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Everything To Know: All About Enyinna Nwigwe Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Son, Real Wife Name, Married, Dating, Wedding, Height, Family, Sister, Parents, Father, Mother, State Of Origin, Images, Tribe, Village, Ig Pics, Photos, Pictures

Who Is Enyinna Nwigwe?
Enyinna Nwigwe is a handsome Nigerian born Nollywood actor, producer, model, and entrepreneur who has featured in many high profile Nigerian movies.

How And When Enyinna Nwigwe Joined Nollywood & Started Acting: Enyinna Nwigwe began his career as a runway and print model before going Into acting. He made his professional film debut in the 2004 film "Wheel of Change", directed by Jeta Amata.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Enyinna Nwigwe from? Enyinna Nwigwe hails from Ngor Okpala Local Government Area of Imo state, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Enyinna Nwigwe was born on 18th September 1982.

Real Age: How old is Enyinna Nwigwe? Enyinna Nwigwe is 38 years old as at 2020. 
Enyinna Nwigwe celebrated his 38th birthday in September.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Enyinna Nwigwe was born into a family of 4 children. Enyinna Nwigwe's parents are retired civil servants. He is the last child of his family.
Photo of Enyinna Nwigwe parents - father and mother. 
Throwback Picture of Enyinna Nwigwe father and mother

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Enyinna Nwigwe has two sisters and a brother. He is the last child.

Educational Background: Enyinna Nwigwe graduated from the University of Calabar (UNICAL) with a degree in Economics.

Marriage, Married: Is Enyinna Nwigwe married? Enyinna Nwigwe is not yet married to any wife. 
Talking about his marriage, wedding, Enyinna Nwigwe told Inside Nollywood:

“It is so funny. I get messages like, I’m pregnant for you, God told me you are my husband, if you get married and it’s not me, it won’t work. All kinds of random messages. I just look at them and smile". 

“I’m not scared of getting married at all. I believe in timing. I am only worried about getting married to the wrong person. I’m not willing to go through that all. That’s why I have been careful not to make that terrible mistake".

Real Wife Name: Enyinna Nwigwe hasn't revealed the name of his wife to be.

Dating, Fiancee, Girlfriend: Who is Enyinna Nwigwe dating? Enyinna Nwigwe has dated lots of pretty women but he doesn't show off his girlfriend or fiancee on his Instagram page.

Wedding Pictures: Enyinna Nwigwe has married lots of beautiful wives in movies. Sharing white and traditional wedding pictures of some of the women he has married in movies on his Instagram page, Enyinna Nwigwe wrote: 

Last time I put up a wedding post, my rude friend called me “Husband of the husbandless”. Let’s see what other titles he got up his ‘stankn’ breath!😤 Ps.... But wait o, do I really still need a real wedding ceremony in my life? Seeing I have done all...Or eeezeet remaining Navy wedding??? (Wait fess, eeez deez the kind of sense that kee’s some pipo??? 🤔🧠💭) #SaturdaysAreStillForWeddings"

Enyinna Nwigwe and Daniella Down: Enyinna Nwigwe got married to Daniella Down, a British Nollywood actress who acted as his Fiancee and wife in the blockbuster "Wedding Party".

Children, Son: Enyinna Nwigwe doesn't have a child, son, daughter or children yet but sure likes Children a lot as he likes to post pictures of him with kids on his Instagram page.

Movies and TV Shows: Enyinna Nwigwe has featured in many Nollywood movies such as, Wheel of Change, Last Game, Games Men Play,  The Amazing Grace, Black Gold, Turning Point, Black November, Silver Rain, Put a Ring on It, Hell or High Water, When Love Happens Again,Dinner, The Wedding Party, Hire A Man, Atlas, The Wedding Party 2, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, Cold Feet, Dear Affy, among others.

Gay Role: Enyinna Nwigwe was cast in the lead role of a gay pastor in 'Hell or High Water' (directed by AMVCA winner Asurf Oluseyi) in 2015.

Net Worth: Enyinna Nwigwe makes money as a top Nollywood actor, producer and brand ambassador.

Gym, Fitness, Muscle, 6 Pack Abs: Enyinna Nwigwe likes to workout at the gym to build his muscles and look fit.

Enyinna Nwigwe gym photos
Photos of Enyinna Nwigwe at the gym

Height: How tall is Enyinna Nwigwe? Enyinna Nwigwe is 5' 11" (1.8 m) tall.

House, Cars: Enyinna Nwigwe lives in a beautiful house - apartment and drives nice cars but he doesn't like to show off.

Cooking, Cook, Culinary: Enyinna Nwigwe likes to cook and show his culinary skills. His motor is;

"Man In The Kitchen
Enyinna Nwigwe Is On A #CulinaryAdventure Figuring This Cooking Thing Out One Meal At A Time | Food Has No Gender."

Instagram: Enyinna Nwigwe Instagram page Account Profile Handle a_yinna

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ENYINNA NWIGWE Full Biography, Wikipedia, Profile History From his Facebook page

Nigerian born Nollywood Actor and Producer  Enyinna Nwigwe has mounted an impressive climb to stardom during a bi-global career, working in partnership with some of the most respected producers and directors in Africa and beyond.

The talented and good-looking Enyinna Nwigwe was born  in Benue state Nigeria. Andy/Yina (as friends like to call him)is the last of four children born to public servant parents in Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Calabar in Nigeria, Enyinna first made the headlines in Nigeria when as a shy teenager he won the teenage tennis tournament in his state, a title he went on to defend the next year. He began his entertainment career.

As a runway model and transcended into a much sought after model for print advertising, but ultimately found his calling when he met internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jeta Amata who instantly saw the potential in him and went on to cast him in his first movie role and thus his prominent acting career
was born.

Enyinna has been described as the ‘ladies-man’ as his appearance in any movie keeps the girls wanting more. he however shies away from this fact. He believes that he should be judged by his skills rather than his looks.

Beginning in 2005 with starring roles in videos such as ‘Wheel of Change’ and ‘Last Game’ he earned the reputation of a rising star in Nigeria. He continued to land a variety of roles such as an attorney in ‘Games Men Play, He also took it further and dared to go where eagles dread when he played a gay lawyer in “Reloaded”, Enyinna went on to build a more impressive fan base when he took on the role of the philandering bachelor in the Nigerian- Guinness sponsored tv series “ Bachelors”,The leading man in Jeta Amata’s ‘Mary Slessor’ with which he also earned his first  “Producer” title and also has Titles like “Sarauniya” (The story of Queen Amina)under his Producer belt, all geared towards preserving the Nigerian heritage. He also starred in “The Amazing Grace”, and most recently starring in the explosive political thriller ‘Black November’ as Tamuno.

It is ‘Black November” a riveting film by Jeta Amata which depicts the violence, corruption and human injustice in the Niger Delta that has introduced Enyinna to America and potentially the rest of the world.

Americans have already grown fond of his glowing gifts as an actor with many suggesting that he is a rare combination of Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington.

Gaudy accolades to say the least, but a measuring stick for just how great Enyinna Nwigwe can become.

Enyinna is part of the campaign “Save the Niger Delta”, a movement aimed at cleaning up the oil spills in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, one that informed the “Black November” story. He also is doing his bit to take Nollywood to the world and bring the world to Nollywood.

2011 City People's Award for 'Best Supporting Actor'

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