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Instagram Pictures: About Nosa Obaseki Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Marriage, Wife Omosede Obaseki, Children, Brothers, Father, Parents, Net Worth, Siblings, Family, Movies, State Of Origin, Height, Profile History, Nosa Obaseki Nollywood Actor Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Who Is Nosa Obaseki? 
Nosa Obaseki is A Nigerian born, Canadian-based Nollywood actor, producer and Philanthropist who relocated abroad after featuring in many Nollywood movies.

Wikipedia, Profile History: Nosa Obaseki is a School Based Safety Monitor and an Award winning Nollywood/Canadian actor based in Toronto, Canada who started his professional acting career in 1998.

Nosa Obaseki started his career in the Nigerian movie industry in 1998 as a Production Assistant (PA).

Nosa Obaseki worked as a Production Assistant (PA) in the blockbuster epic movie, 'Igodo'.

Nosa Obaseki grew up in Benin City, Edo State and Lagos State of Nigeria. He loves to tell stories through motion picture.

Relocation Abroad: Nosa Obaseki relocated to Canada in 2011 where he lives with his family, wife and kids.
Photos of Nosa Obaseki at EndSARS protest in Canada

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Nosa Obaseki from? Nosa Obaseki hails from Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

Nationality: Nosa Obaseki is a Nigerian

Tribe: Nosa Obaseki is Benin - Bini tribe.

Date Of Birth, Age, Birthday: Nosa Obaseki was born on 10 August.

Age: How old is Nosa Obaseki?

Family, Parents, Father: Nosa Obaseki was born into the Agbonifo’s home in the famous Obaseki’s family of Edo State, Nigeria.

Mother: Nosa Obaseki's mother is Sarah Agbonifo-Obaseki.

Siblings, Brothers: Nosa Obaseki is younger brother of two notable players in the Nollywood industry, one of them the content entrepreneur, director, producer, writer, administrator and politician, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, and the other, the creative designer and president of the Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria (CDGN) Iyen Agbonifo.

Don Pedro Obaseki And Nosa Obaseki: Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki is Nosa Obaseki elder brother and the first son of Nosa Obaseki's father.

Photo of Don Pedro Obaseki and Godwin Obaseki

Nosa Obaseki And Goodwin Obaseki: Governor Godwin Obaseki is Nosa Obaseki's big cousin/uncle. That's how Nosa Obaseki And Goodwin Obaseki are related.

Nosa Obaseki and Matilda Obaseki - sister & brother: Nosa Obaseki and Matilda Obaseki are siblings, related.

Photo of Nosa Obaseki and Matilda Obaseki, his sibling sister

Marriage, Wife: Is Nosa Obaseki married? Nosa Obaseki is married to Omosede Obaseki, his wife, with 3 children. They have been married for over a decade.
Photos of Nosa Obaseki and his wife

Pictures of Nosa Obaseki wife, Omosede Obaseki

Family pictures of Nosa Obaseki and his wife and children

Photos of Nosa Obaseki and his family

Wedding Anniversary: Nosa Obaseki and his wife, Omosede Obaseki Celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on October 7 2020, with beautiful family photos.

Children, Son, Daughters: Nosa Obaseki and his wife have 3 children - 2 Daughters and 1 son.

Educational Background: Nosa Obaseki attended the Lagos State University (LASU). Nosa Obaseki also has a Diploma in Police Foundation.

Movies: Nosa Obaseki has featured in many Nollywood movies such as, Tana, Just A Little Slide, The Boss, Abemwinku, When Love Hurts, Believe In You, Anini, Parallel, Queen Of Queens, Wide Awake, Sunburn, Forbidden Cave, Invasion 1897, Prisoner of Passion, Love, Adam and Eve, Missing Angel 2, Brave Soldier, Prisoner of Passion, Seduction, Adam and Eve, Sleep Walker,  Emerald, I have a Dream, Missing Angel, Tangle with me, Anini, Beginning and the End, Bridesmaid, Saving Dreams, Complicated Lies, Sunburn, Ebomisi, Wede, Queen of Queens Molly’s Love Story, Believe in You, among others.

Throwback photos Nosa Obaseki on set of Anini movie with Chidi Mokeme and others

Net Worth: Nosa Obaseki makes money as a Nigerian Canadian Actor, movie producer but his net worth is unavailable.

Height: Nosa Obaseki is Tall, dark and well built.

House, Cars: Nosa Obaseki house, Cars....

Instagram: Nosa Obaseki Instagram Page Account Profile Handle officialnosaobaseki 

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