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Wikipedia, Profile: Who Is Houston Scott Jovie?
Houston Jovie Scott simply known as Houston Scott (born 21 May 1989) is a 6’3 tall American bodybuilder, fitness model and gym enthusiast who is based in Los Angeles, California.

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Houston Jovie Scott is from America.

Ethnicity: Houston Jovie Scott is Black, African descent.

Place Of Resident: Los Angeles, California

Full Name: Houston Jovie Scott

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Houston Jovie Scott was born on 21 May 1989.

Age: Houston Jovie Scott is 31 years old as at 2020. 
Houston Scott celebrated his 31st birthday on May 21 in 2020.
Writing about his age, Houston Jovie Scott wrote on his Facebook page;

"Sometimes I think to myself... I can’t believe I’m 31. πŸ˜† Aging like wine, staying healthy and most importantly, HAPPY"

Many were asking if 31 years is Houston Scott real age. Some fans of the fitness Model and bodybuilder felt that Houston Scott looks 25, at least below 30.

Bodybuilder, Gym Fitness, Workout, 6 Pack Abs: Houston Jovie Scott is into bodybuilding, works out at the gym as a body builder.

Height: Houston Jovie Scott is 6’3 ft tall.

Body Weight: Houston Jovie Scott Weighs 230lbs

2013 Vs 2019 Throwback photos of Houston Jovie Scott

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Houston Jovie Scott shared Picture with his mother.
Mother: Meet Houston Scott Jovie mum (Picture)

Wife: Houston Jovie Scott is not yet married and doesn't show off his relationship or Fiancee on his Instagram page.

Houston jovie scott body builder photos

Girlfriend: Who is Houston Jovie Scott dating, girlfriend? Houston Scott is dating his girlfriend but doesn't like to show his girlfriend off on His Instagram page, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Houston Scott Gay Partner Boyfriend: Houston Scott is Gay. The name of his gay partner and boyfriend is Urban Richard Simmons aka Winwhite97 on Twitter.
Houston Scott Gay Partner Boyfriend

Net Worth: Houston Jovie Scott makes money as a fitness model, brand influencer and from bodybuilding. But Houston Scott net worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Houston Jovie Scott Instagram page Account Profile Handle houstonjoviescott 
Houston Scott
• STATS- 6’3 230lbs

Twitter: Houston Jovie Scott Twitter account is ... 

Houston jovie scott age
Houston jovie scott height
Houston jovie Scott Twitter

Facts About Houston Jovie Scott By Houston Scott Himself.

Bodybuilder and fitness Model, Houston Scott, wrote a couple of facts about himself on his Instagram page:

Couple Of Facts.
1. I’m 6’3. This is literally written in my profile but people seem to skip past it. I’ll probably move it to the top.
2. My name is actually Houston. Just like the city. Not my location. 
3. My birthday is May 21. Perfect time of the year I’d say. πŸ˜‰
4. I’m actually an pretty damn good drawer. Love traditional art. Really good with the pencil. 
5. I used to be the shy, reserved kid. I would wear thick clothing and jackets all the time. Now I don’t care obviously. Lol 
6. I’m from the show me state! Show me 7. I’ll show ya 8! πŸ’―πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ See what I did dur! πŸ˜‰
Anyway, drop something that I don’t know about you! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️⬇️
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