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Latest Instagram Photos: About Prince Kpokpogri Bio, Wikipedia, Marriage, Birthday, Girlfriend, Wife, Mansion, House, Cars, Net Worth, Tonto Dikeh Husband, Boyfriend, Height, Real Age, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Engaged, Engagement, Wedding Pictures, Prince Kpokpogri Images, Photos Pictures Ig Pics

History Of Prince Kpokpogri: All About Tonto Dikeh New Boyfriend, Husband, Prince Kpokpogri Profile, Wife, Girlfriend, Married, Dating, Relationship, House, Mansions, Cars, Family, Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Engagement, Engaged

Who Is Prince Kpokpogri?

Prince Kpokpogri (born 27 June 1978) is a Delta State born Nigerian Politician, Philanthropist, Anti-corruption activist and chairman of Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum.

Prince Kpokpogri came into the limelight on his 43rd birthday on 27th June 2021 after it was confirmed that he is Tonto Dikeh's new politician boyfriend and husband to be.

Photos Of Prince Kpokpogri

About Prince Kpokpogri Career, Occupation, Job, Life History, Story

Comrade Prince Kpokpogri is a freedom fighter, philanthropist and Delta Politician.

Prince Kpokpogri who is popularly called the prince of Niger Delta, is also the chairman of the Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum. He has been involved in some empowerment programmes for Niger Deltans and Nigerians.

Watchdog Magazine: Prince Kpokpogri is the publisher of Integrity Watchdog Magazine which is sold in Delta State.

Awards: Prince Kpokpogri has bagged many awards in recognition of his anti-corruption crusade and humanitarian activities.
Pictures of Prince Kpokpogri Receiving Awards

Prince Kpokpogri received an award as ’21st Century Icon of Anti-Corruption in Nigeria’ from the National Association of Nigeria Female Students (NANFS) in 2018.

Prince Kpopkpgri also received a meritorious award from the Nigerian Television Authority NTA while commemorating their 40th anniversary in broadcasting in 2018.

In 2019, the Delta Integrity Group, DIG honoured Prince Kpokpogri with a prestigious Philanthropic Award for his contribution to the fight against corruption and charity works.

About Prince Kpokpogri Profile Data Bio

Name: Prince Kpokpogri
Full Name: Prince Akporube Kpokpogri
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Delta State
Tribe: Isoko
Home Town: Isoko in Delta State
Date Of Birth: 27th June 1978
Birthday: June 27th
Age: 43 years old (in 2021)
Net Worth: $2.5 million US Dollars
Instagram: Kpokpogri
Parents: Mr and Mrs Kpokpogri
Father: Prince Emmanuel Goddey Kpokpogri
Mother: Mrs Kpokpogri
Wife: Tonto Dikeh
Girlfriend: Tonto Dikeh
Engagement/Engaged To: Tonto Dikeh
Height: 5"8 feet tall
House: at Guzape, Abuja, & Delta
Cars: More than 3

Full Biography Of Prince Kpokpogri (Tonto Dikeh New Boyfriend, Lover & Husband to be)

State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe, Village: Where is Prince Kpokpogri from? Prince Kpokpogri is from Isoko in Delta State, Nigeria.
Prince Kpokpogri is not Igbo by tribe but Isoko.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Prince Kpokpogri was born on 27 June 1978 in Delta State, Nigeria.

Real Age: How old is Prince Kpokpogri? Prince Kpokpogri is currently 43 years old as at 2021.
Prince Kpokpogri celebrated his 43rd birthday on 27th June 2021.
40th Birthday Pictures Of Prince Kpokpogri In 2018 (Throwback Photos)

Prince Kpokpogri And Tonto Dikeh Age Difference: While Prince Kpokpogri is 43 years old in 2021, Tonto Dikeh is 36 years old. The age Gap difference between Tonto Dikeh husband to be, Prince Kpokpogri and the actress is 7 years.

Height: How tall is Prince Kpokpogri? Prince Kpokpogri, Tonto Dikeh's new husband is about 5"8 feet tall.
Photo of Prince Kpokpogri standing tall

Educational Background: Prince Kpokpogri attended his primary and secondary school education in Delta State, Nigeria before proceeding to the higher institution.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Prince Kpokpogri was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Kpokpogri of Delta State, Nigeria.

Married, Wedding Pictures: Is Prince Kpokpogri married? Prince Kpokpogri is to get married to Tonto Dikeh in a lavish traditional and white wedding ceremony in few months time in 2021 as the actress is reportedly pregnant.

Wife: Who Is Prince Kpokpogri wife, name, pictures? Prince Kpokpogri wife to be name is Tonto Dikeh, she is a popular Nollywood actress.

Pictures of Prince Kpokpogri wife to be, Tonto Dikeh
Photos of Prince Kpokpogri and his girlfriend, Tonto

Prince Kpokpogri First Wife, Ex Wife, First Marriage: Was Prince Kpokpogri married previously? It's not clear if Prince Kpokpogri had married before he met Tonto Dikeh.

Girlfriend, Fianceé: Who is Prince Kpokpogri girlfriend? The name on of Prince Kpokpogri's girlfriend and fianceé is Tonto Dikeh.

Marriage Proposal, Engagement, Engaged: Prince Kpokpogri and Tonto Dikeh, his fianceé and wife to be are reportedly engaged and set to get married.

Child, Children, Baby, Son, Daughter: Does Mercy Prince Kpokpogri have a child? Prince Kpokpogri is set to welcome a newborn baby with his new wife to be, Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto Dikeh Pregnant For Prince Kpokpogri: Tonto Dikeh is allegedly pregnant for Prince Kpokpogri, her new lover. Prince Kpokpogri and Tonto Dikeh are allegedly set to welcome their first child together.
Pregnancy: Pregnant Photo of Tonto Dikeh and her new boyfriend and Husband to be, Prince Kpokpogri
Watch Video of Prince Kpokpogri and Tonto Dikeh

Prince Kpokpogri And Tonto Dikeh Relationship, Love Affair: Tonto Dikeh and Prince Kpokpogri have been dating for a couple of years back after they met through a mutual friend. And they are both set to wed. 

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates Her New Boyfriend & Fience, Prince Kpokpogri On His Birthday

Celebrating her new husband to be on his birthday, Tonto Dikeh wrote:

"Happy birthday to you My BABY🥰
You’ve shown me that love is best presented as true as they come,you put a spring In my steps..

Falling in love with you is like the wildest roller coaster ride. Because of you, I have gotten to appreciate the finer things in life. Thank you for making me a better woman.

I pray that the kisses I blow transform into thousands of wishes come true and into fulfilled dreams and aspirations.
Thank you for bringing immense joy and happiness to me as a woman..
My biggest kisses and tightest hugs are
reserved for you today.


Net Worth: Prince Kpokpogri net worth is about $2.5 million US Dollars.

House and Cars, Mansion: Prince Kpokpogri lives in a mansion in Delta State and also has a beautiful house in Abuja, drives nice cars, has exotic cars in his house garage.
Pictures of Prince Kpokpogri mansion in Abuja

Photos of Prince Kpokpogri House and Cars

Prince Kpokpogri made headlines in May when he opened his multi-million Abuja mansion with many Nigerian celebrities gracing the occasion.

Pictures of Ned Nwoko and Prince Kpokpogri At Prince Kpokpogri home and house opening In Abuja

Prince Ned Nwoko was the chairman of the house opening ceremony of Prince Kpokpogri where he officially cut the tape to unveil the Kpokpogri Mansion at Guzape, Abuja. 

Prince Kpokpogri Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Prince Kpokpogri can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Prince Kpokpogri Instagram: Prince Kpokpogri Instagram Name, Handle is @kpokpogri. Prince Kpokpogri currently has 34.8k on his Instagram page Account Profile as at 28 June 2021.

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