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Everything To Know About Osaze Akil

Meet Osaze Akil
Who Is Osaze Akil?
Osaze Akil Stigler popularly known as Osaze Akil is an American born visual artist based in Atlanta, GA. Osaze Akil's work takes a contemporary view on black divinity, pulling from traditional African cultures, spirituality, and the intersection of blackness and fashion.
Osaze Akil went viral after his handsome looks, photos and hairstyle went viral on Twitter. Nigerians ladies started liking him.

Along with being a visual artist, Osaze Akil is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and is now a practicing Landscape Architect and Urban Planner.

Osaze Akil Nationality, State, Country Of Origin: Where is Osaze Akil from? Is Osaze Akil a Nigerian or a Ghanaian? Osaze Akil is not a Nigerian and not from Ghana either.
Some thought that Osaze Akil is a Nigerian from Edo state but it's not true  Revealing about his Nationality and Citizenship via his Twitter Page, Osaze Akil wrote:

"Guys, I’m American. My parents always thought it was important to know where we come from. Be proud of our roots, and being of African descent, etc. So me and my siblings all have African names. My parents are American. We’re descendants of slaves." 
Osaze Akil said on his Twitter page.

Ethnicity, Descent: Osaze Akil is a black American of African descent.

 Photos of Osaze Akil wearing African Outfit

Full Name: Osaze Akil Stigler

Osaze Akil & His Benin Nigerian Name: Osaze is a Benin Name. A name gotten from an ancient city of Benin Kingdom, Edo state in Nigeria.

On How Osaze Akil's parents found out about the name 'Osaze' when none of them has ever been to Nigeria, Osaze Akil S. explains,

"My parents had a book that was for African baby names, by country, with all the meanings and everything. They chose it from that book."

Photo: Osaze Akil First visit to West Africa - Ghana was in December 2019.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Osaze Akil was born on 20 March 1997. Osaze Akil celebrated his 23rd birthday in March 2020.

Real Age: Osaze Akil is currently 23 years old as at 2020.
 Throwback Photos of Osaze Akil

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Osaze Akil is the eldest of a family of 3 children. Meet Osaze Akil's parents - father and mother.
Throwback photo of Osaze Akil mum carrying him vs Recent picture of Osaze Akil and his mother

Pictures of Osaze Akil Father

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Osaze Akil has two siblings, a sister and a brother.
Osaze Akil celebrated his kid brother, Omari on his 15th birthday on September 5th 2020.

Photos of Osaze Akil and his sister & brother - siblings
Picture of Osaze Akil and his mother and siblings 

Educational Background, School: Osaze Akil studied Landscape Architect and Urban Planning from the University of Georgia.

Orientation: Is Osaze Akil gay, bisexual or straight? Osaze Akil is straight.

Boyfriend, Best Friend: Osaze Akil has a best friend Agbai aka Aggy Boy, who is a Nigerian based in USA.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Osaze Akil married?  Osaze Akil is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or relationship on his instagram page.

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Osaze Akil is dating a beautiful girl but doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram, Tiktok and Twitter page.

Net Worth: Osaze Akil makes money from his artistic works, paintings but Osaze Akil's net Worth is unavailable.

Height: How tall is Osaze Akil?

Hairstyle: Osaze Akil likes to rock stylish hairstyles. Osaze Akil has gone viral many times because of his hair style. He wears spotting waves or curly Afro hair. Osaze Akil spends so much time on his hair.
 Osaze Akil hairstyle Pictures

Pictures of Osaze Akil

Osaze Akil photos

Handsome photos of Osaze Akil

Instagram: Osaze Akil S Instagram page Account Profile Handle osaze_akil 

23 Years Young | Visual Artist | Urban Planner | Landscape Architect| Diasporan| Pan-African |

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