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Wikipedia, Profile History: Who is Emma Emordi Daniels?
Emma Emordi is an award winning Nigerian born Nollywood actor, movie producer and production manager.

Full Name: Emmanuel OnyinyeChukwu Emordi Daniels

Nickname: Emma Emordi Daniels is Aka Don Skooly B
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Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Emma Emordi is from which state? Emma Emordi Daniels hails from Azungwu, Ogwashi Uku, Delta State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Emma Emordi was born on 27 November...

Real Age: How old is Emma Emordi Daniels?

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Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Emma Emordi was born into Delta State family.
Photo of Emma Emordi and his mother

Wedding: Emma Emordi and Mary Joy Okoye, Psquare younger sister got married on the 6th of August 2014 in Asaba.

Emma Emordi Daniels wedding pictures

White wedding pictures of Emma Emordi Daniels and Wife Mary Okoye Joy

Mary Joy Okoye and husband Emma Emordi traditional wedding photos
Traditional Marriage photos of Emma Emordi and Mary Joy Okoye

Wife: Emma Emordi Daniels wife is Mary Joy Okoye. 

Photos of Emma Emordi Daniels son and Wife, Mary Okoye Joy

Psquare Sister/Paul And Peter Okoye: Emma Emordi's wife, Mary Okoye is the younger sister of Peter and Paul Okoye

Failed Marriage: Emma Emordi and Mary Joy Okoye's marriage failed in January 2020. The crash marriage of Emma Emordi Daniels was the talk of the town.

Divorce: Emma Emordi and his estranged wife, Mary Joy Okoye are separated and not yet divorced.

Ex Wife: Emma Emordi Daniels ex wife, Mary Joy Okoye is the CEO of May Kitchen.

Throwback photo of Emma Emordi and ex wife, Mary Okoye

Baby, Child, Children, Son: Emma Emordi and his wife, Mary Joy Okoye have a child, a son together. 
Photos of Emma Emordi Daniels son

Mary Joy Okoye Celebrated their son's 5th birthday on February 16, 2020.

Remarry, 2nd Wife, New Wife: Emma Emordi Daniels has not yet remarried. 

Why & How Emma Emordi And Mary Joy Okoye's Marriage Crashed: Reacting to a Facebook post which asked users "what their ex was good at":

Mary Okoye gave an insight into why her marriage to her husband, Emma Emordi ended:

"Sleeping around and stealing, so he's good for nothing and useless to his family and the world".

"My dear, don't take it personal ok... It is I of experience. Wait until you get married to a man who will infect you with STDs, steal all you ever worked for. You catch him in bed with another woman. And then he will tell you he gained nothing from the marriage even after giving him a son, then you will know where I'm coming from. I pray you never meet such".
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Emma Emordi Cheating, STDs Scandal: Mary Okoye accused her estranged husband, Emma Emordi Daniels of cheating and infecting her with STIs.

Theft, Thief, Stealing Scandal: Emma Emordi Daniels ex wife accused him of stealing her money.

Girlfriend: Emma Emordi had girlfriends he slept with and cheated with while still married according to his ex wife, Mary Okoye's accusations.

Educational Background: Emma Emordi studied Computer Science at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Movies: Emma Emordi Daniels has featured in many Nollywood movies such as, Cultural Clash, Chioma My Love, Goddess Of Fire, Feast Of Love, Infidelity, Ijeawele, Omego, Bakayoko, Blind Spot, Forever, My Reflection, My Mistake, The Ugly Scar, Never Saw Tomorow, The Gods Must Hear This, Without Remorse, My Marriage My Fate, Mila, My Hidden Enemy, Labour Of Love, Bond Of Siblings, Champions In The Village, Sisters In Love, Edwards Daughters, Fatal Error, Just Like Heaven, Rain Of Love, Unfaithful, Queen Rebecca, Osinachi My Wife, A Mother's Promise, Mud Of Pains, Rebirth, Marriage Rites, Feast Of Love, The Kings Pride, Corper Shun, River Goddess, Chimamanda The Fisher Girl, Pains Of Royalty, among others.

Net Worth: Emma Emordi Daniels Net Worth is estimated at $250,000 US Dollars.

Source Of Income: Emma Emordi makes money from acting and as a Nollywood movie producer.

Siblings, Sister: Emma Emordi Daniels siblings are not often posted by him on his social media pages.

Emma Emordi Daniels And Regina Daniels: Is Emma Emordi Daniels related to Regina Daniels? No, Regina Daniels and Emma Emordi are not related, not Biological siblings.

Photos of Emma Emordi Daniels and Regina Daniels

Pictures of Regina Daniels and Emma Emordi Daniels

Regina Daniels is not Emma Emordi Sister and Emma Emordi is not Regina Daniels blood brother.

However, Emma Emordi Daniels often refers to Regina Daniels as his 'sister' because they are both from the same State - Delta and they both bear the same Surname 'Daniels'.

Regina Daniels and Emma Emordi Daniels Movies: They have both featured together in many movies such as River Goddess, Chimamanda The Fisher Girl, Pains Of Royalty, among others.

Brother - Emma Emordi And Ray Emordi are they Related? Emma Emordi Daniels and Ray Emordi are not related and are not Biological siblings or brothers. While Ray Emordi is from Anambra State, Emma Emordi is from Delta State.

Height: How tall is Emma Emordi Daniels?

Complexion, Skin Colour: Emma Emordi Daniels is fair - naturally lightskinned, and not bleached.

House, Cars: Emma Emordi Daniels poses with his car...

Instagram: Emma Emordi Daniels Instagram Page Account Profile Handle emmaemordi.daniels 

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Emma Emordi photos

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