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Latest Instagram Photos: All About Festus Ojo Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Height, Parents, Family, Sister, Net Worth, House, Cars, Mother, Iyabo Ojo Son, School, University, Hairstyle, Tattoo, State Of Origin, Festus Oladunjoye Ojo Images, Photos, Pictures Ig Pics, Festo Baba

History Of Festus Ojo: Everything To Know About Iyabo Ojo Son, Festus Oladunjoye Ojo Profile, Girlfriend, Parents, School, University, Net Worth, Height

Who Is Festus Oladunjoye Ojo?

Who Is Festus Ojo?

Festus Ojo (born 21 June 1999) aka Festo Baba whose full name is Festus Oladunjoye Ojo, is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, the CEO of Fedel Wears, Instagram Brand Influencer and the son of Iyabo Ojo, her first child.

Festus Oladunjoye Ojo describes himself as 'soft, neat, cool, hot, cute, Dope, fly, drip' on Instagram.

Pictures of Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo Son

About Festus Ojo Career, Occupation, Life History, Story
Festus Ojo as a young entrepreneur is the owner of Fedel Wears which deals on clothing for guys, T-shirts, shorts, sleepers, hoodies, and more.

Though Festus Ojo is currently an undergraduate in Istanbul University in Turkey, he is also a brand Influencer on Instagram. He also entertains his followers with dance videos on Tiktok.
Handsome Photos of Iyabo Ojo son, Festus Ojo

Festus Ojo Bio Profile Wiki Data

Name: Festus Ojo
Nickname: Festo Baba
Festo Baba Real Name: Festus Ojo
Full Name: Festus Oladunjoye Ojo
Date Of Birth: 21 June 1999
Birthday: June 21
Real Age: 22 (as at 2021)
Net Worth: $80,000 US
Height: 5"6 feet tall
Nationality: Nigerian
State Of Origin: Ogun
Tribe: Yoruba
Father: Mr Ojo
Mother: Iyabo Ojo nee Ogunro
Siblings, Sister: Priscilla Ajoke Ojo
Instagram Handle: festo_baba

Full Biography Of Festus Ojo (Wikipedia) Iyabo Ojo Son

State Of Origin, Hometown, Tribe: Where is Festus Ojo from? Festus Ojo is from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Festus Ojo was born on 21st June 1999 in Lagos State.

Age: How old is Festus Ojo? How old is Iyabo Ojo first child? Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo son is 22 years old as at 2021.
Childhood photo of Festus Ojo as a baby (Throwback Photo as a child)

Height: How tall is Festus Ojo? Festus Ojo is 5"6 feet tall.

Pictures of Festus Ojo Standing tall

Hairstyle: Festus Ojo likes to rock Stylish hair style, from low cut to dreads, and more.
Photos of Festus Ojo hairstyle

Educational Background, School, University: Festus Ojo attended his primary and secondary schools in Lagos State. He graduated from Secondary School in 2015. 
Festus Ojo later travelled abroad for his university education in Istanbul Turkey where he is currently residing, from Thefamousnaija's findings.

Family: Festus Ojo is from a family of 4 - including his kid sister and their parents who are now divorced.
Family Pictures Of Festus Ojo

Pictures of Festus Ojo with her mother Iyabo and Sister, Priscilla Ojo
Image Of Festus Ojo with his family and grandmother

Parents, Divorced: Who are the parents of Festus Ojo? Festus Ojo's parents are Mr Ojo and actress Iyabo Ojo. His parents got divorced many years ago over Irreconcilable don't differences.

Father: Who Is Festus Ojo father? Who is Iyabo Ojo son's father? Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo son father is called Mr Ojo, a Lagos-based movie marketer who married Iyabo Ojo in 1999, when she was at age 21.

Mother: Who is Festus Ojo mother? Festus Ojo's mother is Iyabo Ojo, a top Nollywood Yoruba actress.
Pictures of Festus Ojo and his mother, Iyabo Ojo

Festus Oladunjoye Ojo mother, Iyabo Ojo revealed that she has been playing the role of a father and mother to her son, Festus Ojo and her daughter, Priscilla Ajoke Ojo even while she was still married to Festus Ojo's dad.

What is the name of Iyabo Ojo son? Iyabo Ojo son's name is Festus Oladunjoye Ojo.

Siblings, Sister: Festus Ojo has only one sibling, a younger sister called, Priscilla Ajoke Ojo.
Pictures of Festus Ojo Sister, Priscilla Ojo

Photo of Festus Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo, his Kid sister

Grandmother: Festus Ojo grandmother, Olubunmi Victoria Fetuga, died in 2020 and was buried same year.

Married, Wife: Is Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo first child married? No, Festus Ojo is not yet married.

Girlfriend: Who is Festus Ojo Girlfriend, name, pictures? Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo son has a girlfriend but keeps his lover off social media.

Festus Oladunjoye Ojo said that he is a virgin on Instagram: 'I am purely Virgin oo'.

Dating, Relationship: Who is Festus Ojo dating? Festus Ojo is allegedly dating Fatimah of Istanbul. But they have not confirmed this.

Festus Ojo and Michelle Aigbe: Are Festus Ojo, Iyabo Ojo son and Michelle Aigbe, Mercy Aigbe daughter dating, in a relationship? No, Festus Ojo and Michelle Aigbe are not in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship.

Picture of Festus Ojo and Michelle Aigbe (throwback photos)

Net Worth: How much is Festus Ojo net worth? Festus Ojo net worth is about $100,000 US Dollars.

House and Cars: Festus Ojo lives in her mother's mansion in Lagos but currently lives in İstanbul Turkey. Festus Ojo has his own car which he drives. His mother Iyabo Ojo has fine cars in her garage.

Festus Ojo Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Festus Ojo Business number in Nigeria is +2348030658644.

Festus Ojo Instagram: Iyabo Ojo son Instagram name and Handle . Festus Ojo currently has 125k followers on his Instagram page Account Profile Handle.

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