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Instagram Photos: About Zara of Lagos aka PrettyDacozy (Debo Dacosta) Bio, Wikipedia, Boyfriend, Husband, Age, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Birthday, Wedding Dance Video, Height, Adebowale Dacosta Images, Photos, Pictures

Profile History Of Adebowale Dacosta: Everything To Know About Debo Dacosta 'Zara Of Lagos' Pretty Dacozy Story, Wedding Dance Video, Sister, Brother, Mother, Parents, Family

Who Is Zara Of Lagos?

Who is Debo Dacosta?

Who Is PrettyDacozy?

Who is Adebowale Dacosta?

Adebowale Dacosta also known as Debo Dacosta Aka Zara Of Lagos 'PrettyDacozy' is a Nigerian born Chef, dancer, Gourmet cook/caterer who is known as the cleavage-baring dancer in the wedding dance video that went viral on social media.

Zara Of Lagos, describing herself on Instagram, Prettydacozy wrote: 

"I’m a gourmet cook and offer catering services for clients. I am talented in culinary skills. People form perceptions about you which may sound unfair. Get to know people first." >

Pictures of Debo Dacosta Aka Zara of Lagos

Name: Debo Dacosta

Nickname: PrettyDacozy (Pretty Dacozy)

Nickname: Zara of Lagos

Full Name, Real Name: Adebowale Dacosta

Educational Background: Adebowale Debo Dacosta aka Pretty Dacozy or Zara of Lagos is a studying Mass Communication in school.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings, Brother: Adebowale Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy is from the famous Lagos family - Dacosta family.

Mother: Adebowale Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy revealed that her mother cried after seeing her wedding dance video that went viral.

Brother: Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy also cried because her brother disowned her over her wedding dance video.

Net Worth: Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy Zara of Lagos Net Worth is about $60,000 US Dollars.

Husband: Is Adebowale Dacosta PrettyDacozy married? Zara Of Lago PrettyDacoz is not yet married.

Boyfriend: Who is Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy Zara of Lagos boyfriend? PrettyDacozy Debo Dacosta boyfriend is not known.

PrettyDacozy Aka Zara of Lagos Photos

Wedding Dance Video: Debo Dacosta aka Zara of Lagos wore a cleavage baring dress to her elder sister's wedding and was dancing with her big chest bouncing. This made the video go viral, sparking social media reactions. 

Adebowale Dacosta 'Zara Of Lagos' Interview With Kemi Olunloyo: Kemi Olunloyo reached out to viral wedding dancer, Debo Dacosta Aka Zara of Lagos for an interview.

Kemi Olunloyo had announced it on her Instagram page:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH Miss Adebowale Dacosta @KemiOlunloyo on Instagram 7pm May 18th 2021



NEW TALK SHOW: #KemitalksAmebo

We are all guilty of shaming women with big breasts one time or another, big bossoms or busts. Meet Adebola Dacosta @prettydacozy on Instagram of the famous Lagos family who's older sister got married this past weekend. She is being shamed heavily on social media for dancing provocatively. Even #Kemitalks did a quiz on her with one option as #OloshoLekki which I apologized for. Well I used Investigative Journalism to track her down and she will be speaking to me LIVE  tonight on Instagram @kemiolunloyo. Hear what the Mass Communication student and Gourmet cook/caterer had to say. Time 7-8pm prompt

Instagram @kemiolunloyo

This perception is a serious subject. #Bodyshaming



After the interview with PrettyDacozy, Kemi Olunloyo wrote:

"The beautiful young lady spoke to me about her journey in the life of busty females.

❤️ @muhammad_jawadofficial joined us from Pakistan to explain how she would be treated in his country. You will be surprised 😲

😐How hard it is to find a bra

😐Her brother angry at her

😐Her mom in tears from the social media reactions

🌸How she dresses to other parties

❤️ Hypocrisy amongst women"

Instagram: Zara of Lagos Debo Dacosta PrettyDacozy Instagram Profile Handle prettydacozy . Prettydacozy currently has 8,515 followers on her Instagram page Account.

Adebowale Dacosta Pretty Dacozy Instagram profile reads: 

'Zara of Lagos

A Lover of God🙏🏾

A gourmet Chef 👩🏽‍🍳

A happy lady😊

A great dancer💃🏽'

SOURCE Thefamousnaija

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