20 Hot Instagram Pictures Of Andiswa Selepe & DJ Melzi Tumelo Mphai: The Bomb RSA Husband, Fiancé, Dating

About DJ Melzi Tumelo Mphai And Andiswa TS Selepe Tshabalala The Bomb RSA, Photos On Instagram: Dating, Fiancé, Engagement, Relationship, Husband & Wife, Girlfriend & Boyfriend, Wedding, Fiancee

DJ Melzi And Andiswa TS Selepe Finest Photos, Pictures, Images, Ig Pics.

Andiswa TS Selepe is a beautiful South African Social media star celebrity and influencer, popular for her curves. Andiswa Selepe who is popularly called 'The Bomb RSA' is 17 years old.

Tumelo Mphai aka DJ Melzi is a tall South African DJ, Musical artist and an entrepreneur. DJ Melzi is currently 19 years old in 2020.

Husband & Wife: DJ Melzi Tumelo Mphai calls The Bomb RSA his wife.

Engaged: DJ Melzi and Andiswa Selepe are engaged to be married.

About Andiswa Selepe And DJ Melzi Relationship, Dating, Marriage, Wedding Plans: Tumelo Mphai Aka DJ Melzi and Andiswa Selepe The Bomb RSA are dating, in a serious relationship and are planning to get married. They both love to flaunt their relationship, love and affair on their Instagram pages.

Ages: DJ Melzi is 2 Years older than his girlfriend, Andiswa Selepe The Bomb RSA. 

Instagram Account Profile Handle:
DJ Melzidjmelzi_official_ 
The Bomb RSAthebomb.rsa 

Andiswa Selepe And DJ Melzi photos, Pictures

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