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Instagram Pictures: Meet Obotuke Timothy Aka Sirbalo, Bio, Wikipedia, Real Name, Girlfriend, Age, Birthday, Wife, State Of Origin, Parents, Family, Sirbalo Comedy Net Worth, Height, Marriage, Wedding, Movies, Videos, Obotuke Timothy Full Biography, Profile, History, Photos, Images, Ig Pics,

Who is Timothy Obotuke?

Who is Sirbalo?

Sirbalo whose real name is Timothy Obotuke is a Nigerian born Instagram and YouTube Comedian, Nollywood actor, social media influencer and Video content creator. 

Timothy Obotuke Aka Sirbalo hit the limelight by making and posting Comic video skits on his Instagram page, Facebook, Twitter pages and YouTube Channel. As at October 2020, Timothy Obotuke has over 460k Instagram followers.

Stage Name/Nickname: Sirbalo / Sirbalo Clinic

Real Name: Sirbalo real name is Obotuke Timothy

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Sirbalo is from which State? Obotuke Timothy state of origin is Delta State. Sirbalo Obotuke Timothy hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Pictures of Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke was born on 27 March....

Age: How old is Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo?

Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo photos, images

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo was born into a Warri family.

Mother: Obotuke Timothy, narrating a funny incident that happened when his mum visited him in Lagos, Sirbalo wrote:

"HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE WORLD BEST MOM ❤️. I know you can see this post mommy. I remember when I took this picture. You came to visit us in Lagos 2017. And you promise to stay for 1 month.  After 2 weeks of staying in Lagos. My mom got tired and cry out that she is going back to warri. That the HOLD UP and STRESS in Lagos is too much. So we seize her bag and insist she stay.  The next morning my mom called me and said she already in GOD IS GOOD park. Is either I bring her bag now. Or I send her bag to her in warri. 😂 😂 I love you IYAMI.  My back bone. ❤️❤️❤️ I owe you one Benz. Don’t worry I will pay you soon"

Girlfriend: Obotuke Timothy girlfriend in most of his skits is Eva Chris. Obotuke Timothy also uses other ladies as his screen girlfriends.

Sirbalo Real Girlfriend: Sirbalo has a girlfriend he is dating but he doesn't like to flaunt his real girlfriend on his Instagram page and other such media pages.

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke wife - no wife yet. Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke is not yet married and doesn't show off his Fiancee or Wife to be online.

Pictures of Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo

Educational Background: Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke is studying at Lagos State University (LASU)

YouTube, Sirbalo Clinic: Sirbalo Timothy Obotuke's YouTube channel name is Sirbalo Clinic. 

Salary, Income, Net Worth: Sirbalo Clinic net worth is about $200,000 US Dollars. Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo makes much money from YouTube and other sources. With over 320,000 subscribers on YouTube.

SIRBALO Comedy Net Worth by Ng.youtubers.me

Height: Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo describes himself as a "Short Black Boy."

House, Cars: Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo bought a new car in September in 2020. 

Photo of Sirbalo car

Throwback Photos: Obotuke Timothy Sirbalo shared this his Throwback Picture and captioned it: 


I took this picture September 24 2014. The first day I enter Lagos. 😂 😂"

Photo of Sirbalo and Small Daddy

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I like his comedy very well
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Sirbalo is really a good guy. i like all those ladies he acts with... they are really my style.
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