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Pictures of Mary Daniel, Amputee Hawker

History Of Mary Daniel: Everything To Know About Mary Daniel Onu (Water Hawker) Story, 'Lies, Arrest Rumour', Accident, Donations, Daughter, Leg Amputation, Parents Death, Wiki Profile, Net Worth, Before And After Photos

Who Is Mary Daniel?

Mary Daniel whose full name is Mary Daniel Onu is a Nigerian born water seller (hawker with amputated leg who went viral on social media after pictures of her hawking pure water at Oshodi Hold-up in Lagos trended on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Full Name: Mary Daniel Onu

Photos of Mary Daniel (Physically Challenged, Disabled Hawker, Mary Daniel Onu Images, Pics)

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Where is Mary Daniel from? Mary Daniel Onu the amputee Hawker hails from Ayingba, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Dare Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Mary Daniel Onu was born on 23 April 1994.

Age: How old is Mary Daniel? Mary Daniel Onu is 27 years old as at April 2021.

Mary Daniel Onu (Ex Amputee Hawker) Celebrated Her Birthday: Birthday Pictures Of Mary Daniel - The viral Nigerian amputee water hawker, Mary Daniel celebrates her 27th birthday on 23rd April 2021 with beautiful new birthday photoshoot.

Beautiful Birthday pictures of Mary Daniel
New Recent, Latest Pictures of Mary Daniel Onu (Ex Physically Challenged Disabled Lagos Water Hawker)

The Life Story Of Mary Daniel Onu, Accident Career, Business, Occupation, How She Was Discovered

26-year-old Mary Daniel Onu is an orphan and walks with one leg supported by a crutch but vowed not to beg on the streets since fate dealt her a huge blow at 11.

She resolved to make a living on the highways in Oshodi, one of Lagos’ busiest cities, hawking bottled water in terrible traffic to cater for herself, her two-year-old child and aged grandmother.

She sought solace in hawking after her parents' death, moving from Anambra to Delta and then Lagos.

She relocated to Onitsha (Anambra State) and started selling sachet water. She use the gains she makes to feed herself and send some money to her grandmother in the village. She is over 70 years old and she doesn't want hunger to kill her.

Mary Daniel Accident Story: How Her Parents Died & How Her Leg Was Amputated - Cut Off

Mary Daniel Onu Grew up in Katsina State where she lived with her parents before tragedy struck and she had an accident in 2006.

She was in Primary four when her beautiful hopes were dashed in December 2006 on the highway.

That fateful day, she and her parents were travelling to their country home in Ayingba, Kogi State, for Yuletide, when they were involved in a fatal accident.

Her parents and some others died in the crash that crushed her right leg. That was all she could remember until days later when she was left with a leg.

Mary Daniel was just 11-year-old when she had the accident. Her leg was shattered and it had to be amputated. The Doctor said if her leg was not Amputated that she would die.

BBC Interview Video: Mary Daniel BBC Interview Video 

Pregnancy, Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock: Mary Daniel Onu got pregnant out of wedlock. In 2018, her grandma told her a man in the village wanted to marry her and she asked her to come home. While they were dating, Mary Daniel got pregnant but he denied being responsible for the pregnancy.

Out of shame, she relocated to Asaba (Delta State) and continued hawking sachet water. She  squatted with a woman from her village for some months before she rented an apartment.

Children, Child, Daughter, Baby: Mary Daniel Onu has a two-year-old child, a daughter who now stays with the woman she lived with in Asaba. Mary Daniel gave birth in 2019.

A car brushed her arm while she was hawking in Asaba traffic while she was heavily pregnant then. One man saw her bleeding and gave her N100,000. She used the money to rent a small apartment and bought some baby things.

She only had a two-week ‘maternity leave’ before she returned to the streets, manoeuvring the traffic to sell water with her baby strapped to the back.

Bottled Water Business, Hawking In Lagos: Amputee Mary Daniel, speaking about her bottled water business, told The Punch in an interview, 

“I met with a woman selling noodles and I explained my plight to her. She linked me up with one Alhaja from whom I buy packs of bottled water. I buy a pack for N600 and make N240 gain. I sell six to eight packs per day and make a profit of N1,000 to N1,500. I save N500 daily. I want to send the money for the upkeep of my daughter at the end of the month.”

Amputated Leg, Artificial Leg, Crutches: Mary Daniel said; “I wish to have a shop of my own so that I can have a better means to take care of my daughter and grandma. I used to have one artificial leg but it was painful whenever I wore it. So I decided to be using a crutch.”

Baby Daddy, Boyfriend: Who is Mary Daniel Onu boyfriend and baby daddy? Mary Daniel's baby daddy is her ex boyfriend and fiancé whom her grandma said wanted to marry her but dumped her after getting her pregnant.

Married, Husband: Is Mary Daniel Onu married? No, Mary Daniel is not yet married. Her marriage plan was aborted after her fiancé impregnated her and denied her pregnancy.

Single Mother: Mary John is a single mother of 1 daughter.

Family, Parents Death, Father Mother, Grandmother: Mary Daniel Onu's both parents died in the accident. She is an orphan.

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Mary Daniel Onu's siblings didn’t travel with her and her parents who died in the accident. Her younger brother, Godwin now lives with their aunt in the village while her elder sister, Esther, lives in Abuja. She’s married but living from hand to mouth.

Educational Background, School: Mary Daniel Onu dropped out of school at JSS 3. She was going to school on a government scholarship but they stopped paying her fees in 2014.

Size, Height, Weight: Mary Daniel is on the plus-sized.

Mary Daniel Before And After Pictures: Before and After Photos of Mary Daniel Onu

Before And Photos Of Mary Daniel Onu (Amputee Lagos Water Hawker) - Here are new, updated before & after photos, images, pics of Mary Daniel.
Mary Daniel old Vs Recent, Latest, Current Photos (Throwback Vs New Pictures of Mary Daniel Onu)

Salary, Donations, Net Worth: Mary John currently has about 14 Million Naira alert in her bank account from donations from Nigerians who sent money to her Access Bank Account number.

The amount donated to Mary Daniel Onu in picture

House: Photo of Mary Daniel Onu on the balcony where she sleeps in Lagos.

Mary Daniel Onu: Lagos Government Intervenes, To Empower Amputee Hawker, Single Parent, Relocates Her To Temporary Shelter, Home

The Lagos State Government, on Monday 12 April 2021, took over the welfare of Mary Daniel, the 26-year-old homeless amputee and single mother, whose tragic story trended on social media platforms over the weekend.

Pictures of Mary Onu at the Lagos State Government House Office

Speaking on the intervention of the State Government, the Special Adviser to the State Governor on Civic Engagement, Princess Aderemi Adebowale, stated that the move became necessary in order to protect the physically challenged woman from abuse and risk.

According to the Special Adviser, Mary Daniel Onu, an indigene of Ayingba, Kogi State, who just moved to Lagos two weeks ago, hawked table water in traffic in Oshodi to earn a living, is now in temporary protective custody pending when further plans would be concluded by the government to get her an apartment and also empower her.

Adebowale said, “The case of Mary Danielwas brought to my attention by the Managing Director, Lagos State Lotteries Board and two politicians from Oshodi who expressed concern about her safety as some kind-hearted individuals have started sending money to her account to assist her”.

She explained that after her interaction with daniel, it was agreed that the present administration should take over the case to ensure her personal safety, hence the involvement of the State Government.

Princess Adebowale promised to personally look over her as a guardian and make sure that she is properly settled in Lagos, saying “We will make sure she becomes a responsible citizen in the State”.

Mary Daniel And Uche Nwosu: Uche Nwosu Donates N1 Million To Mary Daniel, Lagos Amputee Water Hawker

Photos of Mary Daniel Onu dining and eating with Uche Nwosu, Okorocha's son-in-law
Picture of Mary Daniel and Uche Nwosu

Senator Okorocha's son-in-law, Uche Nwosu, on Sunday 11 2021 donated N1m to 26- year- old amputee water hawker, Mary Daniel.

Uche Nwosu said that he was moved by the lady’s strong commitment to hardwork despite her disability.

The politician, who urged other Nigerians to assist the lady, said, “Daniel has demonstrated the kind of I can-make-it spirit which Nigerians were known for.”

Mary Daniel And Victor Osimhen: Victor Osimhen Sends Money To Amputee Hawker, Mary Daniel

Super Eagles forward Victor Osimhen has splashed cash on Mary Daniel, an amputee, who hawked water for survival.

Osimhen saw the video and sent money to her through his friends.

Instagram: Mary Daniel Onu


Blackmail, Arrest: Mary Daniel "Lied, Arrested" By Lagos Government - The Nation

Claims by Mary Daniel, the Oshodi amputee hawker that she lost a leg in an accident that killed all passengers, including her parents when she was a teenager, have been discovered as false, The Nation learnt on Wednesday evening.

Daniel became a sensation weeks ago after pictures of her selling water at Oshodi emerged on social media and attracted sympathy from Nigerians across the world.

Daniel, in an interview, claimed she was an orphan with a baby and an aged grandmother to fend for.

She narrated how life dealt her several blows and she had to drop out of school and hit the streets to make ends meet.

Following her harrowing tales, Nigerians started donating money through her bank account made public with about N25m raised.

This prompted the state government to immediately shelter her to prevent criminals from taking advantage of her sudden fortune.

Just few days ago, a celebrity birthday party was held in her honour featuring many cakes, fanfare, photoshoots, among others.

All was going well for the young lady until the state government discovered on Thursday her father was alive.

It was also detected she was amputated from birth.

It was gathered Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu immediately handed her over to officials of the social welfare for investigation following revelations her case was staged.

Daniel, it was gathered, was receiving strange calls from those who staged her story with threats to reveal the truth unless she gave them their share of the money.

It was learnt Sanwo-Olu handed her over to officials of welfare in the presence of the police and some Kogi leaders, who attested her father was alive.

Commissioner of Police Hakeem Odumosu told The Nation the young woman was in the custody of officials of the Social Welfare and not the police as earlier reported.

“The police were there but she was not handed over to us. She was handed over to the Social Welfare. There were irregularities and lies in the account of her life she gave.

“It was discovered that contrary to her claim that her parents died during an accident that left her amputated, it was discovered that her father is very much alive and that she was amputated from birth.

“It was also discovered that her presence in Oshodi was staged. Those working with her played on the intelligence of Nigerians to get donations for her.

” It came to light when the people started threatening her. She promised some N500,000 others different amounts and was planning to return to her home state when the information leaked.

“I had to attach some policemen to her to prevent any attack on her when she went to the bank. We suspected those people might follow her but everything went well as they were not seen.

“Presently, the state government is preventing her from accessing the money.

“The government does not want a situation where it will become a trend for people to cook up stories, manipulate the people to get donations,” Odumosu explained.


Mary Daniel: Lagos State Government Debunks Claims Amputee Hawker Faked Identity

Lagos State Government has handed over Mary Daniel, the amputee sachet water hawker, to the leader of the Igala (Kogi State) community in the state, disclosing that the police were brought in during the hand-over event to protect Daniel.

The government denied the claims in some media reports that Daniel provided wrong information about the status of her parents, who before now were said to be dead. It also denied that it has withheld the fund donated to the lady as a result of the true status of her parents.

The special adviser, Office of Civic Engagement, Princess Aderemi Adebowale, while handing her over Daniel to her kinsmen disclosed that the state government will continue to protect all residents in the state, especially the vulnerable.

Recall that the amputee, whose story has attracted widespread attention, particularly in social media, has been in the safe custody of the state government in the past two weeks.

Adebowale said the government took the step to shield Daniel from possible fraudsters who may target the funds donated to her by well-meaning Nigerians.

According to the Special Adviser, the ultimate desire of the state government is to ensure that Daniel becomes a civically responsible citizen in the state, adding that “she now has the resources to take care of herself and her baby and have a new lease of life”.

Daniel was handed over to a committee comprising of the representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and the leader of Igala community in Lagos State, Mr Sanni Yakubu Ejima in the presence of the Divisional Police Officer, Alausa and representative of the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command.

Adebowale, while handing over Daniel to the leader of the Igalas in the state, explained that the police were brought in to the handing over to demonstrate that the state had taken good care of Daniel while in its custody and to ensure her safety thereafter.

Adebowale added that the committee is to oversee Daniel’s rehabilitation and ensure that the donated funds are judiciously utilized in the improvement of her standard of living and that of her baby.


Amputee hawker apologizes to Nigerians for lying; accuses her grandma of trying to blackmail her for money

Mary Daniel, the amputee hawker who has recently been accused of not being completely truthful about her condition, has apologized to Nigerians.

The 27-year-old single mother received N25million donations from Nigerians who were moved by claims that she lost her leg in an accident that claimed the life of all passengers, including her parents.

However, it's been claimed that there was no accident and she was amputated "from birth", a claim she denies. It was also reported that her father is still alive.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, Mary said she made a mistake by saying her father was dead, but she did so because the man abandoned her. 

Mary denied claims that her presence in Oshodi was staged to garner sympathy.

She said she's been hawking for a while to make ends meet.

She explained that she used to hawk in Onitsha, Anambra state, from where she moved to Asaba in Delta state and then to Lagos.

She also denied claims that she had been receiving strange calls from the people who staged her story as they want their share of her fortune.

She told SaharaReporters that it was her maternal grandmother who had been making the calls to demand for money even after she sent her N200,000.

As for lying about being in an accident, she claimed there was nothing to lie about as it's obvious she is an amputee who lost a leg. 

She said: "My father abandoned me since I was involved in this accident, there was no one to take care of me, nothing! That was why I said he's dead. But my mother is truly dead. I had an accident truly; I was not amputated from birth. 

"It was my grandmother that called me that she does not have anything, that if I have, I should send it. I said let me give her small money so she can use it to manage herself for now. I wanted to send N100,000, I sent N200, 000 instead. She called me and asked why I sent her such a meagre amount, that, do I think she doesn't know what's going on, that how will people be contributing money for me and all I do is to send N200,000. 

"She said I'd rather send more money or she will expose me and I will go back to selling pure water. I was shocked and asked what sort of thing is this. She's my maternal grandmother, she is really old. 

"My aunties and uncles from my mother's side are the ones pushing my grandmother into this and if she continues like this, later she will regret it. I have told her to calm down that I will take care of her but she refused. She is busy following her children around, making videos, that's their business. 

"Nigerians should forgive me. People that stay on the streets and in noisy places, they hardly have a settled mind and I said my father is late so Nigerians can help me. I made a big mistake; Nigerians should please forgive me. 

"I want to open a supermarket in Lagos. I have always been a pure water hawker. Lagos is not the first place, I started from Onitsha, from there, I sold pure water in Asaba from there I came to Lagos. I don't beg, even in my condition, I hawk that water so I can survive. That's the business I have always been doing. 

"I really appreciate the Lagos state government, Mr Idris, the hotel man that gave me accommodation, that celebrated my birthday. I also appreciate Princess Aderemi, for all the support and everyone that helped. I promise not to fail Nigerians."

Also speaking, His Royal Highness, Sani Yakubu Ejima, Onu Igala, leader of the Igala people in Lagos and chairman of all the Kogi Igala traditional rulers in Lagos told the publication that Mary Daniel was not handed over to the police as some reports had claimed. 

According to him, the Special Adviser to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Civic Engagement, Aderemi Adebowale, handed Daniel over to a committee, including Irede Foundation and to him so they can assist Daniel in setting up a business.

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