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Who Is Toni Mitchell?

Toni Mitchell is an American born Fitness model, Instagram fitness Influencer, YouTuber and brand ambassador who is known for her workout Fitness and gym posts, tips, pictures and videos which help to motivate her numerous followers.

About Toni Mitchell (Toningtoni) Career, Occupation, Life History Story

Toni Mitchell is an American Instagram, YouTube and Facebook star who has made a name for herself via fitness, as a bodybuilder.

Toni Mitchell is a Gymshark Athlete.  Announcing this on her Instagram page, Toni Mitchell wrote in March 2020: 

"Hey y’all! I’m excited to announce that I am now apart of the @gymshark family. So, thankful for the opportunity to be apart of an extraordinary brand and an amazing community of people that truly values fitness and health. 🦈 💕 #gymshark"

Recycling: Toni Mitchell has interest in recycling. Sharing her recycling picture, Toni Mitchell wrote:

"Recycled about a month’s worth of waste the other day; paper, plastic, glass, aluminum and it definitely could’ve been less( not all waste pictured). Making it a priority to get back on track with refilling my glass gallons regularly. I wish recycling and composting was just as convenient as taking out trash. 🙂

Here’s how long it take for the recyclable items to decompose in landfills:

♻️Paper: 2- 6 weeks.

♻️Plastic Bottles: about 450 years.

♻️Plastic Bags: 10- 20 years.

♻️Other Plastic Items: up to 1,000 years.

♻️Aluminum Cans: 80- 200years.

♻️Glass: up to 1 million years.

Swipe up link in my stories to find recycling facilities near you. ♻️🌎💚 #recycle"

Toni Mitchell Bio Data

Real Name: Toni Mitchell

Nickname, Instagram Name: Toningtoni

Beautiful photos of Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell Nationality, Ethnicity: Where is from Toni Mitchell from? Toni Mitchell also known as Toningtoni on Instagram is from America.

Toni Mitchell Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Toni Mitchell was born in 1996.

Toni Mitchell Toningtoni age is 25 years old as at 2021.

Tattoo: Toni Mitchell has a tattoo hidden on her body.

Toni Mitchell Body Measurements, Weight, Height, Size, Hips, Stats

Real Height: How tall is Toni Mitchell? Toni Mitchell is 5"3 feet tall.

Weight: Toni Mitchell weight is 135lbs

Pictures of Toni Mitchell Standing tall

Toni Mitchell Height and Weight: Toni Mitchell wrote about her weight and height in a 2018 Instagram post:

toningtoni Built this body off of a plant based diet. I am 5’3 and weigh around 135lbs. I take in about 2000- 2200 calories a day( some days up to 3,000) and 60% of my diet is consumed by carbohydrates. Will be posting more on my YouTube channel, but honestly not sure where to start. 😅 Let me know if y’all have any specific topics you’d like to see from me. 🌱💪🏽

Toni Mitchell Weight Gain & Weight Loss: The Challenges

Before And After Weight Loss Pictures of Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell wrote about her weight gain and weight loss:

"Addressing unwanted weight gain can be a lot easier said than done, especially when you know you’re eating healthy and staying active. This is when your faith and patience kicks in. Being honest with yourself and understanding where it’s coming from is important..

When I first went vegan I gained so much weight and my biggest fear is being back at square one. Today I sat down for 2 hours planning out my meals and workouts for next week. With a different mindset I tracked my meals for the first time in a while, not to cut food or calories, but to see where I’m at with my eating. Goals should be measurable to track progress, but not to the point where you get fixated on numbers versus listening to your body..


⭐️ New video on my channel with a full day of eating. Link in bio."

Toni Mitchell Before And After Starting Body Building

Toni Mitchell shares her before and after body building pictures and writes:

"The photo on the left was me before I started body building. I had already been vegan for almost 2 years, but was still terribly confused at the time about my diet, how to gain muscle while eating plant-based, how to train my body and etc. The photo on the right is me today. This upcoming June, it will be 4 years since I’ve switched over to living a vegan lifestyle....

and I feel AhhhmaZING! 🙌🏽💪🏽💃🏽

When first going vegan I was lost and didn’t know what to eat and how much. I took advice from some others online because I honestly didn’t have anyone to help me and noticed that eating 3000 calories a day was too much for my body( at least at that time). So, I challenged myself to learn my body by doing a fitness competition. The bulk of what I learned( as far as dieting) I had to figure out on my own through research, trial, and error. 

I take in around 2200 calories( I do not calorie restrict) and my caloric intake may vary from day to day depending on my activity level and how I feel. If you are new to this lifestyle please know it’s okay to eat, but listen to your body and don’t over indulge if you have fitness goals. 

Take advice as you see fit for your body type and adjust according to how your body responds. Give your body adequate amount of time to adjust before trying something new. 

To add on, I feel more at peace knowing that eating plant-based foods has such a positive impact on our planet and to the animals that unjustly loose their lives unwillingly everyday. Animal agriculture is harming the planet, killing innocent animals that are important to our ecosystems, and negatively effecting the human species."

Toni Mitchell Before & After: 2014 Vs 2018

"💪🏽August 2014 vs Now🍑✨

Cheers to a body built off of a plant-based diet. My booty progress may not be the most drastic, but it’s progress that has been made and my results are honest. 

August 2014 I had been vegan for 2 months and was eating:.

✖️tons of fruit( a lot of monomeals).

✖️had no clue how to train..

✖️was lifting way to heavy.

✖️macros were way off( 80c/10f/10p)

✖️always in a caloric surplus.


✔️I eat balanced meals.

✔️I train or do something active 4 to 6 days out of the week.

✔️I lift according to how I feel.

✔️macros are adjusted due to activity.

✔️I create a caloric deficit through training and/ or dieting. 

There were many times I got frustrated because I didn’t see results, but I had faith in the process. It took me almost 2 years after going vegan to start seeing results. Never give up on something you’re passionate about. Accomplishing goals aren’t always easy, but all the hard work and being persistent is worth the reward in the end.

P.S. New “What I  Eat In A Day +  Booty workout” video will be posted tomorrow. 💪🏽🍑

#vegan #bodybuilding"

Toni Mitchell No Surgery, Natural Breast Reduction Without Surgery

Toni Mitchell shared how she reduced her boobs from big to small size naturally without any plastic or cosmetic surgery.

Watch Toni Mitchell video Youtube

"From a whopping 34 H bra size to a solid 32 D( even a C cup at one point) a natural breast reduction is totally possible. Consistently eating the right foods matched with the proper physical activity all sorts of magic begins to happen. 🤗✨ I posted an updated “more detailed” video on my channel for those who still had questions and can relate to having naturally larger breasts. Please take note that I am not a health care physician. I’m simply sharing how I was able to reduce my breast down to a healthier size. Link in bio for more information. 🖤"

Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother: Toni Mitchell keeps her family info away from social media.

Married, Wedding: Is Toni Mitchell married? Toni Mitchell is not yet married but she keeps her relationship away from social media.

Husband: Toni Mitchell does not show off her husband to be or fiancé but she is not yet married, still single.

Boyfriend: Toni Mitchell has not revealed who her boyfriend is or who she is dating or in a relationship with.

Net Worth: Toni Mitchell Net Worth is about $500,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Toni Mitchell drives nice cars.

Photos of Toni Mitchell Jeep Wrangler

Instagram: Toni Mitchell Instagram Page Account Profile Handle toningtoni.

YouTube: Toni Mitchell YouTube channel. Toni Mitchell has 275k subscribers on YouTube currently as at the time of writing this article.


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