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Who is Philip Asaya?
Philip Asaya is a Nigerian born Poet, Nollywood actor and Spoken word poetry artist.

Philip Asaya is a Concept developer, script writer, story developer at Hand and Screen, Tellit Pictures and Philip Asaya's Creation.

Philip Asaya is the of Founder Themannequinmode and the Organisers of the biggest poetry event, SIO.

Philip Asaya develops concepts for content of documentaries, and television adverts. Also with an exceptional skill in script writing and story developing, Philip Asaya helps to create stories for the screen in the most creative of ways.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Philip Asaya from, which State & tribe? Philip Asaya hails from Edo State. Philip Asaya is Benin man.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Philip Asaya was born on 1 April.

Real Age: How old is Philip Asaya?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Philip Asaya was born into a Christian Nigerian family.

Educational Background: Philip Asaya studied Mechanical Engineering at the University.

Wife: Is Philip Asaya married? Philip Asaya is married to Pearl Asaya aka Pearluvo aka Queen of Asaya.
 Photos of Philip Asaya and his wife Pearl

Pictures of Philip Asaya and Wife Pearluvo Pearl Asaya

Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Philip Asaya got married to Pearl Pearluvo aka Queen of Asaya in September 2018.

Philip Asaya and Pearl Pearluvo wedding pictures.

Wedding Anniversary: Philip Asaya and his wife celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on 1st September 2020.

Meet Philip Asaya Wife, Pearl Asaya Pearluvo

While celebrating his 2nd wedding marriage anniversary on 1st September 2020, Philip Asaya wrote:"

Will you do this again?
My answer; over and over again... happy anniversary baby @pearluvo my queen."

On her own part, Philip Asaya wife, Pearl Asaya wrote, Happy World's Pearl and Philip day.. Happy Anniversary to us

"The journey with you @philipasaya has been nothing short of beautiful. Thank you so much for the selfless love you continue to show to me from the moment I wake up to whenever I go to bed..

It's amazing how our love grows stronger everyday and with every trail we face together.

You are the best thing that has happened to me.. And for you, I'd climb a thousand mountains by the grace of God.. I pray that God continues to keep us together and help our love grow even stronger..

I'm so in love with you #sugardee. My best friend, my mentor, my teacher, my real sunflower, my lover, my crown, my King.

Girlfriend for 5 years: Philip Asaya and his wife Pearl Asaya have been together for 7 years. They dated for 5 years."

Beard: Philip Asaya is part of Nollywood beard gang.

Height: How tall is Philip Asaya?

Gym: Philip Asaya works out at the gym to build his muscle and keep fit for his role in 'Enakhe'.

Net Worth: Philip Asaya makes money from poetry, acting, scriptwriting, and as a Concept developer. Philip Asaya's Net Worth is unavailable.

Movies: Philip Asaya has featured in a few movies, such as Enakhe.

Philip Asaya As Cali in Enakhe: Philip Asaya is currently playing the role of CALIFORNIA Aka Cali Iwinosa in Enakhe, a TV series.

'Enakhe' is a movie series that is set on a pace like no other in the history of Nigerian series. The crew and cast have put in their work and they have finally presented it to the world On DSTV Channel 151 African Magic showcase.

About 'Enakhe' - Nigerian TV Series
Set in the backdrop of the beautifully contrasting Edo State, where the ‘haves’ are often more desperate than the ‘have nots’ and the ‘have nots’ are more honourable than the ‘haves’, EnakhĂ© relays the story of a ‘baby girl for life’ turned heiress to her father’s ill-built empire and how she must come out of the cocoon she’s lived in for much too long and realise that in society, power and honour are never freely handed to a woman; she must seize them. While the story is the golden apple, the following characters are the basket that house it ever so beautifully.

'Enakhe' Full Cast include:
Alex Usifo as Osasere ‘Epa’ Iwinosa
Philip Asaya as Cali Iwinosa
Ivie Okujaye as Enakhe Iwinosa
Eunice Omoregie as Ejiri Iwinosa
Benjamin Olaye Jnr as Archie Umweni

Instagram: Philip Asaya Instagram Page Account Profile Handle

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