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Instagram Pictures: Meet Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke, Bio, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, From Which State, Children,Wife, Married, Height, Profile, History, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Movies, Uwaezuoke real name, Photos, Images, Ig Pics, Interview, Comedy Videos, About Uwaezuoke of Mike Orihedimma (Solomon Eze) Biography

Who is Stephen Anajemba aka Uwaezuoke?
Stephen Anajemba popularly known as Uwaezuoke is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor and comedian who is a veteran in our Nigerian movie industry.

Igbo Movies: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke normally acts Igbo movies, promotes Igbo language and culture.

Nickname: Uwaezuoke

Real Name: Uwaezuoke real name is Stephen Anajemba

Home Town, State Of Origin: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is from which State? Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke was born on 18 July 1957.

Age: How old is Stephen Anajemba aka Uwaezuoke? Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is 63 years old as at 2020.

Chief Stephen Anajemba a.k.a Uwaezuoke celebrated his 60th birthday on 18th July 2017 (Throwback photos)

Food: Uwaezuoke reveal his best food is akpu (Fufu)

Height: How tall or short is Uwaezuoke Stephen Anajemba?

Meme: Uwaezuoke Stephen Anajemba face photos are often used as memes due to his funny facial expressions.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Nothing much is known about Uwaezuoke Stephen Anajemba family.

Marriage, Wife: Is Stephen Anajemba married? Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is married with children.

Children, Son, Daughter: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke has children.

How Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke Started Acting: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke started acting in 1987 when he was at Head Bridge in Onitsha.

He went to Akure in Ondo and became a truck pusher, served 3 masters and it didn't work out for him, served his master at Onitsha head Bridge and it didn't work out for him, he did truck pushing and rode okada until someone saw the talent in him and took him to Solomon Eze aka Mike Orihedimma (who is now dead). That's how he started.
Watch Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke Interview

How Stephen Anajemba Got The Nickname, Uwaezuoke: He joined the Solomon Eze of Mike Orihedimma as Uwaezuoke. That's how he got his popular nickname 'Uwaezuoke'.

Movies: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke movies include, Ihe Onye Metere, Okwute, Akidi, Ukwunnu, Isikotebu, Nna Na Nwa, Uwaezuoke in Togo, Akonuche, Okuku Igbo, Nurse Eliza, among others.

Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke Wedding photo as a Bride as Chidi Ihesie Okafor acts as 'her' Chief Bridesmaid

Net Worth: Stephen Anajemba earns money from acting, MC and comedy but Uwaezuoke net Worth is unavailable.

Girlfriend: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke And His Girlfriend Disrupt Movie Set

Shirley Ann Drags Uwaezuoke Stephen Alajemba To Court Over Misconduct With His Girlfriend On Set

New York based Nollywood actress and Producer, Shirley Ann, who is also the CEO of Little Brothers Global Entertainment, had dragged veteran actor, Stephen Alajemba who she contracted for her movie to court in 2017.

Stephen Alajemba who was reportedly paid as the lead actor in the movie, allegedly arrived the movie location with his girlfriend who wasn't part of the cast for the movie shoot. Upon their arrival, the alleged girlfriend became a burden to the welfare officers of the movie shoot.

A source who was present at the scene of the incident, had this to say;

"The lady was just doing things the way she liked, and the producer even begged her to leave her set as she wasn't part of her crew. The girl almost attacked the producer, but security agents came to the rescue. She kept moving into rooms booked for actors while they were on set, claiming she is always beside the actor and being protective incase someone wants to poison him"

When contacted, the movie producer, Shirley Ann, revealed that Uwaezuoke who was meant to be on set for 5 days, demanded that he wanted a suite-sized double Queen hotel room instead of the single room initially booked for him. Shirley further revealed that he left the movie set after 3 days because his demand to feed his girlfriend at midnight wasn't met, threatening to put the production on hold. According to her, they called even the hotel to eat by 2am.

According to the actress/producer, Shirley Ann, it took the intervention of the police before he came back with same girl again.

"This woman controls Stephen Alajemba to an extent you know it's not ordinary. Stephen acts by her command. Eats by her command" she said.

According to the New York Film Academy trained actress/producer, the actor's gross misconduct on set of the movie directed by Okey zubelu Okoh DGN, frustrated her as she incurred debts she never bargained for, thus making her file a petition against Stephen in court. She further called on Stephen Alajemba's children to call him to order.

Speaking on the alleged incident, popular Nollywood cinematographer Mr Jonjolo okhakume, who witnessed the incident also condemned the unprofessional act from Stephen Alajemba.

Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke and Paul Okoye Psquare photo

Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke and Chiwetalu Agu picture

Instagram: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is not on Instagram, Has no Instagram Page Account Profile Handle

Facebook: Stephen Anajemba Uwaezuoke is not on Facebook

Stephen Anajemba is from which State in Nigeria
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