Who Is Lalasticlala? Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Daughter, Wedding, Instagram Photos, Nairaland Supermoderator
Instagram Pictures: Meet Lalasticlala On Nairaland, Bio, Wikipedia, Salary, Birthday, Age, Marriage, Children: Everything To Know About Nairaland Super Moderator, Photos, Ig Pics, Twitter, Facebook, Lalasticlala And Snake

What is the Meaning Of Lalasticlala On Nairaland?
Who Is Lalasticlala?

Lalasticlala is a Nigerian social media expert and a popular Super Moderator on Nairaland who is famous on the popular forum owned by Seun Osewa.

Lalasticlala And Nairaland Career. 
Lalasticlala started working on Nairaland since 2014, after the owner, Seun Osewa, advertised for openings.

Lalasticlala is in charge of the Nairaland home page. He edits and moves articles, news to the home page on Nairaland.

Before Lalasticlala started working on Nairaland, he was already a bit popular on the Nairaland forum with his many interesting original articles about Nigerian celebrities which he shared on Nairaland.
Many of his fans then looked out for his articles daily.

So when Nairaland advertised for openings, Lalasticlala applied and fortunately for him, he was taken.

Real Name: Lalasticlala revealed his real as Edward during an interview on Nairaland.

Home Town, Tribe, State of Origin: Where is Lalasticlala from? Lalasticlala hails from Abia state, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Lalasticlala? Lalasticlala was born on 16 February. He celebrated his birthday on his Instagram page, Twitter and on Nairaland.

Educational Background: Lalasticlala studied Political Science and Public Administration in Abia State University (ABSU). This he revealed in a 2015 interview on Nairaland.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Lalasticlala revealed on his social media handles that he lost his dad in September 2019.

Wedding, Wife, Daughter: Lalasticlala is married. Lalasticlala got married in 2018. Lalasticlala briefly shared photos from his wedding ceremony on Nairaland before he took them down.
Photos of Lalasticlala daughter, Favour 

Child: Lalasticlala welcomed his daughter in 2018.
Photos from Lalasticlala's child dedication in church

Net Worth, Salary: How much is Lalasticlala salary on Nairaland and Net Worth?
Lalasticlala earns about 200,000 as a Super Moderator on Nairaland per month.

Nairaland Super Moderators Salary: How much does Nairaland pay its Moderators? Super Moderators on Nairaland earn between 70-200k depending on certificate and negotiation power. But lala as he is fondly called earns about 200k as the most popular Moderator on Nairaland.

Height: How tall is Lalasticlala?

Lalasticlala Contact, Phone Number: Lalasticlala is on Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram: Lalasticlala Instagram Page Account Profile Handle lalasticlala

Twitter: Lalasticlala Twitter Profile


Photos of Lalasticlala: Lalasticlala doesn't like to share his photos on social media.

Lalasticlala And Snake: Lalasticlala is popular for moving snake related topics on the Nairaland home page. No wonder whenever any Nairalander kills a snake, python, he or she calls Lalasticlala to feature it on the home page and la-la never disappoints.
This has caused many memes and snake jokes to have been made about him.

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