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Instagram Pictures: About Mbali Omuhle aka Mtimkulu Mbalenhle Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Height, Surgery, Weight Loss Transformation Before And After Photos, Parents, Siblings, Sister, Mother, Nationality, House, Cars, Hips, Bikini, Ms Mtimkulu Mbalenhle Mbali Omuhle Images, Pictures, Ig Pics

History Of Mtimkulu Mbalenhle: Everything To Know About Mbali Omuhle Bio Wiki Profile, Boyfriend, Husband, Weight Loss Before & After Transformation Story, Net Worth, Hips, Legs, Thigh, Surgery

Who Is Mtimkulu Mbalenhle?
Wikipedia Biography Profile: Who is Mbali Omuhle?

Mbali Omuhle (born 30 May) whose real name is Mtimkulu Mbalenhle is a beautiful curvy plus-sized South African social media Influencer and gym enthusiast whose weight loss Journey story made her more popular on Instagram and Facebook.
Pictures of Mtimkulu Mbalenhle

Name: Mbali Omuhle
Other Names: Mtimkulu Mbalenhle
Full, Real Name: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Mbalenhle

Nationality, Ethnicity, Country Origin Origin, Hometown: Where is Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu from? Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu is from South Africa.

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Body Measurements, Size, Weight, Height

Height: How tall is Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu? Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu is about 5"4 feet tall.

Photos of Mbali Omuhle standing at 5"4 feet tall

Weight: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu weighed 120KG before she started weight loss Journey by working out.
Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu current weight: is 69.5KG

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Goal weight is 65KG.

Thighs, Legs, Waist: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu wrote on her Instagram page after sharing her photo;

Photos, Images of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu

"Thick thighs...small waist 😍


"I didn't choose the Thick Thigh life...😂 the Thick Thigh life chose me🙋🏻‍♀"
Old Throwback photos of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu when she was still fat before Weight loss

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Weight Loss Transformation Journey & Tips: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu weight loss story has amazed many of her Instagram followers. 
Mbali Omuhle aka Mtimkulu Mbalenhle wrote:

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Before And After Weight Loss Transformation Pictures
Old Vs New looks of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu (Images)

"When I started I weighed 120KG...
Current weight : 69.5KG
Goal weight 65KG

No pap, rice, pasta or bread
No beef, pork or lamb
No soda
No alcohol
No sweets or bubblegum

Veggies with chicken, boiled eggs or fish
Green tea with lemon
2L of water
20 crunches (3sets)
30-60 mins workout ✨🏋🏻‍♀❤

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Before And After Weight Loss Transformation Pictures: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu always shares her before and after weight loss transformation photos to encourage others plus-sized ladies. 
On weight loss Journey, Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu wrote:

Old photos of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Vs New Recent Latest Pictures of Mtimkulu Mbalenhle

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Throwback Vs Recent Current Pictures

Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Before And After Photos (Weight Loss Transformation)

"If you're gonna start the weight loss journey... It shouldn't be because someone told you to lose weight, it should be something you want for yourself ✨

"We are shaped by our thoughts ...we become what you think🙂"

"Took me 2years to get to where I am...some days I wanted to give up and I had to keep pushing because I wasn't gonna give up just like that.
I've been saying master your mindset and you'll master your body🙋🏻‍♀"

"A positive mindset is everything...eliminate the word "can't" when you speak because if I can do can you 🏋🏻‍♀"

Surgery: Did Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu do plastic or cosmetic surgery to lose or shed weight or to gain her curves? No, Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Mbalenhle did not do any Surgery to enhance her curvy body or to lose weight. 

How Did Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Lose Her Fat, Weight? Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu lost her fat, weight through gym fitness Workout and diet.

Gym, Workout Fitness: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu writes about her fitness journey on her Instagram page;

"Been doing this fitness thing for 2years...😂 and I've never cheated 🙋🏻‍♀
Lol commitment ke ntho tsa ka😅

#wcwednesday✨🍃🌻 🏋🏻‍♀"

"Fitness has changed my life completely 🙌🏻 
Lol never in a million years did I think I'd be the one to wear crop tops publicly😂 mara bona nou😊🤭

Hope my story continues to inspire many more❤

Natural Hair, Hairstyle: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu likes to rock her natural hair and sometimes braids.

Photos of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu natural hair

No Makeup Pictures: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu likes to share her photos without makeup.

Pictures of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu without makeup - natural face

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu was born into a family of two. She is the elder of two children by her mum. 
Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu father was never in the picture as she was raised by a single mom.

Family picture of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu with her kid sister and their mother
Photo of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu and her mother

Mother: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu mother is a single mother who raised her and her sister singlehandedly.
Celebrating her mother on Instagram, Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu shared photo of her mother and wrote:
Photo of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu mother

"Your strength is undeniable
When I'm down I call you, the thought of you is reliable❤
Love being around you, your energy is desirable
Ain't nobody can tell me you're nothing less than a goddess.
And I'ma give my kids that same light
I'ma make you proud, just hang tight!
Just know that a better life is on the way!
I'm thankful you gifted me breath
I'm grateful for the life you give✨

Mommy dearest 🥰

Siblings, Sister: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu has an only Sibling, a younger sister.
Pictures of Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu and her younger sister whom she refers to as her 'baby sister.'
Picture of Mbali Omuhle and her sister
Picture of Mbali Omuhle Sister

Married, Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu married? Who is Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu Husband? Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu is not yet married. Her Facebook profile says she is single.

Relationship, Boyfriend: Who is Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu dating, boyfriend? Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu keeps her Dating and Relationship life away from social media.

Dating A Thick Plus-sized Lady & Stretch Marks: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu wrote on Facebook;

"Can't love them thick... But hate stretch marks ✨😌
Thick thighs are for grown men🙂
Stretch marks are for grown men 🙂
Grown women are for grown men😌"

Net Worth: Mbali Omuhle Mtimkulu net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars.

Instagram: Mbali Omuhle aka Mtimkulu Mbalenhle Instagram Page Account Profile Handle 


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