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Instagram Pictures: Tersoo Terry Waya - TT Waya Jr Al Gianni Bio, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, Wedding, Father Terry Waya First Son, Mother Susan Waya, Kidd Waya Elder Brother About Tersoo TT Waya History, Profile, House, Cars, Wife, Married, Father, Mother, Height: Everything To Know About Tersoo TT Waya Jr:  Al-Gianni - TTW, Photos, Images, Ig Pics, Susan Waya biography, Susan waya state of origin

Who Is Tersoo TT Waya Jr?
Tersoo Waya aka TT Waya Jr 'Al Gianni' is a Nigerian born businessman, entrepreneur who is the son of billionaire Terry Waya and the elder brother of BBNaija star, Kiddwaya.

Real, Full Name: Tersoo Terry Waya Jr

Nickname: TT Waya Jr aka Al-Gianni

Home Town, State Of Origin: Tersoo TT Waya Jr is from Benue State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Tersoo TT Waya is Tiv by tribe

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Tersoo TT Waya Jr was born on 4 February 1991.

Age: How old is Tersoo TT Waya? Tersoo TT Waya Al-Gianni is 29 years old as at 2020.

Family, Parents: Tersoo TT Waya Jr is the eldest son of Billionaire Terry Waya and has a younger brother, kidd Waya.

Father: Tersoo TT Waya Jr Father is Benue billionaire Terry Waya.

Tersoo TT Waya photo and his father Terry Waya

Mother: Tersoo TT Waya Jr mum is Susan Waya.

Susan Waya has 2 children - sons, Kiddwaya and TT Waya.

Kidd Waya Brother: Tersoo TT Waya Jr is the older/elder brother of BBNaija ex housemate, Kiddwaya.

Throwback photo of Tersoo TT Waya and brother Kidd Waya

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Tersoo TT Waya married? Is Kidd Waya elder Brother married? Tersoo TT Waya Jr is not yet married but has a fiancee.

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Tersoo TT Waya Al-Gianni is dating, has a fiancee, girlfriend and may soon wed.

Child, Children: Does Tersoo TT Waya Al-Gianni have a child?

Net Worth: Tersoo TT Waya is a millionaire businessman. Tersoo TT Waya Jr Al-Gianni net Worth runs into hundreds of millions.

Private Jet: Picture of Tersoo TT Waya Al Gianni on a private jet

Educational Background, School: Tersoo TT Waya Jr 'Al-Gianni' graduated (Bsc) from University Of Buckingham in 2014.

He also bagged MSc in 2018.
NYSC: Tersoo TT Waya did his NYSC in 2015.

Height: How tall is Tersoo TT Waya 'Gianni'?

House, Cars: Tersoo TT Waya Jr 'Gianni' lives in a mansion and has flashy cars.
Tersoo TT Waya Jr interview with Dele Momodu. Covers Ovation Magazine

 Photos of Tersoo TT Waya Jr

Instagram: Tersoo TT Waya Jr Al-Gianni Instagram Page Account Profile Handle al_gianni 

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