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History Of Merlisa Determined: Everything To Know About  Merlisa 'Determined' Langellier Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Relationship, Married, Parents, Family, Mother, Jason Langellier, Siblings

Who is Merlisa Determined?

Merlisa Determined (born 11 September) whose real name is  Merlisa Langellier, is an American born actress, United Nations Ambassador, Entrepreneur, Radio Personality, instagram influencer who has won many awards as an actor.

Pictures of Merlisa Determined Langellier

All About Merlisa Determined Langellier Career, Occupation, Life History And Story (United Nations Ambassador)

Merlisa Determined was born in the Virgin Islands. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a concentration in Psychology. She is an Accredited UN (United Nations) Ambassador with Special Consultative Status with The Social and Economic Council (UNECOSOC) in Geneva, Switzerland. Vice President of a nonprofit organization Empowering women and girls worldwide, Africa, America and the Caribbean Islands. She is a Humanitarian, Philanthropist and An International Multiple Award Winning Actress, A multifaceted Award winning Tv Host for Houston Caribbean Festival and Radio Host on KCOH 1230am radio #WorldBestSundays

Photos of Merlisa Determined

Coming from humbling beginnings Merlisa Determined believes strongly in giving back and getting involved in her community. 

Following with the United Nations mission on gender equality, women’s empowerment, and human rights, "Strategic Alignment of like minds llc, Insurmountable Women” under the leadership of Cheif Envoy Officer Dr. Delphina Chikamele Amuneke-SamueL, Merlisa have been working in consort with different Ambassadors worldwide, Leaders in the locality of Houston, Texas as well as Leaders in Africa to help and support those insurmountable, victimized, abused and neglected women, through the U.N. Global Network, Nations, People, and Organizations. Many Leaders and Ambassadors are working diligently to ensure that women have a real voice. Participating in issues relating to Education, Training of Women, Women Rights, Equality and Awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, etc., on the population in their environment. Women Empowerment via the instrumentality of skill acquisition programs (SBA) by evolving and creating a synergy and collaboration between the African Women in the International Diaspora, Caribbean Islands and those in the United States.

Since portraying a young single mother infected with HIV/AIDS in the award winning Film, AS I DIE SLOWLY, Merlisa has utilized her Celebrity platform traveling the United States, Public Speaking, Educating, University and High School students on the importance of HIV/AIDS AWARENESS with this maxim: "GET TESTED NOT INFECTED". She has teamed up with several community Leaders, Activist, raising awareness, part taking in numerous HIV/AIDS awareness walks, community outreach programs, volunteering at education centers. Merlisa is working with several Non-Profit organizations, tackling different issues around the globe, such as AAPI (African Artists Peace Initiative), SAOLM-IW (Strategic Alignment of like Minds) Empowering Women and Girls, CDT (Courage to helping fight breast Cancer, MCF (Mervyn Cooper Foundation), helping raise funds for families in need, HCF organization (Houston Caribbean Festival), empowering youth, raising Caribbean culture awareness etc.

Garnered several movie nominations and received rave reviews worldwide, International Award winning actress, Merlisa Determined has been featured in several Films, TV movies, such as NICKI, a movie Produced by Hollywood Veteran actor Clifton Powell, award winning Docu-Drama Film "AS I DIE SLOWLY, THE LAND and PAGE 36. Since spending time in Cameroon, Africa through 2014 working on the International Film title FAR, Merlisa has shown no signs of slowing down. She has pushed forward featuring in several Indie movie projects such as GEM of the RAINFOREST, TEMPT to FIRE, UNEQUALLY CREATED, BRIDES WAR, SILENT RETREAT, the award winning comedy FALSE ENGAGEMENTS, etc... Fans will get to see this Determined actress in a new light this year with the highly anticipated release of the award winning Film POUND of FLESH, where Merlisa portrays a broken hearted mother, who shows compassion for a man on the run, who took the life of her only child. Currently Merlisa is developing and Sharpening her acting skills as she takes on a new television series title BAYOU CITY KINGS and New movie BITTER SWEET set to release 2016.

AWARDS, Nominations: Merlisa Determined has won many Awards

-2015 (NAFCA Movie Awards) Nominated Best Lead Actress in Diaspora Film "Pound of Flesh"

-2015 (Caribbean Achievement Award) Won COMMUNITY ADVOCATE, Humanitarian & Philanthropy Award 

-2015 movie " Pound of Flesh" won Rising Star Award @Canada Int'l Film Festival

-2014 movie "Gem of the Rainforest" Won Best Director in Diaspora @NAFCA-African Oscars

-2014 movie "False Engagement" Won Best Drama/Film @ F.A.C.E. Awards (Festival of Arts & Cultural Expo)

-2014 (Caribbean Achievment Awards) Won Best Tv Hostess 

- 2012 (Golden Icon Academy Movie Awards) Won VIEWERS CHOICE Award for Best Actress in Diaspora Film

- 2012 (African Oscars Awards) movie "As I Die Slowly" Won Best Docu-Drama Film 

- 2012 (USAfrica Best of Africa Awards) Won the International Heritage Actress of the year Award

Movies: Merlisa Determined has featured in the following American, Hollywood and Nollywood movies, How To Get Away With Cheating, Special Jollof, Clash, Lone Star Deception, Pound Of Flesh, Page 36, The Land, Gem of the Rainforest, among others.

Merlisa Determined, Nollywood, Nigerian Actress, Movies: Merlisa Determined has acted with Uche Jombo, Omoni Oboli, Destiny Etiko and others in some Nigerian movies.

Full Name: Merlisa Langellier

Nickname, Professional Name: Merlisa Determined

Real Name: Merlisa Determined real name is  Merlisa Langellier.

Place Of Birth: Merlisa Determined was born at Island of St. Croix in the Virgin Islands.

Nationality, Ethnicity, Tribe, Country Of Origin: Where is Merlisa Determined from? Merlisa Determined is from Virgin Islands, Caribbean - US.

Ethnicity: Black

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Merlisa Determined was born on 11 September.

Age: How old is Merlisa Determined Langellier?

Height: How tall is Merlisa Determined? Merlisa Determined Langellier is about 5"7 feet tall.

Natural Hair, Without Makeup: Merlisa Determined likes to rock her natural hair and to go without makeup. But also wears makeup and braids her hair or rocks wigs, weaves.

Merlisa Determined Langellier Make free and natural hair photo

Merlisa Determined hairstyle

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Merlisa Determined was raised by her mother, Raymona Langellier who raised 10 children.

Picture of Merlisa Determined and her mother

Mother: Who is Merlisa Determined mother? Merlisa Determined Langellier mom is Raymona Langellier.

Meet Merlisa Determined mother (photo)

Merlisa Determined was raised by her mother Raymona, a strong, beautiful, woman  who worked hard to support and encourage a close knit, strong family.  Witnessing her mother’s strength, compassion, wisdom and love for her children fuels her inspiration and builds the foundation that keeps her focused, grounded and driven. 

Photo of Merlisa Determined Langellier mother and her brothers

Celebrating her mum on her Instagram page, Merlisa Determined shared photo and wrote:

"When I look at my mommy standing boldly with my brothers @ my sissy Tonia beautiful #wedding Celebration. I can't help but to give God All the Glory and the Praise for the Strength, Wisdom and Love, He stored in her to raise 10 children. I always look at mommy & say "mommy, I don't know how you did it" and her humble response always "Well y'all are my kids and as long as God give me the strength, I had to do it". Forever my Role Model #family #mother #brothers #sisters #onelove #jasonlangellier".

Siblings, Brothers, Sisters: Merlisa Determined has other Brothers and sisters.

Pictures of Merlisa Determined Langellier and her brothers
Photo of Merlisa Determined brother

Educational Background: Merlisa Determined earned a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Texas Southern University.  While at Texas Southern she also studied Theatre Arts, taking part in several stage plays at Ollington Smith Playhouse & The Encore Theatre. She then went on to study under Robert Simms at Master Theater Company.

Wedding, Married, Husband: Is Merlisa Determined married? Who is Merlisa Determined husband? Merlisa Determined is not yet married and doesn't show off her fiancé or relationship on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Photo of Merlisa Determined and Perez Egbi, Nigerian born Nollywood actor

Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend: Who is Merlisa Determined dating, boyfriend? Merlisa Determined Langellier has not revealed who her boyfriend is.

Net Worth: Merlisa Determined net worth is about $800,000 US Dollars.

House, Cars: Merlisa Determined lives in the US and drives her cars.

Instagram: Merlisa Determined Instagram Page Account Profile Handle, Name merlisadetermined

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