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Pictures Of Emeka Agbanari Seaman Aka Ike Nnobi: Bio, Wikipedia, Wife, Children, Houses, Cars, Family, Age, Birthday, Parents, Son, Daughter, Girlfriend, Height, Phone Number Contact, Businesses, Investments, Wealth, Emeka Agbanari 'Seaman' Images, Photos, Pictures

History Of Emeka Agbanari 'Seaman' Aka Ike Nnobi: Everything To Know About Ike Nnobi - Emeka Agbanari Profile, Wife, Family, Children, Businesses, House, Cars, Net Worth, Son, Daughter

Who Is Emeka Agbanari?

Biography Wikipedia: Emeka Agbanari aka Seaman (born 27 April 1972) who is popularly known as Ike Nnobi, is a rich, wealthy Nigerian born entrepreneur, philanthropist, industrialist, farmer and the CEO Seaman group of companies.

Emeka Agbanari net worth is about $85 Million US Dollars, estimated at about ₦63,750,000,000 Billion in Naira as at 2023.
Chief Emeka Agbanari was born on 27th April 1972. He is 51 years old currently as at 2023.
Pictures of Emeka Agbanari Seaman

Profile & Life History, Story Of Origin Emeka Agbanari 'Seaman' Aka Ike Nnobi

Who Is Ike Nnobi?
Biography Wikipedia: Ike Nnobi whose real name is Chief Emeka Chukwuma Agbanari, (aka) Seaman was born into the family of late Ephraim and Paulina Agbanari in Umuegbu, Ngo, Nnobi in Idemili L.G.A of Anambra State. 

Chief Emeka Agbanari was neither born nor bred into an aristocratic family with a silver spoon in his mouth, but struggled and faced the multi-faceted challenges of daily existence like many of his age mates and peers.
As a legendary and dogged go-getter, Sir Emeka Agbanari filled and fed his mind daily with positive thoughts and resilience, and sees every palpable challenge in his life as spring board to birthing, achieving and remaining successful. When time and opportunity came and smiled favourably upon him, he grabbed both with clenched fists. Sir. Emeka Agbanari never looked back. He quickly birthed the Seaman Group OF Companies and became its CEO/Chairman. Seaman Group has subsidiaries which span through Communications, Agriculture, Construction and Quarrying.

Chief Emeka Agbanari philanthropic spirit is phenomenal and unmatched He has severally and continuously constructed, completed and gifted so many houses, shopping malls, ultra-modern town halls, and multi-purpose church halls, to individuals, villages, men and women groups, and churches both in Nnobi and beyond.
Photos of Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi at Obi Cubana Mother's burial

Emeka Agbanari Seaman 'Ike Nnobi' Profile Bio Data Summary

Nickname: Seaman
Nickname 2: Ike Nnobi
Real Name: Emeka Agbanari
Full Name: Emeka Chukwuma Agbanari
Title: Chief
State Of Origin: Anambra
Home Town: Nnobi
Village: Umuegbu, Ngo
LGA: Idemili L.G.A in Anambra
Tribe: Igbo
Date Of Birth:  27 April 1972
Birthday: April 27th
Age: 50 Years Old (In 2022)
Height: 5"7 feet and inches tall
Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur
Net Worth: $85 Million US Dollars
Married: Yes
Wife: Mrs Agbanari
Children, Child: Yung Ruff (Son), Emmanuella Agbanari (Daughter)
Parents Name: Ephraim and Paulina Agbanari
House: Many Houses, Mansions
Cars: Over 7 Flashy Cars

Everything To Know About Emeka Chukwuma Agbanari SEAMAN CEO Aka Ike Nnobi Full Biography

State Of Origin, Home Town, Village: Where is Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi from? Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.
Emeka Agbanari Seaman aka Ike Nnobi is from Nnobi in Idemili South, Anambra State.

Emeka Agbanari Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi was born on 27 April in early 1972.

Emeka Agbanari Age: How old is Emeka Agbanari? Emeka Agbanari is currently 50 years old as at 2022. He celebrated his 50th birthday on 27th April 2022. Sharing Photos from his 50th birthday celebration, Ike Nnobi Emeka Agbanari Seaman wrote:
"God you are so great for giving me the opportunity to attain Golden age."

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Emeka Agbanari 'Ike Nnobi' was born into the family of Chief Ephraim Agbanari his father and Paulina Agbanari his mother. The parents of Emeka Agbanari are both dead.

Emeka Agbanari Wife: Who Is Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi wife? Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi is married to his wife, Mrs Emeka Agbanari. Emeka Agbanari Seaman 'Ike Nnobi' got married to his wife at age 28 when he had nothing. His son revealed this info.

Children, Son, Daughter: Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi and his wife are blessed with children -  named Yung Ruff, Emmanuella Agbanari, and others.

Son, Yung Ruff: Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi Son's name is Yung Ruff.

Pictures of Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi son, Yung Ruff

Who Is Yung Ruff?
Yung Ruff aka Bloc Boy (iamyungruff) is a Nigerian born CEO of BLOC BOYZ Entertainment, Yungruff Promotions, music promoter, Bitcoin trader and the son of Billionaire Emeka Agbanari 'Seaman' aka Ike Nnobi.

Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi Daughter, Emmanuella Agbanari

Emmanuella Agbanari is the daughter of Billionaire businessman, Emeka Agbanari Seaman Ike Nnobi. She is currently 13 years old. She will celebrate her 14th birthday in December 2021.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah joins other Progressives to celebrate Emmanuella @13

December 27, 2020

The Senator representing Anambra South Senatorial District  and Convener of Anambra Progressives Union , Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah on Saturday, joined fellow Progressives to celebrate with Miss Emmanuella Agbanari the daughter of SEAMAN Group C.E.O ,Chief Emeka Agbanari as she clocks thirteen.

Senator Ubah who was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Uche Ubah and his children, described the celebrant as a great gift from God. In his prayers at the occasion he solicited that  God  grant her more wisdom and guidance. He also asked God to keep blessing her parents in order for them to give her the best care that she deserves.

Happy birthday Miss Emmanuella. 

Chief Emeka Agbanari is a member of Anambra Progressives Union

Net Worth: Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi net worth is about $85 million US Dollars.
His net worth in Naira is estimated at ₦51,000,000,000 billion naira in 2022.

Emeka Agbanari Mansion, House And Cars (Ike Nnobi House, Cars)

Pictures of Emeka Agbanari Ike Nnobi House

Emeka Agbanari has houses and cars of his own. His most popular house is located in Anambra State. He has other houses. Ike Nnobi has built houses for people and churches and has bought cars for people too.

Ike Nnobi Cars, Customized Number Plate, Garage: Emeka Agbanari Seaman has many cars in his car garage in his mansion. He also got the plate number of his cars customized with his nickname, brand name 'Seaman'.

Pictures of Emeka Agbanari Seaman Cars, House

Photos of Ike Nnobi Cars Garage 

Emeka Agbanari Businesses, Career, Occupation, Life History, Story

Chief Emeka Agbanari's son revealed how he started his business with only ₦500 Naira savings.
Emeka Agbanari is the owner of Seaman Group, CEO of Seaman Telecommunications.

Emeka Agbanari Businesses: Seaman comprises of;

1 Seaman Ventures for Telecom (MTN and others)

2 Seaman Liquid for Fuel Station (Seaman Oil and Gas Company)

3 Seaman Mining and construction (Sell stones for building) 

4 Seaman Rice Mill (SOON)

Emeka Agbanari Seaman Ike Nnobi Is Not A Ritualist & Not A Yahoo Boy - Son, Yung Ruff Shares His Father's Story

Emeka Agbanari mansion was uploaded among other Igbo billionaires mansions on Twitter, which trended for days in January 2021.

After the trend, his son called Yung Ruff made a tweet, saying he work up to see their house trending on Twitter, so he used the opportunity to let the world know who his father is and what he does for a living, he then corrected those that were talking about money ritual, he let them know that his father started out as an hustler in the street before he got to were he is today.

The house was built to look like one of the kings castle usually seen in movies and series like Merlin. Emeka Agbanari house in Anambra State is said to worth $10 million and N4 billion when converted to naira. This information was given by Yung ruff, his son, on Twitter.

Yungruff @yungruffad Tweeted:

"Woke up to our house trending: Anambra Igbo men.

Savings!!! Everything you see here started - with a savings of 500 Naira. I know you don't believe.
I've been getting dms from someone of you on how to make money and all that. 
But before that, learn savings 
Seaman Telecommunications started in 2003 when GSM came to be.

Started from phone calls to all you are 'seeing here... it's not BLOOD MONEY!"

"Seaman comprises of; 
Seaman Ventures for Telecom (MTN and others) Seaman Liquid for Fuel Station Seaman Mining and construction (Sell stones for building) Seaman rice mill (SOON) 
We don't own SEAMANs drink, 
I needed to clarify this VIP."

"You wanna know how long Seaman tried? If '' it was me, I might have given up!! Pray for Grace!! 

If you think Yahoo will pay for life, look at HUSHPUPPI, Invictus Obi. These were great fraudsters... I bet you can't beat them! But they went down!

Everything has an expiry date! Vanity upon Vanity is what people who feel they cannot make it in life end up saying!! 
Met the real DONS in Anambra, Ifeanyi Ubah, Bebeto, Jezco, Valentine, and many more!! 
You have no excuse to fail if you hear their story!! God bless us all."

Emeka Agbanari Foundation: Emeka Agbanari Seaman is the owner of the Emeka Agbanari Foundation. As a Philanthropist, Emeka Agbanari uses his foundation to help the needy, less privileged ones and women in the society, especially in his community, Nnobi and beyond. He has offered scholarships to many students.

Emeka Agbanari Built Houses For People & Churches: As a Philanthropist, Emeka Agbanari Seaman has built houses for people and churches and has given out cars to people too.

Emeka Agbanari 'Seaman' Ike Nnobi Built Church Hall (Anglican Church) In Memory Of His Late Mother, Paulina Agbanari

Billionaire philanthropist, Emeka Agbanari built and handed over Saint Simon Anglican Church Nnobi in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria.

The diocesean synod hall was dedicated in the memory of his late mother late ma Paulina Agbanari.

Rt Rev Owen Nwokolo the the Anglican Bishop on the Niger while dedicating the magnificent building asked Christians to always cultivate in God's vineyard so as to attract much blessings from God.

In his remark, Chief Emeka Agbanari (Ike Nnobi) the CEO of Seaman oil and gas , Seaman construction company and Seaman communication, said he was motivated by God to elect a building that will be beneficial to the parishioners..

Ikeh Nnobi advised other wealthy people to always contribute to the society especially their place of worship.

SEAMAN AVENUE Named After Emeka Agbanari Seaman: A road, Seaman Avenue
Junction to secretariat was recently named after Emeka Agbanari Aka Ike Nnobi.

Instagram: Ike Nnobi Emeka Agbanari'Seaman' Instagram Page Account Profile Handle seaman_official1.

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Who is the richest man in nnobi?
Who is the owner of Seaman filling station?
Who is Ike nnobi?
Who is the CEO of Seaman?

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