Uchechi Okonkwo Instagram Pictures, Boyfriend: 10 Facts About Ada Kirikiri Profile, Net Worth, Songs, Phone Number, State Origin, Height

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Everything To Know About Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo: Recent Photos, Images, Pictures On Instagram - Ig Pics, Videos - All About Nollywood Actress, Singer, Uchechi Okonkwo Profile Bio, History, Phone Number, State Of Origin, Siblings

Who is Uchechi Okonkwo?
Uchechi Okonkwo popularly known as Ada Kirikiri is a Nigerian born young actress, gospel singer, writer and dancer.

Full Name: Okonkwo Uchechi Treasure

Ada Kirikiri Real Name: Uchechi Okonkwo

Child Actress, Teenage Star: Uchechi Okonkwo Aka Ada Kirikiri started as a child entertainer, Nollywood child/teenage actor.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Uchechi Okonkwo 'Ada Kirikiri' is from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Uchechi Okonkwo 'Ada Kirikiri' was born on 12 October....
Uchechi Okonkwo recently celebrated her birthday. 

Photos from Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo's birthday party

Real Age: How old is Uchechi Okonkwo Ada Kirikiri?

Family, Siblings, Biological Parents, Father, Mother: Uchechi Okonkwo Ada Kirikiri doesn't often flaunt her real, biological parents.

Ada Kirikiri And Chief Imo: Is Ada Kirikiri, Chief Imo's reeal daughter? No, Ada Kirikiri is not Chief Imo's Biological daughter.

Is Chief Imo Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo's real father? No, Chief Imo is not Ada Kirikiri's Biological father.

Chief Imo only acts as Ada Kirikiri's screen father in movies.

Ada Kirikiri and Sister Maggi: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo is not Sister Maggi's real daughter and Sister Maggie is not Ada Kirikiri's Biological mother.

Movies: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo has featured in the following Nollywood movies and comedy, Twins Killing Forest, No Leave No Transfer, The Couple, Mama Cameroon, Chief And Lolo Imo, among others.

Photo of Uchechi Okonkwo and Ujams Cbriel

Songs: Uchechi Okonkwo songs include, Okeosisi, Jesus, etc 

YouTube: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo is on YouTube. Her YouTube channel name is Ada Kirikiri.

Height: How tall is Uchechi Okonkwo Ada Kirikiri?

Net Worth: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo is already making money from acting, music, comedy as an Instagram brand influencer but Uchechi Okonkwo's net worth is unavailable.

Beautiful photos of Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo on Instagram

Pictures of Uchechi Okonkwo Ada Kirikiri on her Instagram Page

Instagram: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo's Instagram Page Account Profile Handle adakirikiri

Phone Number: Ada Kirikiri Uchechi Okonkwo's w𝚑𝚊𝚝𝚜𝚊𝚙𝚙 Phone Number is: ‪+234 902 935 1855‬
Ada Kirikiri Recent photos
Uchechi Okonkwo New pictures

Boyfriend: Uchechi Okonkwo Ada Kirikiri is still a little girl whose interest is her education, acting and music career and not distractions.

2017 Throwback photos of Adakirikiri

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