singing more serious at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife when he was an undergraduate in the department of English Language.

Fireboy DML was signed to the YBNL label through a phone call from the CEO, Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Baddo.

Fireboy is also a brand Influencer and ambassador. Fireboy DML has gotten some endorsement deals as brand ambassador and influencer. He  promoted the Guinness Nigeria #SmoothChallenge via paid Instagram advert and partnership.

Awards: Fireboy has won many awards including The Headies 'Next Rated' Award.
Fireboy was the biggest winner at the 14th Headies in February 2021, winning five awards — including the ‘Best R&B Single’, ‘Best R&B Album’, ‘Headies revelation’, ‘Album of The Year,’ and ‘Best Pop Album’ categories.

About Fireboy DML Profile Bio Data

Stage Name: Fireboy DML

Meaning Of DML, Fireboy Name: DML is an acronym for Damola

Fireboy DML Real Name: Adedamola Adefolahan

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Ogun State

Hometown: Abeokuta

Tribe: Yoruba

Place of Birth: Sagamu, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Date Of Birth: 5 February 1996

Birthday: 5th February

Age: 25 (in 2021)

Height: 5"9 feet tall

Eye Color: Brown

Hairstyle: Braids, Dreads

Tattoos: hand, laps, chest, arm tattooed

Instagram: fireboydml

Career, Occupation: Musician, Songwriter

Forbes Net Worth in Dollars: $750,000 US Dollars

Fireboy DML Net Worth in Naira:  ₦500,000000 Million Naira

Family Members: Dad, Mom, 3 Children (Sons)

Parents: Mr and Mrs Adefolahan

Father: Mr Adefolahan

Mother: Mrs Adejoke Adefolahan

Siblings, Brothers: 2

Marital Relationship: Single

Relationship: Dating

Girlfriend: DJ Cuppy

Wife: No

Married: No

Child, Baby: No

Baby Mama: No

Son, Daughter: No

Record label: YBNL Nation

Musical Genres: Afrobeats, Hip Hop

School/Education: Obafemi Awolowo University

Course Of Study: English Language

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Full Biography Of Fireboy DML (Adedamola Adefolahan)

Fireboy DML Real Name: What is real name of Fireboy? Fireboy DML real name is Adedamola Adefolahan.

Full Meaning Of Fireboy DML: What does DML mean in Fireboy DML? The DML in Fireboy name stand for Damola.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Fireboy DML from? Fireboy DML hails from Sagamu, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Fireboy DML born? Fireboy DML was born on 5 February 1996.

Real Age: How old is Fireboy DML now? Fireboy DML is currently 25 years old as at 2021.
Fireboy will celebrate his 26th birthday on 5th February 2022.

Height: How tall is Fireboy DML? Fireboy is about 5"9 feet and inches tall.
Picture of Fireboy DML standing at 5"9 feet tall

Eyes: Fireboy DML eye colour is brown.

Hairstyle, Hair Cut: Fireboy DML rocks braids, dreads, stylish signature hairstyle.

Pictures of Fireboy DML Hairstyle

Tattoo: Fireboy DML likes tattoos and has his body - arm, chest, thigh, hand tattooed.

Photos of Fireboy DML tattoos

Shirtless Pictures: Fireboy DML likes to share shirtless photos to show off his body tattoos.

Fireboy Educational Background, School, University: Which school did Fireboy DML attend and what course did he study? Fireboy DML attended his primary and secondary schools in Abeokuta, Ogun state before proceeding to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) where he studied English Language.
Graduate: Is Fireboy a Graduate? Yes, Fireboy DML is a graduate of English Language from OAU Ile-Ife.
NYSC: Fireboy DML didn't share his NYSC Pictures.

Family: Fireboy DML is the first child, son from a family of 5. His family members include, father, mother and 3 Children (3 sons).

Fireboy Family Picture
Family Photo of Fireboy DML with his parents and siblings, brothers

Parents, Photos: Who are the parents of Fireboy DML? Fireboy DML parents are Mr and Mrs Adefolahan from Ogun State. Fireboy revealed that his parents had expected that he would go into academia after his graduation from the University but felt disappointed when he chose music instead.
Photo of Fireboy DML and his real Parents

Meet Fireboy Parents
Pictures of Fireboy DML Parents

Mother: Who is Fireboy DML mother? Fireboy mother is Mrs Adejoke Adefolahan, a businesswoman from Ogun State.
Meet Fireboy Mother
Pictures of Fireboy DML Mother

Father: Who is Fireboy DML father? Fireboy father is Mr Adefolahan who had wanted him to go into academia but felt disappointed when he went into music. Fireboy's dad has gotten over his disappointment now that his son is a music star.
Meet Fireboy Father
Pictures of Fireboy DML Father

Fireboy And Mr Latin: Is Fireboy Mr Latins Son? No, Fireboy DML is not Mr Latin's son and Mr Latin is not the real father of Fireboy DML. Fireboy had debunked rumours that Bolaji Amusan aka Mr. Latin, is his father.
Fireboy DML and Mr Latin

The rumour of Nollywood actor, Mr Latin being Fireboy DML father started after Olamide posted a picture of Mr. Latin and asked fans to guess who the actor would look like if he wore a durag.

Siblings, Brother: Who are Fireboy DML Siblings, brothers, names, Pictures? Fireboy has other younger brothers.

Fireboy Sister, Name: Who is Fireboy DML sister?

Marriage, Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Fireboy DML married? No, Fireboy is not yet married and has not revealed when he will get married or if he has a fianceé or not.

Fireboy Wife: Who is Fireboy DML wife, name, pictures? Fireboy DML does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Fireboy Girlfriend: Who is Fireboy DML girlfriend, name, Pictures? Fireboy DML has a girlfriend and his girlfriend's name is DJ Cuppy. Fireboy and DJ Cuppy unveiled their boyfriend & girlfriend relationship on Valentine's Day. They dated briefly. It's not clear if the two are still dating.
Pictures of Fireboy DML and his girlfriend

Dating, Relationship: Who is Fireboy DML dating? Is Fireboy in a relationship? Yes, Fireboy DML is in a relationship and currently dating DJ Cuppy.

Engagement, Engaged, Fiancé: Is Fireboy DML engaged? Fireboy has not revealed if he is engaged to be married soon or not. He has not proposed to any girl, at least publicly.

Children, Child, Baby, Son, Daughter: Does Fireboy DML have a child? No, Fireboy doesn't have a child yet.

Baby Mama: Who is Fireboy DML baby mama? Does Fireboy have a baby mama? No, Fireboy DML doesn't have a baby mama.

Sexual Orientation: Is Fireboy DML gay, bisexual or straight? Fireboy is straight

About Fireboy Net Worth Forbes, Dollars, Naira, Fireboy DML 2021, 2022 Net Worth (How Much Is Fireboy Net Worth, salary Income, How Rich Is Fireboy, Wealth, Wealthy, Riches)

Net Worth: How much, What is Fireboy net worth? Fireboy DML net worth is about $750,000 US Dollars in 2020, 2021. Fireboy 2022 net worth is expected to hit about $1.2 Million US Dollars.

Fireboy DML Net Worth In Naira: Fireboy Net Worth in Naira is about  ₦500,000,000 Million Naira (Five hundred Million naira).

Fireboy House and Cars: Fireboy DML has a house of his own in Lagos and has nice cars in his car garage.
Pictures of Fireboy DML Cars

Photos of Fireboy DML House

Mansion, House, Cost: How much is Fireboy house, Fireboy DML has a house of his own in Lagos that costs over ₦150,000,000 million Naira.
Picture of Fireboy new house, mansion

Fireboy DML Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Fireboy can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Fireboy DML Instagram: Fireboy Instagram handle fireboydml. Fireboy DML currently has 2.3m followers on his Instagram page Account Profile.

Fireboy DML And Olamide: Olamide is Fireboy's boss at YBNL record label. Fireboy DML and Olamide are now very close.
Fireboy DML celebrated Olamide on his birthday, and wrote:

"big inspiration, living legend. birthday blessings to you, thank you for everything. you’ll live forever! @olamide"

Fireboy DML and DJ Cuppy Dating, Relationship: Dj Cuppy and Fireboy DML sparked dating and relationship rumours after their romantic photos of Valentine's day flooded social media.
Loved up Photos of Fireboy DML and DJ Cuppy

Fireboy And Joeboy Brothers, Related, Relationship: Are Fireboy DML and Joeboy related, are they brothers? No, Fireboy and Joeboy are not brothers and are not related. The two are only brothers in the Nigerian music industry, they are not biological brothers or related.

Fireboy And Joeboy Who Is Richer? Who is the richest between fireboy and Joeboy? Fireboy boy is Richer than Joeboy and also has more followers on Instagram.

Here are questions fans are asking about Fireboy DML and Joeboy Relationship:
Is Joeboy and fireboy brothers?
Joeboy and Fireboy relationship
Is Joeboy and Fireboy related
Fireboy and Joeboy song
Fireboy and Joeboy are they brother's
Is Joeboy and fireboy brothers?
Who is the richest between fireboy and Joeboy?

Pictures Gallery Of Fireboy (Fireboy DML Images, Photos?
Picture of Fireboy DML and Wizkid

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What is real name of fireboy?
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What did fireboy study?
How old is fireboy now?
Fireboy wife
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Fireboy Biography and net worth
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