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Instagram Photos: About Beyonce Ajomiwe Bio, Wikipedia, Real Age, Birthday, Height, Father, Mother, Family, State Of Origin, House, Cars, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, Siblings, Nigerian Idol, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe Daughter, School, Beyonce Ajomiwe Images, Photos, Pictures, Ig Pics

Photo of Beyonce Ajomiwe mother and Flavour
Pictures of Beyonce Ajomiwe (Beautiful Nigerian Idol star)

History Of Beyonce Ajomiwe: Everything To Know About Beyonce Ajomiwe Profile, Boyfriend, Father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe Daughter, Family, Parents, School, University

Who is Beyonce Ajomiwe?

Beyonce Ajomiwe (born 24 March 2004) is a Nigerian Fashion Model, Singer, song writer, and Entertainer who is a contestant on the Nigerian Idol 2021.

Speaking to Afroteenmag in 2019 Interview, Beyonce said: "My name is Beyonce Ajomiwe. I’m Nigerian. I aspire to become part of the entertainment industry one day, not only for the fame but to share a message of self love, confidence and the power of women like zendaya and Beyonce Knowles.

Images of Beyonce Ajomiwe

To create are awareness for mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression etc in Nigeria and our youths who unknowingly suffer it and to also help in reducing rape, animal abuse and pollution. Thank you."

About Beyonce Ajomiwe Life Story, History, Career & Occupation (What You Should Know)

Beyonce Ajomiwe whose full name is Beyoncé Chiamaka Ajomiwe, grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, started her entertainment, singing career at a very tender age as a child singer, child model and now a teenage singer and model.

Beyonce Ajomiwe's father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe, is a professional singer and producer. This exposed her to music from a young age, which sparked a passion for a musical career.

Songwriter, Songs: Beyonce Ajomiwe love for music led her into songwriting at a very young age. She has written many songs which she hopes to release as an album someday.

Cosmetic & Beauty Business - UP-TOWN COSMETICS LTD: Besides music, Beyonce Ajomiwe also runs a cosmetic and beauty business called Up-Town Cosmetics LTD with her mother, Beauti Mogul. They deal on Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care products, oil perfumes.

Beyonce Nigeria Idol: Beyonce Ajomiwe Nigerian Idol Biography & Controversy

Beyonce Ajomiwe is the youngest contestant on Nigerian Idol at 16 (thought she is actually 27 but Nigerian Idol is saying that Beyonce Ajomiwe is 16). 

"16-year-old" Beyonce Ajomiwe made the final 11 Contestants at Nigerian Idol 2021 after her last performance was rewarded with a spot by the Nigerian Idol judges. Fans and critics of the show took to social media to criticise the selection of the fair-skinned Beyonce Ajomiwe.

Beyonce Ajomiwe's making the 11 finalists of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 sparked social media outrage and reactions over Beyonce’s ability to deliver a breathtaking performance. While some feel her voice isn’t strong enough, others feel she has got the potential to rock the Nigerian music scene.

Beyonce Ajomiwe Father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe, Reacts To Those Criticising His Daughter On Nigerian Idol Over Beyonce Ajomiwe's Skin Colour & Talent

Prince Rolly Ajomiwe, Beyonce Ajomiwe's dad condemned those blasting her daughter on Nigerian Idol. Prince Rolly Ajomiwe took to his Instagram page to write:

Photos of Beyonce Ajomiwe father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe

"My daughter Beyonce (Child of Grace) on Nigerian Idol

I wonder how some grown-ups would be hating on a child and be writing some really horrible things about her. Their vexation, she is light skinned and pretty.

Since when does skin color determine a person's beauty (unless of course you are one of the folks blinded by inferiority complex)

Idol, is not just about your singing ability. It is a full package and that includes charisma, charms and presentation. Unlike the voice, which is purely about your vocal prowess. That's why they audition blind.

Anyways, please vote for my baby, when it's time.

May God bless all the contestants and creat beautiful pathways for them. In Jesus name, Amen!!"

Beyonce Ajomiwe Bio Data Profile

Name: Beyonce Ajomiwe

Stage Name: Beyonce (Nigeria)

Real Name: Beyoncé Ajomiwe

Full Name: Beyoncé Chiamaka Ajomiwe

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Beyonce Ajomiwe is a Nigerian.

Skin Colour, Hairstyle, Natural Hair: Beyonce Ajomiwe is lightskinned.

Half Caste, Biracial: Is Beyonce Ajomiwe a half caste? No, Beyonce Ajomiwe is a full Nigerian.

Height: How tall is Beyonce Ajomiwe?

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Beyonce Ajomiwe from? Beyonce Ajomiwe is from Imo State Nigeria.

Hometown, Village: Beyonce Ajomiwe is Igbo by tribe and a native of Obinaocha Village of Nkwerre LGA of Imo State, South East, Nigeria.

Date of Birth, Birthday, Age: When was Beyonce Ajomiwe born? Beyonce Ajomiwe was born on March 24, 2004.

Old Child hood picture of Beyonce Ajomiwe (Childhood Throwback photo)

Real Age: How old is Beyonce Ajomiwe? Beyonce Ajomiwe is currently 17 years old as at the year 2021.

Beyonce Ajomiwe Age Controversy: The False Age, The Lies, The Truth & The Real Age

Nigerian Idol claims that Beyonce Ajomiwe is 16 years old but a check by Thefamousnaija shows that it's all lies. 

Thefamousnaija confirms that the real age of Beyonce Ajomiwe is 17 years old as at 2021.

Beyonce Ajomiwe was actually born on 24 March 2004.

Prince Rolly Ajomiwe, celebrating his daughter, Beyonce Ajomiwe 15th birthday on 24th March 2019, Beyonce Ajomiwe's father wrote: 

"Today, my beautiful angel turns 15.

Beyoncé Chiamaka Ajomiwe. You stole my heart, from the time you were in your mommy’s womb.

I named you Beyoncé (Beyond Say) because you are beautifully made beyond words can say.

Happy birthday baby. Daddy loves you “beyond say”


Beyonce Ajomiwe's 16th Birthday: Beyonce Ajomiwe Father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe Celebrates His Daughter's 16th Birthday In March 2020:

On March 24th 2020, Beyonce Ajomiwe's dad, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe rollyajomiwe wrote:

"My baby Beyonce is 16 today.

Happy birthday sweetheart daddy loves you more than gold and diamonds 💎"

So there is no how Beyonce Ajomiwe will still be 16 years old in March 2021 - Thefamousnaija.

Educational Background, School, University - Beyonce Ajomiwe has recently finished her Secondary School (high school) education. Beyonce Ajomiwe will soon proceed to the University, though her school of choice and course of study have not been revealed.

Secondary School Pictures of Beyonce Ajomiwe as she graduates

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Beyonce Ajomiwe is from a family of 3 children. She is the 2nd child of her parents - Mr and Mrs Ajomiwe.

Photos of Beyonce Ajomiwe father and mother

Father: Who is Beyonce Ajomiwe father? Beyonce Ajomiwe's father's name is Prince Rolly Ajomiwe who is also an entertainer.

Pictures of Beyonce Ajomiwe father
Beyonce Ajomiwe dad photos (Prince Rolly Ajomiwe)

About Prince Rolly Ajomiwe, Beyonce Ajomiwe's Dad: Beyonce Ajomiwe's father, Prince Rolly Ajomiwe is a Nigerian born singer and music producer who is the CEO & Olowner of Rolls Rock Entertainment.

Mother: Who is Beyonce Ajomiwe mother? Beyonce Ajomiwe mother whose name is 'Beauti Mogul' runs a cosmetic and beauty business called UP-TOWN COSMETICS LTD.

 Beauty Photo of Beyonce Ajomiwe mum
Picture of Beyonce Ajomiwe and her mother
Pictures of Beyonce Ajomiwe mother

Parents: Beyonce Ajomiwe's parents, Mr and Mrs Prince Rolly Ajomiwe celebrated their 18th marriage - wedding on 29th June 2020. They will celebrate their 19th Wedding Anniversary in June 2021.

Beyonce Ajomiwe Parents Pictures (Mr and Mrs Prince Rolly Ajomiwe)

Siblings, Sister, Brother: Beyonce Ajomiwe has two Siblings - an elder sister whom her dad calls Ada Rolly and a younger brother named Ronny Ajomiwe.

Picture of Beyonce Ajomiwe and her siblings - brother and sister
Photo of Beyonce Ajomiwe older sister

Old Throwback Photo of Beyonce Ajomiwe and her elder sister (Childhood photo)

Beyonce Ajomiwe Family pictures

Photos of Beyonce Ajomiwe Kid brother with their father and mother

Husband: Is Beyonce Ajomiwe married? No, Beyonce Ajomiwe is not yet married. She is still a young teenager and still has her education and career to pursue.

Boyfriend: Who is Beyonce Ajomiwe boyfriend? Does Beyonce Ajomiwe have a boyfriend? It's not clear if Beyonce Ajomiwe is any love relationship or not but she is just a teenage singer, not even up to 18 years old yet. So her career and education should be paramount to her now and not boyfriend or relationship.

Picture of Beyonce Ajomiwe and Flavour

Salary, Net Worth: Beyonce Ajomiwe Net Worth is about $100,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Beyonce Ajomiwe lives in her parents' house and rides in their cars.

Phone Number, WhatsApp, Contact: Beyonce Ajomiwe can be contacted via her Instagram page Account.

Instagram: Beyonce Ajomiwe Instagram handle beyonceajomiwe_ 

Beyonce Ajomiwe Nigerian Idol Videos: Watch videos of Beyonce Ajomiwe on Nigerian Idol Season 6, 2021 here

Watch Beyonce Ajomiwe videos (Nigerian Idol)

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