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Who is Yakubu Mohammed?
Who is Yakubu Muhammed?

Yakubu Mohammed is a Nigerian Hausa born Kannywood Nollywood actor, singer, movie producer, director, filmmaker and scriptwriter.

Yakub Mohammed has sang over 1000 songs and featured in over 100 Hausa/Kannywood films and more than 40 English/Nollywood movies.

Nollywood Journey, How & When Yakubu Mohammed Started Acting: Yakubu Mohammed started off in Kannywood in 1998 with script writing and working behind the scene.
In 2013, Yakubu Mohammed featured in his first movie in 'Gabar Cikin Gida'.
in 2016, Yakubu Mohammed crossed over to Nollywood with a debut in "Sons of the Caliphate".

Songs: Yakubu Muhammad as a singer, music artist has recorded over 1000 songs for film music and albums in Hausa and English.

Modeling, Ambassador, Endorsements Deals: Yakubu Mohammed is a Glo ambassador, SDGs ambassador and an ex Nescafe and Starcomms ambassador.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Yakubu Mohammed hails from Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Yakubu Mohammed was born on 25th March 1973.

Real Age: How old is Yakubu Mohammed? Yakubu Mohammed is currently 47 years old as at 2020. Yakubu Mohammed will celebrate his 48th birthday on 25 March 2021.

Religion: Yakubu Mohammed is a Muslim, Islam.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Yakubu Mohammed was born into an extended family, Northern Hausa family from Bauchi. Yakubu Mohammed  lost his father to death at the age of 9.
Initially, Yakubu Mohammed family didn’t like the fact that he wanted to go into the movie industry.
But he later convinced his mother to allow him.

Real Name, Surname: Yakubu Mohammed changed his surname and adopted Mohammed when he was going into the movie industry while working behind the camera. Mohammed is not Yakubu Mohammed's real surname.

Married, Wife: Is Yakubu Mohammed married? Yakubu Mohammed is married with children.

Children, Sons, Daughters: Meet Yakubu Mohammed children, Iman, Sani, Danja & Nadia Yakub Mohammed.

Photos of Yakubu Mohammed  kids - children 

Educational Background: Yakubu Mohammed is a graduate of Mass Communication (BSc) from the University of Jos. Bayero University, Kano for his ordinary diploma, advanced diploma and degree certificates.

Movies: Yakubu Mohammed has featured in many Nollywood and Kannywood - Hausa movies. Yakubu Mohammed acted in Genevieve Nnaji’s LionHeart, and MTV Shuga. He has also worked with reputable film producers such as Kunle Afolayan.

Yakubu Mohammed movies include: Fatal Arrogance, Lionheart, Shuga, 4th Republic, Sons of the Caliphate, Queen Amina, Makeroom, Tenant of The House, Dark Closet, Fantastic Numbers, Walking Away, My Village Bride, Chauffeur, Damaged Petals, Bunmi's Diary, Power of Tomorrow, My Neighbor's Wife, My Wife's Lover, Blue Flames, April Hotel, Women, Wings of A Dove, Cikin Waye, Gabar Cikin Gida, Da Kai Zan Gana, Mai Farin Jini, among others.

Yakubu Mohammed In Fatal Arrogance 'Shiites': Yakubu Mohammed featured in the controversial anti-Shiite movie, Fatal Arrogance, produced and directed by Kingsley Orji Anosike, starring Pete Edochie, Destiny Etiko among others.
Yakubu Mohammed has been insulted and called out by his Muslim fans for featuring in the Nollywood movie, 'Fatal Arrogance'.

This made Yakubu Mohammed to regret featuring in the movie. Mohammed told BBC Hausa that he regretted appearing in the movie:

“I never knew some of the scenes in the film will be portrayed in that manner. I only acted (in) my scenes, which I appeared six times in different places. In the film I was shot, and later died.

“It was a film that showed the clash between Nigerian Army and members of the Shiite movement in Zaria, and many members of the group were killed. When I read the script, I saw nothing castigating Islam in it, but you know script can change at some point, that was what happened."

“I have told the producer to remove all my scenes in the movie, that I am ready to pay for damages, which is what the rule says.”

“Yes, nobody threatens me but I have seen how people on social media pages are abusing and calling (me) names for appearing in the film.”

“There is a place that every Muslim, if he sees it, must be concerned. There is a photo of Mr Pete Edochie walking around in a Muslim dress, with a bottle of beer in his hand and with a girl.’’

“I really regretted appearing in that movie.”

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Net Worth: Yakubu Mohammed earns much as an actor and producer now more than when he was behind the scene. Yakubu Mohammed is one of the highest paid Kannywood actors. Though Yakub Mohammed net worth is unavailable but he revealed to Punch,

"Acting pays me more because I receive peanuts for my songs. In Kannywood, it is the actor that appears to be singing or lip-synching the songs, so they get the credit most of the times. The average person out there does not know that there is a playback singer doing the work. I started making more money when I decided to appear on the screen. I started getting endorsements when people began seeing my face and skills."

Height: How tall is Yakubu Mohammed?

Admires: Yakubu Mohammed admires Liz Benson and Zack Orji and he has worked with them.

Hobbies, Gym: Yakubu Mohammed likes to gym and is a football fanatic. He also watches a lot of movies, listen to music, play basketball, long tennis and he writes.

Instagram: Yakub Mohammed Instagram Profile Page Account Handle Bio yakubmohammed_

Yakub Mohammed
Glo Ambassador
Brand Influencer
Tv Show Host: The Noble Icon
YouTube- Yakubu Mohammed ICON TV

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