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Instagram Pictures, Images: About Angel Emeka Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Married, Sons, Height, House, Cars, Family, Parents, Movies, Husband, State Of Origin

Life History Of Angel Emeka: Everything To Know About Nollywood Actress Angel Emeka Bio Profile, Husband, Sons, Boyfriend, Baby Daddy, Family, Children

Who Is Angel Emeka (Nollywood Actress)?

Angel Emeka is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, movie producer, Business Tycoon, event manager and the CEO of Angel Emeka TV.

She is Wise Choice Tablewater ambassador.

Angel Emeka has acted in a good number of Nollywood movies and has also produced some movies featuring herself and other popular Nollywood stars.

Beautiful Pictures of Angel Emeka

Angel Emeka Movies: Angel Emeka has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Inside Marriage, The Pregnant Child, Dino's Family, Wrong Target, Family Against Family, 3 Wise Ladies, Royal Bracelet, Highlander and others.

Photos of Angel Emeka on movie set

Angel Emeka State Of Origin: Angel Emeka is from Enugu State Nigeria.

Angel Emeka Age Date Of Birth, Birthday: Angel Emeka was born on 23 May...

Family, Parents, Mother: Angel Emeka was born into a family of 12 children. Angel Emeka's mother had 12 Children.

Angel Emeka mother picture

Angel Emeka revealed that her mother is a mother of 12 children without twins, blessed with 40 grand children and 9 great grand children.

Siblings: Angel Emeka has eleven brothers and sisters.

Maicon Emeka And Angel Emeka Angel Emeka: Angel Emeka brother, Emeka Maicon is also a Nollywood actor. Maicon Emeka and Angel Emeka are brother and sister.

Emeka Maicon and her sister, Angel Emeka's child
Photo of Angel Emeka and her brother, Maicon Emeka

Angel Emeka Married, Wedding, Marriage: Is Angel Emeka married? Nollywood actress, Angel Emeka was married but now divorced.

Angel Emeka Husband: Meet Angel Emeka ex husband (Photos)

Photo of Angel Emeka Husband and their sons

Children, Sons: Angel Emeka has two handsome sons named - Goodluck and Bright.

Photos Of Angel Emeka sons
Pictures of Angel Emeka and her sons

Angel Emeka Net Worth: Angel Emeka net worth is about $180,000 US Dollars (one hundred and eighty US Dollars).

Angel Emeka Cars: Angel Emeka drives a fine car.

Angel Emeka Instagram: Angel Emeka Instagram Handle . Angel Emeka currently has 47.2k followers as at the time of writing this article.

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