Clash: Merlisa Determined Movie On Netflix

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About 'Clash' Merlisa Determined Movie on Netflix 

This very comedic and entertaining movie cast includes Brian Hooks, Hollywood actor; Merlisa Determined, Caribbean actress and United Nations ambassador; Stephanie Linus, Nollywood actress and Omoni Oboli, Nollywood actress and Also featured Dashawn Francis Canadian actor.

Clash was shot in both Canada and Nigeria. A collaboration between actors from different parts of the world, Canada, Nigeria, Caribbean and America.

The film was Distribution by Film One Entertainment, Produced by Diamond Pictures, Inc. Canada, Feva TV/Wells Feva Production. Produced by Ola George, Warren Beatty and Directed by Pascal Atuma.

According to producers, the choice of an international cast was to “appease the taste of the universal audience”.

Clash the movie tells the story of a Nigerian immigrant in Canada and conflict of culture and tradition in America.

Clash is released on Netflix Worldwide.

Clash: Behind The Scenes Photo


TinaTerner said…
eventi gioiosi: questo è ciò che le persone possono combinare i film con il relax
Anonymous said…
The online movie will require you to verify your identity. Once you've done that, you need to look up the movie and click on it. If they ask you to enter your zip code, you need to do that next. You also might have to enter your phone number or your birthday. You should never use your real information if you don't have to. Once you've done that, you're ready to watch the movie.
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