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Wikipedia: Profile History: Who is Fisayo Fosudo?

Fisayo Fosudo is a Nigerian born visual storyteller, vlogger and technology 'tech' video producer with a background in economic analysis, brand communication and technology. 

Fisayo Fosudo makes video reviews about smartphones, accessories, apps and mobile technology on YouTube. 
Fisayo Fosudo 10 years challenge photo

Fisayo Fosudo always dreamed of creating content about mobile technology, this dates back to when he was just a 17-year-old. He drew and sold comics before university and once he gained admission into the University, he created designs for numerous firms and friends, this was his main source of income.

Fisayo Fosudo began uploading mobile tech videos on YouTube in 2016.

In May 2016, Fisayo Fosudo did three things he had never done before. He took an Uber ride,  filmed a conversation with the driver and published the video on YouTube. Inspired by that first video, after saving enough money (more than $5,000 USD), Fisayo bought video production gear and published his first tech video in November 2016.

Fisayo Fosudo specializes in Smartphones, gadgets, applications and he has made it his mission to build one of the most engaged tech communities in the space.

Fisayo Fosudo works as an Ambassador for Musicbed one of the largest music licensing companies for content creators and a content partner with BusinessDay Media. 

Fisayo Fosudo has been featured on YNaija’s New Establishment List for Top 50 Nigerian Youths to look out for in 2018, BellaNaija’s top 10 List of Video Creators on YouTube, Channels TV’s Network Africa, Twice, Business Day Newspaper’s Startup Digest and many more. He’s spoken at Conferences like UnionBank's Edu360, Social Media Week, The HAAFrica Conference at Eko Hotel, Connect Nigeria with British Council and many others.

YouTube: Fisayo Fosudo currently has a total social following of over 103,000, with tens of millions of impressions and over 4 million video views from making unique weekly technology videos for the African space and globally.

Pictures of Fisayo Fosudo and Tobi ‘MissTechy” Ayeni, Eric ‘KnewKeed’ Okafor

Fisayo Fosudo's YouTube videos are detailed, the reviews are apt. With over 103k subscribers and counting, Fisayo Fosudo creates stunning, in-depth content that delivers the information the way it should be and he coined the phrase “Without #FodaAdu”.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Fisayo Fosudo from, which state?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Fisayo Fosudo was born on 23 October.
Fisayo Fosudo celebrated his 25th birthday on 23rd of October 2020.

Real Age: How old is Fisayo Fosudo? Fisayo Fosudo is currently 25 years old as at 2020.
Childhood baby pictures of Fisayo Fosudo (Throwback)

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Fisayo Fosudo was born into a Yoruba family. Fisayo Fosudo has a younger sister.

Sister: childhood photo of Fisayo Fosudo and his younger sister.
Throwback photo of Fisayo Fosudo and his Sister

Father: Photo of Fisayo Fosudo and his father - throwback Vs Recent, adult pictures

Mother: photo of Fisayo Fosudo and his mother, Throwback and recent pictures.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Fisayo Fosudo Married? Fisayo Fosudo is not yet Married and doesn't show off his Fiancee on his Instagram page, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Girlfriend, Dating: Fisayo Fosudo has a girlfriend he is dating but doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or relationship on his Instagram page.

Educational Background, School: Fisayo Fosudo attended University of Lagos
Bachelor’s Degree Economics
2011 - 2015

Net Worth: Fisayo Fosudo is one of the highest earners on YouTube.

In 2018, Fisayo worked with 18 different brands and while he won’t share specifics on how much the brands pay him, other YouTubers have confirmed they charge between N150-N200K (about $415-550 USD) on average for videos. At N200K per video, a YouTuber that creates four brand-sponsored videos in a month will make N800K. That’s a lot more money than they can earn directly from YouTube.

Fisayo Fosudo net worth (revenue, salary) is seen below

Height: How tall is Fisayo Fosudo?

Black Turtleneck: Fisayo Fosudo likes to wear turtleneck clothes. In August 2019, Fisayo Fosudo shared photo of him rocking turtleneck on his Instagram page and wrote: 

Photos of Fisayo Fosudo

Pictures of Fisayo Fosudo and his love for turtleneck shirts

"Without #FodaAdu, I think I’ve worn a turtleneck for almost every day this year so far 🤔 ...."

House, Cars: Fisayo Fosudo car....

DSTV Advert: Fisayo Fosudo had a lead role in a @DStvNg commercial DStv Auto Revew advert.

Instagram: Fisayo Fosudo Instagram Page Account Profile Handle fisayofosudo

Gym, Fitness, Workout: Fisayo Fosudo works out at the gym sometimes to keep fit.

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