Stephanie Hornecker Instagram Photos, Boyfriend, Husband, Wedding: 20 Things To Know About Regina Askia's First Daughter Profile, Wiki
15 Hot Pictures, Photos Of Idara Stephanie Hornecker On Instagram: Wedding, Husband, Boyfriend, Fiance, Dating, Marriage, Bio & Wikipedia, Hairstyle, YouTube Videos

Everything To Know About Stephanie Hornecker: 20 Things You Should Know About Regina Askia's First Daughter (Videos, Ig Pics, Images)

Who is Stephanie Hornecker?
Stephanie Hornecker is a French Nigerian born YouTuber, model, brand influencer and the daughter of Regina Askia Williams, a Nigerian actress and American nurse.

Full Name: Stephanie Regina Hornecker (Idara)

Other Names, Nickname: Idara Stephanie aka Na Idara

Nationality, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Stephanie Hornecker from? Stephanie Hornecker is a French and Nigerian citizen. She holds a dual citizenship. Stephanie Hornecker hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Age: How old Is Regina Askia daughter? Stephanie Hornecker, Regina Askia's first daugter was born on 28 February, 1992. Stephanie Hornecker is currently 28 years old as at 2020.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Idara Stephanie Hornecker's mother is Regina Askia from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria while Stephanie Hornecker's father whose name is Patrick is from France. This is why she has dual citizenship/nationalities.

Father: Meet Idara Stephanie Hornecker's Father. Her French Dad (Pictures)

Photos of Stephanie Hornecker and her father
 Idara Stephanie Hornecker father photo

A Mixed Race Rant: Growing up biracial in Nigeria, the USA and France! - Stephanie Hornecker (Watch YouTube Video)

Siblings, Sister, Brother: Stephanie Hornecker's younger sister's name is Teesa Williams and her younger brother is Rudy Jnr Rudolph Williams.

Lives Alone In France Since 18: Stephanie Hornecker revealed in her YouTube video that she lives alone in France since the age of 18 years.

Traveling back to my family before the Corona Virus lockdown: I was almost banned from the US! - Idara Stephanie Hornecker (Watch YouTube Video)

Educational Background, School: Stephanie Hornecker schooled abroad. From 9 years to 16, Stephanie Hornecker lived and schooled in USA before moving to France and then did her University education there.

Height: How tall is Stephanie Hornecker?

YouTube: IDARA - Stephanie Hornecker is a YouTuber and vlogger. She has a YouTube channel called IDARA (Idara 10) and has almost over 40k subscribers.

Net Worth: Stephanie Hornecker makes money as a social media, Instagram brand influencer who advertises and promotes brand products via her Instagram Page, also as a YouTuber but Idara Stephanie Hornecker's Net Worth is unavailable.

Eye Colour: Idara Stephanie Hornecker has Pussycat eyes (hazel eyes)

Dating, Boyfriend: Idara Stephanie Hornecker's boyfriend used to be Kogi Prince, Musa Ado-Ibrahim. They were dating in 2014.

Pictures of Stephanie Hornecker ex boyfriend, Musa Ado-Ibrahim

While in France, Idara Stephanie Hornecker in her YouTube video below Reveals how she broke up with her Best Friend (boyfriend) in France due to cultural center differences. Idara Stephanie Hornecker also revealed that her boyfriend got married after the break up.

Dating In US Vs Dating In France Idara Stephanie Hornecker Tells It All On YouTube. Watch Video Below.

While in New York at 28, in 2020, Idara Stephanie Hornecker met a man from Eastern Europe, but it turned out the man was married and is separated from his wife. The wife called her and told her about it.

Idara Stephanie Hornecker And Musa Ado-Ibrahim Kiss, Dating Story: In 2014, Stephanie Hornecker and Musa Ado-Ibrahim, a Kogi Royal Prince went viral after pictures of them on a Date went viral.

Photos of Stephanie Hornecker and ex boyfriend, Musa Ado Ibrahim

They were all loved up in Paris. Regina Askia's daugter, Stephanie Hornecker and Musa Ado-Ibrahim were seen kissing.
Stephanie Hornecker and Musa Ado-Ibrahim are still following each other on Instagram but it's not clear if they are still dating.

Fiance, Husband: Stephanie Hornecker, Regina Askia's daugter, doesn't have a husband yet. Stephanie Hornecker said she is far from getting married in her YouTube video above.

I just broke up with my best friend/lover and it's okay! - Na Idara Stephanie Hornecker (watch YouTube video)

Marriage, Wedding: Is Stephanie Hornecker, Regina Askia's daugter married? Idara Stephanie Hornecker, Regina Askia's first daugter is not yet married and no longer flaunts her relationship on her Instagram Page as she used to do years back. Idara Stephanie Hornecker said she is dating but far from getting married. That means, she is not yet ready for marriage.

Instagram: Idara Stephanie Hornecker's Instagram Page Account Profile Handle - Regina Askia's First Daughter Instagram Account Handle na_idara

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Pictures of Regina Askia's First 1st Daugter, Stephanie Hornecker

Stephanie Hornecker, Regina Askia's Daugter's Photos

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