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Instagram Pictures: Meet Augustine Iloh, Full Bio, Wikipedia, Profile History, Birthday, Movies, Daughters, Children, Height, Family, Wife, State Of Origin, Wedding, Marriage, All About Augustine Iloh, House, Cars, Photos, Images, Ig Pics

Who is Augustine Iloh?

Augustine Iloh is a Nigerian born Nollywood comic actor, filmmaker, scriptwriter, top movie producer and director.

Augustine Iloh started as a production assistant and now a director of Nollywood films.

Throwback photo of Augustine Iloh as a production assistant in 2003.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Augustine Iloh from? Augustine Iloh hails from Ufuma, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth: Augustine Iloh was born on 16 August 1979.

Birthday: Augustine Iloh Celebrated his 41st birthday on 16th of August 2020.

Age: How old is Augustine Iloh? Augustine Iloh is currently 41 years old as at 2020.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Meet Augustine Iloh's parents - Mother 73, father 89 (Photos)

Wife: Augustine Iloh is married to his beautiful wife with children.

Photos of Augustine Iloh wife

Augustine Iloh's wife finished her NYSC in October 2019.

Wedding Photos: Augustine Iloh and his wife got married in April 22, 2017. Augustine Iloh married at the age of 37.

Marriage, Wedding Anniversary: Augustine Iloh and his wife celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary in April 2020.

Children, Twin Daughters Sonia & Sophia: Augustine Iloh is a proud father of twin babies.

Augustine Iloh and his wife welcomed their babies, twin daughters on the 3rd of June 2018.

2nd birthday photos of Augustine Iloh twins - Daughters in June 2018.

Educational Background: Augustine Iloh attended Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU).

Movies: Augustine Iloh movies are many as he has featured in, written, produced and directed many Nollywood movies such as, Local Palace Wife, Son Of Trouble, Blind Sisters, Bleeding Soul, Beautiful Royal Maiden, Royal Damage, Forgiven Heart, Tears Of A Village Wife, Widows Battle, Beautiful Soul, Blind Marriage, Wind Of Calamity, King's Wife, Pretty Serpent, King's Blood, Heartless Sisters, Illiterate Teacher, Royal Love, Family Battle, Crazy Village Nurse, Family At War, Yahoo Shrine, Rosy My Tailor, Mr Arrogant, Heart Of Fire, My Hustle Go Pay, Drops Of Hope, Trouble Mothers, Humble Lover, Somebody's Wife, Sochi The Royal Blood, Another Blood, London Prince, Fire Of Love, among others.

Net Worth: Augustine Iloh makes money as a Nollywood actor, movie producer, writer and director but Augustine Iloh's Net Worth is unavailable.

Height: How tall or short is Augustine Iloh?

House, Cars: Augustine Iloh bought a 2017 Range Rover in January 2018.

Photos of Augustine Iloh car

Instagram: Augustine Iloh Instagram Page Account Profile Handle augustineiloh

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