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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Pretty Mike Of Lagos Bio, Wikipedia, Married, Wedding Pictures, House, Cars, Height, Parents, Family, State Of Origin, Siblings, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Snakes, Umbrellas, Baby Mamas, 6 Girlfriends, Babies, Children, Kids, Hairstyle, Net Worth, Relationship, Pretty Mike Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics, How much is pretty MIKE worth?

History Of Pretty Mike: Everything To Know About Pretty Mike Of Lagos, 6 Girlfriends, Wives, 6 Children, Babies, Snake, Dwarf, Umbrellas, Parents, Siblings, Gay, Relationship, Career, Bobrisky, Pretty Mike Fashion, Styles, Dresses

Who Is Pretty Mike Of Lagos?

Who Is Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu?

Biography, Wikipedia: Who Is Pretty Mike?

Pretty Mike (born 28 October 1987) whose real name is Mike Eze-N.walie Nwogu aka Pretty Mike Of Lagos is a Nigerian born socialite,  entertainer, Instagram social media brand influencer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and the co-owner of Club Uno.

Pretty Mike's Instagram profile Bio reads:

'Pretty Mike Of Lagos

Public Figure

Entrepreneur Entertainer,Marketing Executive, Nightlife Aficionado,Youth ambassador, Philanthropist, Mr Hospitality, Activists. Sc: Prettymike_Uno'

Pictures of Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike Of Lagos Career, Occupation, Life History, Story (What To Know)

Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu who is popularly known as Pretty Mike is a Nigerian Igbo man entrepreneur, entertainer, comic Nollywood Instagram actor, club owner and brand ambassador and Influencer.

Club Uno: Pretty Mike owns which club? The name of Pretty Mike Of Lagos club is Club Uno. Pretty Mike is the co owner of the Club Uno (formerly Q Club) with his brother, Frank Don-Nero Nwogu.

Pretty Mike Endorsement Deals: As a brand Influencer, Pretty Mike has signed many endorsement deals with brands such as, Kolaqalagbo, Leisure Court, Remy Martin among others.

Leisure Court Ambassador: Pretty Mike signed an endorsement deal with Leisure Court in October 2020 alongside actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday, BBNaija's Ike Onyema. Announcing it via his Instagram page, Pretty Mike of Lagos wrote;

"Real Estate stays one of the biggest and oldest businesses from the beginning of the world, as we all need shelter and I’m happy to announce that LEISURE COURT @leisure_court  is here to provide the most affordable homes to all the classes of the society.

As the company unveils ME today, as a brand ambassador, I call on you my lovers to join us on a partnership that works!!! Cc @leisure_court @nkechiblessingsunday @iam_ikeonyema #massivegiveawayLoading

Celebrate with me 🎊Congratulations is the order of the day and I am honored to be part of a movement that puts smiles on everyone’s heart and soul 🙌🏼 #LeisureCourt.

Remy Martin Ambassador: Pretty Mike signed an endorsement deal with Remy Martin in May 2020. The controversial entertainer wrote;

"I am happy to announce that I have just signed a heavy brand influencer deal with the Remy Martin family #Ledrop it’s going to be an awesome experience @remymartinng Major Congratulations to me “Corona can’t stop this shine” 🙏🏽🙌🏼💰🍾 #StaySafeWithRemyMartin #RemyMartinDanceOff #RemyMartinDanceCollective"

Pretty Mike and Toyin Lawani Kolaqalagbo Advert, Endorsement Deal: Kolaqalagbo chose two controversial Nigerian personalities, Toyin Lawani and Pretty Mike as Kolaqalagbo ambassadors. The two shot a controversial video advert, appearing like 'Adam & Eve' which got tongues wagging.

"If Adam had taken @kolaqalagbo, Eve would have not listened to a snake telling her to eat from the forbidden fruit... Adam would have been able to satisfy her, keeping her busy instead of her running around....fellas take #kolaqalagbo and keep your ladies happy and away from Snakes..... @tiannahsplacempire dem Kim k no be pass this one, i look forward to getting naked with u over and over again 😍🙌 #AdamAndEveReincarnation 💦" - Pretty Mike Of Lagos wrote.

Old Throwback Photos of Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike Bio Wiki Data Profile Summary

Name: Pretty Mike

Nickname: Pretty Mike Of Lagos, Husband Material

Full, Real Name: Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Imo

Tribe: Igbo

Date of Birth: 28 October 1987

Birthday: 28 October

Age: 34 (as at 2021)

Height: 5"8 feet tall

Relationship: Dating

Marital Status, Married: Single, Not Married

Girlfriends: 6

Baby Mamas: 6

Wife: No Wife

Wives: 6 baby mamas

Child, Number Of Children: 6 babies

Family: 11 members - father, mother & 9 Children

Parents: Mr and Mrs Nwalie Nwogu

Father: Mr Nwalie Nwogu

Mother: Mrs Nwogu

Siblings: 8 siblings 6 brothers, 2 sisters

Dog Name: Toke Makinwa

Snake Python Name: Toke Makinwa

Net Worth: $1 Million US Dollars

Instagram: prettymikeoflagos 

House: in Lagos

Cars: More than 3 cars

Religion: Christian

Full Biography Of Pretty Mike Of Lagos (Everything You Need To Know About Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu Aka Pretty Mike)

Real Name & Nickname: What is Pretty Mike real name? Pretty Mike Of Lagos real name is Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Village: Where is Pretty Mike from? Pretty Mike of Lagos hails from Imo State, Nigeria.

Handsome Pictures of Pretty Mike Of Lagos

Tribe: Is Pretty Mike Igbo or Yoruba? Pretty Mike of Lagos is Igbo by tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pretty Mike was born on 28th of October 1987.

Age: How old is Pretty Mike? Pretty Mike of Lagos is currently 33 years old as at June 2021. Pretty Mike will celebrate his 34th birthday on 28th October 2021.

Height: How tall is Pretty Mike? Pretty Mike of Lagos is 5"8 Feet tall.

Pictures of Pretty Mike Standing tall

Hairstyle: Pretty Mike likes to wear blond hair style, rocking low cut.

Legs: Does Pretty Mike have bowlegs?

Educational Background, School, University: Pretty Mike is a graduate of Computer Engineering. He studied abroad. Pretty Mike Of Lagos attended high school (Secondary School) in Houston Texas, USA.

Pretty Mike Childhood Background, Born With A Silver Spoon: In an Instagram post, Pretty Mike Of Lagos revealed that his parents are rich and that he was born with a silver spoon.

Childhood Throwback photo of Pretty Mike as a child - young boy

He wrote: 

"#tbt ClassicMan from Home, we didn't just pick up the habit, we were born in it 🙌🏿, #smoothCriminal #ClassicMan #sliverspoonkid"

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Pretty Mike is from a family of 9 children, seven boys and two girls. Pretty Mike has rich Igbo parents Mr and Mrs Nwalie Nwogu.

Siblings, Sisters, Brother: Pretty Mike has 8 siblings - 6 brothers and 2 sisters. The name of one of Pretty Mike Of Lagos brothers is Frank ‘Don-Nero’ Nwogu who runs Club Uno with him.

Picture of Pretty Mike and His sisters

Pretty Mike Wedding: Pretty Mike often attends wedding events in style and has caused a stir at different wedding events. He made headlines when he stormed Williams Uchemba's wedding with his 6 pregnant girlfriends. He has also attended wedding reception by being carried like a king by muscular well built gym guys.

Picture as Pretty Mike storms wedding with ladies dressed in wedding gowns

Married, Marriage: Is Pretty Mike Of Lagos married? Pretty Mike is not yet married but he has many lovers he sleeps with.

Pretty Mike Wife, Wives, Names, Pictures: Who is Pretty Mike wife? Pretty Mike doesn't have a wife yet. He is single. He has not revealed the name and who his wife to be is.

Dating, Relationship, Fiancee, Girlfriend: Who is Pretty Mike girlfriend, name, pictures? Pretty Mike ex girlfriend name is Amaka but they are no more together. Pretty Mike is now dating other women as he currently has at least 6 girlfriends.

Photo of Pretty Mike and his tattooed Girlfriend

Pretty Mike 6 Pregnant Girlfriends: Pretty Mike has six Girlfriends. He stepped out with his 6 Pregnant Girlfriends at Williams Uchemba's wedding in 2020. 

Picture of Pretty Mike and his 6 Pregnant Girlfriends

Pretty Mike Children, 6 Babies, Son Daughter: Pretty Mike of Lagos announced that he is now a father of six children after welcoming 6 babies with his 6 Pregnant girlfriends.

Photo of Pretty Mike and his Wives, baby Mamas and children, Babies

The names of Pretty Mike children, 6 babies are, Ebuka, Yomi, Bayo, Chioma, Rukayat and Micheal Jr.

Pretty Mike while introducing his 6 babies and revealing their names wrote:

"Happy Democracy day, we pray,hope and agitations for a better tomorrow, not just because of the present, but for our kids future and generations to come🙏🏽......4 boys and 2 girls 😍, mothers and Babies are all doing great in perfect condition , I love dem all equally... I present to the world “Ebuka,Yomi,Bayo,Chioma,Rukayat and Micheal Jr #BabiesNames #TheArtistAndHisMuse2021"

Pretty Mike Baby Mamas: Pretty Mike Of Lagos has 6 baby mamas but he has not revealed the names of his six baby mamas, he only shared pictures of his baby mamas.

Pretty Mike Net Worth: How much is pretty MIKE worth? Pretty Mike Of Lagos net worth is about $1 million US Dollars (one million US Dollars).

House, Cars, Mansions: Pretty Mike of Lagos has flashy cars and lives in a mansion in Lagos. Pretty Mike has more than 3 cars in his garage.

Photos of Pretty Mike Cars

Pretty Mike Car Collection, Garage And Customized Plate Number: Pretty Mike Of Lagos is a lover of exotic cars. He has flashy cars in his garage which include, ₦36 Million Mercedes GL 459, ₦72.4 Million naira Bentley GT and others. Pretty Mike customized car number plate reads: 'PM 02', 'PM 03', 'PM 7'.

Pretty Mike Cars Pictures and number plate

Pretty Mike & His Many Controversies: Snakes, Attending Events With Umbrellas, Ladies In Dog Leash, 6 Pregnant Women, 6 Baby Mamas & Their Babies, COVID-19 Arrest Story

Pretty Mike and His Snake Python Named 'Toke Makinwa': Pretty Mike Of Lagos made headlines in 2017 when he named his pet snake 'Toke Makinwa'. He also shared pictures of him feeding his pet snake python. He later told The Punch in an interview why he named his pet Python Snake after Toke Makinwa.

Pictures of Pretty Mike Python Snake
He said, “I named my pet snake Toke Makinwa because every Toke Makinwa is a snake. I named my pet python Toke Makinwa because I believe that she is not just a snake, but a huge snake – a python. And this is based on some things she talks about and writes on. There is a lot of cunningness and sneakiness to her.

”She is not your normal lady and it is time to let people know. Some people attacked me that why would I name my snake after her but the truth is that the name is patented and she does not have the right to the name.

“She is not the only Toke Makinwa in the world; there are so many of them. She might be the more popular one but right now, my pet python is even more popular than her.

“The truth is that we did not have any issue before I named the snake Toke Makinwa. She is my very good friend and I have seen her on some occasions.

“She understands that this is pure entertainment and as entertainers, we could diss ourselves in public but because we are entertainers, we know that when we are behind closed doors, we would talk to each other and settle any issue.

“We would see ourselves and say something like, ‘Mike that was a nice one’. That is the beauty of the maturity entertainers have. We can do whatever we like in public, but behind closed doors, we know it is just for the show.

“I met her once after the news broke that I named my python Toke Makinwa and the reception I got from her was nice. She just said, ‘Hey Mike, you want them to hear our voice in Lagos State’.

” And I told her that it is what we are in the business for. I even plan to have a ‘meet, greet and take a picture with Toke’ I would take my python out and people would have the opportunity of taking a picture with her.”

Pretty Mike With Dwarf: In April 2019, Pretty Mike stepped out for an event with dwarfs made up of 2 dwarf ladies and two Dwarf men.

Pretty Mike Arrested For Parading Women In Dog Chains, Leashes: The police arrested Pretty Mike in 2017 on the order of the Nigerian Government for crashing a wedding in Lagos with several beautiful girls on dog chains.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos was released after agreeing to sign an official statement, vowing “to stop whatever act of putting girls on a leash or any other degrading treatment to ladies and guys,” and “to issue a letter of apology to the public effective from tomorrow on all my social media platforms.”

Pretty Mike And Umbrellas: Pretty Mike started his stunts first by stepping out for events and occasions with Umbrellas even when there is no rain.

Pretty Mike And Muscular Macho Gym Fitness Bouncer/Models: Pretty Mike had in July 2019 arrived at a wedding on a chair carried by muscular macho fit guys.

Pretty Mike COVID-19 Arrest: In March 2021, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu popularly known as Pretty Mike was arrested by the Lagos state police command over breach of COVID-19 protocol at Cubana nightclub.

Pretty Mike Of Lagos Reacts On How People Describe & See Him

"No matter how bad you describe me...... I’m still loved and appreciated by the people who know and understand me better." - Pretty Mike Of Lagos wrote on his Instagram page.

3 THINGS People say about me when they see me in person 😂
________________________ *You look so serious an strict in most of your pictures ! But when one reads what u write it shows u are funny and there is a softer side to you🤷‍♂️😊
________________________ *Mr Break all tables,pls what are u writing about next ??🙊🤣💣
________________________ *Best one is...You’re FINER in person than your pictures 💃💃💃 This one just melts my heart and I fall in love with the person immediately and most times ask for Acct number and bless dem 🙈😂 yeah I'm vain like that ❤️❤️❤️ #MajorDrip #CuttingTagsForFun #Husbandmaterial

My Greatest Fears And Why I'm Still Single - Pretty Mike Of Lagos

"One of my Greatest Fear in Life is Being with Someone that makes me dread the thought of going home to them😳....

The other day as I drive out to see a female friend, I noticed a small gathering. Dey surrounded a couple who had made a mutual decision that early in the day to make their family affairs an exhibition for the public. The woman had a foul mouth on her and the man was no better. I just kept wondering what their kids would be like. In this life, it’s imperative that u beg God to help u choose the right partner🙏🏽

When people argue about how wrong this saying “Be Your Spouse’s Peace” is , I feel like Dey don’t get or rather understand the entire concept of those words.. You might have peace as an individual but the woman or Man U marry still has the power to take it away...... Main Reason why I am still Single 🧐 #SomeOnesSpec #HusbandMaterial #HustleAndBustle #CubanaGroup"

Pretty Mike And Amaka, His Ex Girlfriend & Daughter, DNA Story, Girlfriend Slept With His Friend, Yomi

"Has the tots of leaving this Lagos or this country crossed ur mind be4..... I HAD a daughter who’s 8 “atleast I wanted to believe she was mine” 😎...... I met this girl at my nite club, asin I just got back to the country not too long ago, she was pretty, very endowed as hell, she told me her name was Amaka💐, I hosted her and all, asin the nite was smooth, and we finally ended up at my home and we knacked and I settled her in the morning,💰 I was a bit drunk so I didn’t bother replacing the condom after it broke🙈”you all know what I’m talking about abi “...... Let’s say this was Decemeber that year. 6 months down the line, she calls telling me she’s pregnant for me.. it was funny and I wasn’t going to have it..she involved some of her friends, I was Rude and didn’t accept it, not because I was being irresponsible but think am na...1,2,3,4 months you no tell me, until the 6th month...I wasn’t going to have it.. Fast forward, Her friends got my friends involved and one of my guys “Yomi” took it upon himself to pressure me to accept just to reduce the drama.

Can u believe this girl was 7+ months gone and I caught her red handed sleeping with my so call friend Yomi, same guy that was advocating for her, At this point I made up my mind that they’d kill me be4 I will accept the child without a DNA test.. She finally Gave birth to an immaculate princess and it melted me. I don’t know if it was Kayanmata she used on me den, cause DNA never crossed my mind until two years ago, this babe girl keep growing but looked nothing like me, instead I could see my guy Yomi’s face in her.. I built some courage at went for a DNA test she wasn’t mine ☹️,but I still wanted to help and asked my friend Yomi to come in for the same test, Lord and behold, Yomi wasn’t the father too 😳..... #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup #remymartininfluencer"

Pretty Mike And Bobrisky Gay Partner, Boyfriend, Relationship: Is Pretty Mike Gay, Homosexual? Is Pretty Mike dating Bobrisky? In 2016, there were rumours that Pretty Mike Of Lagos was gay and in a relationship with Bobrisky. But Pretty Mike denied being Bobrisky's lover.
Picture of Pretty Mike and Bobrisky

Pretty Mike took to his Instagram page to deny that he is Bobrisky's boyfriend and lover. He wrote:


1. Everyone tht knws me knew I use to be a serial womaniser n a reckless spender.D list of ladies I have dated/had flings with is endless.I am a ladies Man especially to those girls dating guys tht r materialistic n loves money,dey sneak behind their Bfs to come hang wth me n my friends,I won't mention names but feel free to google D name "Pretty Mike"..We invented d word "Body Count "'s not like I am proud of my Past,But when @TokeMakinwa wrote tht book "On Becoming".. that her Bf Maje dey Learn 4 where I dey😂.....but den again "Romans 3:23 we have all Sinned and fallen short of his Glory" 🙏

2. Everyone tht knows me know I'm very humble n joke a lot wth everyone (Read my captions) n I don't discriminate.C'mon I'm in d nite club business n it's part of my job to make friends n mingle.I never judge people n D fact tht lots of peeps have a problem wth @bobrisky222 sexuality doesn't mean I should too.He's a human being n God created him so who r we to judge God's creation? so he invited me 4 his b/day prty n I graced his occasion as I would hve done 4 any Friend.

3. Check d interior of d car in d pic circulating online n compare it to d interior of my car n U"ll notice it's not d same.Besides friends who were wth me on d day d snap ws recorded would testify I wasn't wearing a blue jeans on tht day.

4. My club is currently under a MakeOver 4 a while now so where could I possibly be getting all dose cash she has been flashing since d beginning of d year?Btw, people don't spend new naira notes at d club,so except I own a mint producing company (which I don't),I wouldn't hve access to New notes daily.

5. How could y'll (especially all u amateur blogs)post such a story just cause some idiot said it? I expect y'all to make ur findings n support it wth concrete evidence instead of rushing to post such a senseless story.This is why I still feel @Instablog9ja is d best,dey don't post ridiculous stories without proof,and I read sme of d comments,especially d ladies looking at my picture n saying "what a waste of fine boy" well u were all right, I'm a waste, my Cassava has retired cause I'm in a serious relationship now.

6. D picture of me lying in d bathtub ws taken by a girl n If u go to her page u"ll notice she also posted an hotel pic of herself.I would hve loved to tag her but I don't want to create drama 4 her.But those who know her should go to her page n see 4 urself.

7. I think it's high time we all stop judging Bobrisky cause of his looks n sexuality.I see lots of hateful comments whenever d dude is mentioned.Not fair at all.If u have d fear of God in u, you shouldn't hate what He created no matter how he chooses to live his/her life rather let's Pray 4 dem #Pray4BobRisky Instead of sitting in our homes/Offices n hate on another human being. Not fair at all.We should all learn to live as one n d fact that u don't like someone else's action doesn't make ur own life perfect. Let's spread love in 2017 please. "Turn down hate to turn up Love"! Enough said 🙏

Pretty Mike Writes About Bobrisky In 2021

Bobrisky🤣 you will not kill someone this 2021.. Ladies let me start by telling y’all who Bob is, she is the number one social media influencer in the world, she is quite extraordinary and very good at it, for all the fish brain peeps that have fallen for her code101, I pity you all🤣Bob has just signed an exclusive influencing contract with the Association of Yoruba Demons to Draw out some of the so called good girls out to the street for the boys to have pleasure with and to finger Una brain🤣,so u that is a decent girl in a decent relationship but wants to follow Bobo’s advice to leave your bf.My dear ur story will end in premium tears,after you don off pant for the likes of our Lagos Jide’s, Femi’s, Lekan’s, Bayo’s, Femi’s, Tunde’s, Yomi’s and Ebuka’s all in the month of Jan alone🤣 and for u that has been on d street for 5 years and have nothing to show for it,other than to hate on ur fellow hard working woman,ur own tears get special corner for hell fire..

Ladies d only reason I’m here unveiling Bob’s deal is because one of my sisters just left her Bf all in the name of “Bob’s Code” asin I don’t blame her she has always had a fish brain for the longest,Na she dem first give belle when she was 15,she born and the family covered up for her,when she was 18 she born another one,this time she didn’t even knw who the father was,🙈the family still covered up for her,she is now 29 and I’m thinking she for don get small sense but e be like dem don use prick swear for am, she has been in this relationship with a decent bank manager, I thought she was ready to settle down ooh,as Bobriskky make her world class speech,na she first post am for her Whatapp story, I just heard she has broken up with him and has been posting on her story “money for hand, Back for ground” (In Bob’s Voice)🤔
🤧...congratulations Bob,you have out done yourself again,nobody should blame her,she was paid for a job and she has successfully delivered over and over again.... Babe wey go spoil go Spoil,remember it’s not everyone that’s on the street that is successful.The best thing anyone can do this 2021 as an adult is to Advice his or her self by themselves 🙏🏽🙏🏽 .#LagosZaddy #BabyDaddyOfSix #Husbandmaterial

Nigerian Idol: Pretty Mike Blasts Sheyi Shay, Recalls His Secondary School Days In The US

I remember when I was 14/15 years old and still in high school “what we Nigerians call,secondary school” .
 I was quite active in a lot of school activities, ranging from track and Field ,basketball etc....
So this one time ,we got an offer to participate in a singing competition in Dallas Texas. 
 Our music teacher had to build a mass choir for it.

A lot of students auditioned and I remember telling the music teacher that I couldn’t sing perfectly then he said “everyone can sing”.
I watched him build a mass choir from nothing.Refined everyone till we got to the finale.We didn’t win,I think we came 5th or so but we won our school a violin.He wasn’t my best teacher but I believe he deserves his coins for seeing in us what we didn’t see in ourselves.Having seen a video of a 19 years old girl auditioning at Nigerian Idols and Seyi Shay specifically saying she can’t sing and shouldn’t consider plying that route is the sickest thing I’ve seen recently,Kindness is so easy to give, I really don’t know why people choose otherwise.She’s just a lady with a dream!

Killing people’s confidence can only stem from a place of deep seethed insecurity and hate.
 It sickened me watching that girl grovel for an opportunity that wasn’t even worth her dignity.

 I pray she learns and works on her voice.
 I pray she understands that a thousand Seyi Shays don’t have the final say over her aspirations and life.

For the judges of these shows and auditions , The gap between constructive criticism and undiluted harshness is as wide as the Pacific Ocean,they can never be the same.
For contestants of Nigerian idols,Big brother Naija and every other reality or talent hunt show out there,I want you to know that your dreams are valid and achievable. 🙏🏽🙌🏼 #WeMoveNewWeek #HusbandMaterial #CubanaGroup #RemyMartin

Pretty Mike Writes About Cheating

If a girl sleeps with u and sleeps with ur friends and brings the pregnancy to u, will u automatically take it ???, Some of u were rejected by ur fathers because of ur mother’s character..... This Feb 14 exposed alot in our society, a lot of husbands were caught cheating, plenty wives went on undercover dates, main boyfriends were blocked from various social media platforms and Loads of girlsfriends posted new lovers on their private snap.🤔, Bottomline we are in the era where it is now “ok” to marry ur friends ex-husband🤐....So if u are a friend to my ex girlfriends and u have been crushing on me, Abeg feel free to msg me, Who knows ur happiness might just be seconds away😍 #Husbandmaterial #UrZaddy #LagosPlug #CubanaGroup #remymartininfluencer #MrEDeyLagos

Pretty Mike Blasts Kayanmata Sellers Like Jaruma Empire

Kayanmata that Cannot make you marry Dangote or get pregnant for him, is that one Kayanmata ?? My dear young ladies, don’t stress urself unto say u wan use Kayanmata hold man Ooo. I’m not against the hustle but “Some” Ladies are just selling Parapo for u oooh 😳..... 

All the people selling it, have you seen where their shakara ended ?? 🙈🙊 Pls focus and make ur money! Forget artificial Dripping Juicy coochie that draws like Okro😜 if ur own dry, use lube or Saliva.. E go wet 🙈🤣 #HusbandMaterial #LagosPlug #CubanaGroup #RemyMartinInfluencer #

Pretty Mike Calls Out Celebrities And Influencers Who Are Ambassadors Of Fake Products

"I think celebrities and influencers should be held accountable by the Law, for supporting, influencing or becoming brand ambassadors for fake products and companies whose sole goal is to deceive the public at Large....... how do u influence for an investment/bitcoin company, only for them to defraud ur fans that found out about them through your page..... pls let’s all be guided, catching cruise is understandable, but when it involves ur hard earned money “it’s not funny any longer”..... #"

What You Will Hear Only In Ashawo House By Pretty Mike Of Lagos

Only in Ashawo house will u hear this kind of Conversion:
👉 Abeg cum make I wear cloth.
👉 Oga do fast naa.
👉 See ds osho free man, u like better toto u no
wan pay money.
👉 Make am 5k nah, i go fuck u well.
👉U neva release? Haa!!!
👉Na only fuck u pay for oo, no dey touch my
👉Bros abeg do, make i go hustle.
👉Customer, customer hw far naa.
👉Add 1k make i suck ur prick.
👉 See ur small prick (chuckles).
👉 Wetin naa. Since u dey do ds tin u nefa
cum. Toto dey pepper me abeg.
👉How much u giv me wey u dey find doggy?
👉Come I will do u well 2day.
👉 Abeg get up, e don do. Na so una go dey
take tramadol.
👉Na ur mama leg u wan carry up. Abeg
respect ursef
👉Wetin u drink come?
👉Oga ppl dey wait outside, hurry up abeg.
👉No carry dat condom comot here oo. No be
me una go use do juju.
👉Na talk u wan talk abi na fuck.
👉Hian!!! Abeg i no dey kiss.
👉Na on top 1,500 u wan change style?
👉 No dey turn turn me like dat biko.
👉Oga i swear if ds condom burst u must bring
money for medicine oo.
👉 Oga yellow, come fuck better toto.
👉Fine boy come naa, i will do u frm back.👉 Abeg i no dey suck prick for 2k.
👉 Wait make i see dat boil for ur prick. Na so
una go dey carry disease.
👉Ds one don pass short time oo.
👉Oga abeg use condom, abi u wan share
goloria giv me?
👉Touching body - 2000, kissing mouth - 2500,
suckn breast - 3000, short time - 5000, skin to
skin- 10k. Overnight - 15k. If u wan suckn
prick u add 5k extra.
👉please trust me, I have not been der am just passing bye Ni oooo 💕💕💕#Versace #CuttingTagsForFun #HusbandMaterial #Pabloway #PinkDrip

Pretty Mike Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Pretty Mike of Lagos can be contacted via his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

Instagram: Pretty Mike Of Lagos Instagram handle prettymikeoflagos. Pretty Mike currently has 362k followers on his Instagram page Account Profile as at 13 June 2021.

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How much is pretty MIKE worth?
Where is pretty Mike of Lagos from?

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