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Instagram Pictures: Ewudo Twins - Valentine & Dr Vincent Izunna Ewudo Bio, Profile, Wikipedia, History, Birthday, Girlfriend, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Height, Sister, Father, Mother, Tiktok, Images, Photos, Ig Pics, Valentine Ewudo instagram, Wiki
About The Ewudo Twins Valentine And Izunna Ewudo Biography

Who is Valentine Ewudo?
Valentine Ewudo is a Nigerian born US registered nurse, Health and Wellness Entrepreneur whose career is to help people keep a healthy lifestyle, based in Los Angeles California, US.

Career: Health Management Business - Valentine Ewudo went into health management business after he was laid off just 6 months into a job he got after graduating from the University.

Valentine Ewudo'a health management business entails basically to help people with their health in various ways, ranging from helping them loose weight, gain weight and energy, to changing their bad eating habit and embracing balance diet. In all, to help them live healthier.

Nationality, Ethnicity: Where is Valentine Ewudo from? Valentine Ewudo is black from Nigeria, Africa.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Valentine Ewudo hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Valentine Ewudo is of Igbo tribe, Nigeria.

Country, Place Of Birth: Valentine Ewudo was born and brought up in Los Angeles, United States of America. Though Valentine Ewudo left for Nigeria when he was 13 years old, to attend a boarding school called Gaius Benton at Oko, Anambra from JSS2 to SS2. He lived in the rural part of Nigeria. In 2005, Valentine Ewudo left Nigeria and came back to Los Angeles for his senior years in high school.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Valentine Ewudo was born on 5 October 1988.

Age: How old is Valentine Ewudo? Valentine Ewudo is 32 years old as of 2020. Valentine Ewudo will celebrate his 32nd birthday by October 5th 2020.

Celebrating his 31st birthday last year, 2019, Valentine highlighted his achievements at 30:

"Today is my Birthday 🎉 , and I take it as my personal new year. You might do this too. It serves as a great time to reflect on a few things - what have I really accomplished that I set out to last year? Am I becoming more of the person I wanted to be last year? Is the plan I made last year, actually working for me? Are there things about myself I need to change to make progress?

I love doing this bc I clearly remember what I want, and what I set out to accomplish. But sometimes life throws curveballs at you, and make you completely change your direction, don't you agree?

Nonetheless, 30 was a year of new New.
- Went carless and adopt a mentality of investing and financial prudence 💡
- Visited Nigeria for the first time since my high school years there 🇳🇬
- Bought my first ever piece of land (with my twin 😉) in my hometown in Nigeria 🏡
- Took the first big step in expanding my business to Ghana, a country I've never been, where I know no one personally 🌴
- Built new bonds with some amazing people that have come into my life recently 🙏🏾 Don't get me wrong, the last year has been hard as hell, but what Ive done differently is face aspects of my life head on that honestly I've neglected for years. And I really do believe that my life is opening up in new ways bc of this.

Today on my birthday, I'm reminded that life is a dichotomy of struggle and joy, and in order to experience even more joy in life, one must accept the struggle of facing aspects of life often neglected and sometimes SHAKE SHIT UP. Looking forward to yet another year of doing the tough things, and uncovering as much possibility as God has planned for me.

A huge THANK YOU to the few people in my life who actually accept me for the work in progress that I am, and support, encourage, uplift, and love me regardless. 🙏🏾 Cheers to 31 🥂"

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Valentine Ewudo is from a family of 4 children. He has three other siblings. Valentine Ewudo parents also live in Los Angeles.

Father: Valentine Ewudo's father is Chief Dominic Okenwa Ewudo, Ozo Ugodilinwa I of Eziowelle. His dad is culture oriented.

Mother: Valentine Ewudo and her mother works the same hospital, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, Los Angeles, California.

Siblings, Brothers, Sister: Valentine Ewudo has a twin brother, a younger brother and a younger sister.

Twin Brother: Valentine Ewudo and Vincent Izunna are twin brothers. Valentine Ewudo's twin brother, Vincent Izunna, us his best friend.

Height: How tall is Valentine Ewudo? Valentine Ewudo revealed that he and all his siblings are all of very tall.

Igbo Language, Culture: Valentine Ewudo and his siblings all speak Igbo language fluently though they were all born and raised in the USA. Their parents taught them Igbo culture.

Educational Background, Schools, History: It was a well spent period and I must say am a proud Igbo man.

Valentine Ewudo studied Nursing at Calfornia State University in Los Angeles, US and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Valentine Ewudo attended Centennial High School in US.

Gaius Benton in Oko, Anambra Nigeria from JSS2 to SS2.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fratenity Inc: "While in the University as part of my extracurricular activities, I was the president of three organisations, and I ran them successfully. I also joined a black fraternity called Alpha Phi Alpha Fratenity Inc , which am very proud of. Our mission is to develop leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our community. A lot Nigerians are part of it here too. That’s a brief history of my school life." Valentine Ewudo told Espact in an interview.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Valentine Ewudo married? Valentine Ewudo is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his relationship or fiancee on his instagram page.

Girlfriend: Valentine Ewudo has a girlfriend but doesn't like to show her off on instagram, facebook, Tiktok or Twitter.

Net Worth: Valentine Ewudo makes dollars from his business and work but his net worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Valentine Ewudo Instagram Page Account Profile Handle valewudo

About Vincent Izunna Ewudo Biography

Who is Dr Izunna Ewudo?
Dr Izunna Ewudo is a Nigerian born American  Psychiatric doctor who is the twin brother of Valentine Ewudo.

In an Instagram post in June, 2020, Valentine Ewudo congratulated his twin brother, Vincent Izunna Ewudo. He wrote:

"Major CONGRATS to my TWIN BRO achieving his DNP | Psychiatric NP
He is now Dr. @Izunna Vincent Ewudo ⁣

I've been so honored to witness his entire journey to this point. Believe me when I say he's been through so so much. And I'm so Proud of him and proud that I get to walk with him through life.

He's shown my family to never settle. Thank you for your example bro. We got wayyyyy more in the works. Literally just getting started."

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