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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Angel Agnes Smith BBNaija 2021 Season 6 Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Parents, Family, Husband, Height, Relationship, Boyfriend, Siblings, Net Worth, House, Cars, Accent, State Of Origin, Tribe, Hometown, Father, Mother, Wedding Pictures, Angel BBNaija instagram 2021, Angel JB Smith BBN Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Angel Smith BBNaija Season 6: Everything To Know About Angel Agnes Smith BBN Profile, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Relationship, Net Worth, Educational Background, School

Who Is Angel JB Smith?

Who Is Angel Agnes Smith?

Who Is Angel Smith?

Who Is Angel Smith BBNaija?

Who is Angel Smith BBN?

Angel Smith aka Angel JB Smith (born 16 January 2000) whose full name is Angel Agnes Smith is a heavily tattooed Nigerian Writer, Poet, model and feminist who is Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021 housemate & contestant.

Angel JB Smith was the 1st female 2021 Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) season 6 'Shine Ya Eye' housemate.

About Angel Smith BBNaija Career, Occupation, Life History, Story (Everything You Should Know) 

Angel Smith also known as Angel JB Smith is a Nigerian born writer and poet who likes writing, watching movies and most importantly, sleeping. She describes herself as a fun, easy, likeable person who enjoys storytelling. If she is not in the club dancing, you will find her on the beach writing poetry.

Angel JB Smith is a proud feminist, and her friends describe her as a drama queen. This 21-year-old likes to meet new people and loves nothing more than to analyse them and believes being on Big Brother Naija will help her kick-start her journey in writing and cinematography. She also believes she’s “beautiful and also funny, when I’m not under pressure”.

Angel is very friendly but bossy

Angel JB Smith has 11 tattoos

Angel JB Smith Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) 2021 Season 6 'Shine Ya

Eye' Housemate
: Angel Smith was the first BBNaija Season 6 female housemate who cost a stir on social media, went viral, trended on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook because of her choice of dress.

Angel Agnes Smith BBN while introducing herself as a contestant on BBN season 6, said:

"My name is Angel Smith, I’m 21. I’m a writer. I’m from Akwa Ibom. I studied at UNILAG for 2weeks. I’ve been cruising through life. I started self-harming at 14. I lost my boyfriend in 2019. I have 11 tattoos and 3 piercings. I’m single and ready to mingle."

Angel JB Agnes Smith BBN while introducing herself on her Instagram page Account wrote:

"Hi My Angels,

I’m Angel JB Smith, Big Brother Season 6 Housemate. I’m Thankful to God for this opportunity and I’m grateful to be able to see this day! From now on, I’m bringing all the energy and all the vibes! Keep supporting me, it’s about to be a movie! #BigbrotherSeason6 #BigbrotherNaija #AngelSmith #AngelsArmy"

Angel JB Smith BBN Talks About Being A School Drop Out (UNILAG), The Death Of Her Boyfriend

The first female housemate to enter Biggie's 2021 BBNaija Season 6 house, Angel Agnes Smith has opened up about her life to her fellow housemates. Angel revealed she dropped out of school twice and how she started self-harming when she was 14. She also talked about losing her first boyfriend in 2019 and how she isn't sure about looking for much in relationships.

Angel Smith Self Harming, Depression Story: BBNaija's Angel JB Smith talked about how she suffered self-harming from her teenage years. Angel BBNaija revealed that she started self-harming when she was 14 years old.

Grandmother: Angel had been responsible for taking care of her great grandmother with dementia just at the age of 10 and that led to her being depressed and wanting to take her own life.

Minutes after talking about her self-harming experience, Angel Agnes Smith BBN instagram handle posted this:

"A lot of us have gone through and are currently going through most of the things that angel is going through . It takes a great deal of confidence to actually speak about these things because a problem shared is half solved . We love her and she is not alone , I also hope anyone else going through these things knows that they’re are not alone , please take your mental health seriously , love you angels 🤍 #bigbrothernigeria #bbnaija #Angels #AngelsArmy."

Profile Bio Data Of Angel Smith BBNaija (Angel Agnes Smith)

Nickname: Angel Smith BBNaija Season 6

Name: Angel JB Smith

Real Name, Full Name: Angel Agnes Smith

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Akwa Ibom

Tribe: Efik

Date Of Birth: 16 January 2000.

Birthday: 16th January

Age: 21 years old

Height: 5"6 feet tall

Net Worth: $180,000 US Dollars

Career, Occupation: Writer, Poet Entrepreneur, CEO

Parents: Mr and Mrs Smith

Father: Mr Smith

Mother: Mrs Smith

Religion: Christian

Married: No

Marital Status: Single

Relationship Status: Single

Husband: Not Married yet

Boyfriend: 1st Boyfriend died in 2019

Education: Drop Out

School: UNILAG Drop Out

Angel BBNaija instagram 2021 Handle: theangeljbsmith

Tattoos: 11 tattoos, arm, chest, hand tattooed

Piercings: 3 piercings

Angel Agnes Smith: Full Biography Of Angel JB Smith (BBNaija Housemate)

Angel Real Name, Full Name: What is the real name of Angel BBNaija 2021 Season 6? Angel BBN real name is Angel Agnes Smith aka Angel JB Smith.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe, Village: Where is Angel JB Smith from? Angel Agnes Smith of BBNaija is from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Angel Agnes Smith hails from the South South part of Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Angel Smith BBNaija was born on 16th January 2000.

Real Age: How old is Angel Smith? Angel JB Smith BBN is 21 years old as at July 2021. Angel Agnes Smith will celebrate her 22nd birthday in January 2022.

Tattoo: Angel Smith BBN likes tattoos and has 11 tattoos on her body. She got her arm, chest, hand tattooed.

Pictures of Angel Agnes Smith tattoos

Angel Agnes Smith also has 3 piercings.

Height: How tall is Angel Smith? Angel JB Smith is about 5"6 feet tall.

Education, School: Angel Smith BBNaija is a school drop out. She is not a university graduate. Angel JB Smith attended Marywood Girls College Lagos, she then proceeded to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where dropped out after 2 weeks. Then her mum took her to a foundation school in London where she equally dropped out of school in London.

Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Angel Smith BBNaija was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Smith from Akwa Ibom State. Angel Smith mother is based in London. She has not revealed anything about her father, siblings brothers and sisters.

Pictures of Angel Smith parents at the BBNaija finale as they Reconcile.

Mother: Angel Smith BBNaija mother got pregnant when she was just 16 years old and gave birth to her when abortion failed.

Married, Marriage, Wedding: Is Angel Smith of BBNaija married? No, Angel JB Smith is not yet married. She lost her boyfriend to death. Angel Agnes Smith says she is not willing to get married or have kids.

Husband: Who is Angel Smith husband, name, pictures? Angel Agnes Smith doesn't have a husband yet. She is not yet married.

Boyfriend: Who is Angel JB Smith Boyfriend, Name, Pictures? Angel Agnes Smith of BBNaija first boyfriend died in the year 2019. Angel Smith is currently single and ready to mingle.

Lesbian or Straight: Is Angel Smith BBNaija a lesbian, bisexual or straight? Angel JB Smith is Straight.

Children, Child, Baby: Does Angel Smith of BBNaija have a child? No, Angel Agnes Smith does not have a child yet.

Angel opens up to Yerins about how important mental health is – and how she's not ready for kids or marriage, because there are a lot of things she needs to heal from.  

Feminist: Angel JB Smith of BBNaija fame is a feminist.

Net Worth: Angel Smith BBNaija net worth is about $180,000 US Dollars as at 2021.

House and Cars: Angel Smith lives Lagos and drives a her own car.

Angel Smith Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Angel Agnes Smith BBN can be contacted via her Instagram page Account.

Angel bbnaija Instagram 2021: Angel Smith instagram page Account Profile Handle theangeljbsmith. Angel Agnes Smith BBNaija currently has 31.1k followers as at the time of writing this article.


Biggie: how do you feel about being in the bbnaija house??

Angel: i think i haven't really process me being here. It still feel like a dream to me. 

Biggie: What do you like about your fellow housemates?

Angel: I really like them and the fact that they were really supportive when i shared my story to them during the introduction

Biggie: Who are you bonding well with??

Angel: I definitely like Beatrice, Arin and Jackie B. With the guys i don't really know who i bond well with. 

Biggie: Would you form a strategic alliance with those 3friends? 

Angel: I don't see myself forming strategic alliances with any of them

Biggie: What did you learn during your isolation? Tell Biggie about the experience

Angel: In general, i think this experience was good for me bcos i never thought i can be on my own or do it all alone. I always run away from being alone so The biggest lesson i learnt is how to be all alone and how to solve problems all alone

 I have battled with depression and self arm for a long time so being isolated helped me a lot

Biggie: Would you like to discuss anything with Biggie?

Angel: the wire of my microphone is kind of expose so can you changed it for me

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