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Who is Oiza Abu?
Who is Meyi Abu?

Who are Oiza and Meyi Abu Twins?
Oiza and Meyi Abu are Nigerian born singers, songwriters and Instagram twins sensation who are known for their Instagram music video posts where they sing in the bathroom.

Oiza and Meyi Abu are the daughters of Eugenia Abu, a former newscaster on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

The Abu Twins - Oiza and Meyi found fame on Instagram in February 2020 when they entertained fans with their bathroom singing sessions.

Olu Maintain was the first celebrity to pay the Abu Twins - Oiza and Meyi Abu a compliment on social media.

Oiza and Meyi are considered witty and most of their songs reflect the everyday experiences of their lives packaged with funny things that happen to them on a daily basis. They just write what they see.

Singers and songwriters, Meyi and Oiza have continued to grow in their strides with great lyrics all written by them, great humour to pepper the songs and themes that are often outside the box.

Real Name, Full Name: What's the full/real name of the Abu Twins - Oiza and Meyi?

Eucharia Ojotule Oiza Abu and
Eugenia Unekwuojo Meyi Abu

Home Town, Tribe State Of Origin: Oiza and Meyi Abu are from where?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Oiza and Meyi Abu were born on 17 December 1998.

Age: How old are the Abu Twins - Oiza and Meyi Abu? Oiza and Meyi Abu are currently 21 years old. The Abu Twins, Oiza and Meyi Abu will celebrate their 22nd birthday on type 17th of December 2020.
Throwback Photos of Oiza and Meyi Abu As Babies (Childhood)

Height: How tall are Oiza and Meyi Abu?

Educational Background, School, University: Oiza and Meyi Abu graduated from the University in 2019.

Net Worth: Oiza and Meyi Abu makes money as Instagram influencers and brand promoters but their net worth unavailable.

Instagram: Abu Twins, Oiza and Meyi instagram Page Account Profile Handle oiza__meyi 

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Oiza and Meyi Abu are they married?
Is Oiza Abu married?
Is Meyi Abu married?
Oiza and Meyi are not yet married and don't flaunt their relationships on their instagram pages.

Fiance, Boyfriend: Oiza and Meyi Abu Twins don't show off their boyfriends or fiancé.

Family, Siblings, Parents: The Abu Twins, Oiza and Meyi are the last in a family of 8 - including 6 children and their parents.
Oiza and Meyi Abu have 4 other siblings...

Brother: Joseph Abu

Identical Abu Twins: Oiza and Meyi Abu are identical twins. Their mother, Eugenia Abu couldn't tell them apart when they were still babies.

"They are also identical. And for the longest while they were still babies, I could not tell them apart. But now they are grown with their own personalities and showing their craft in all they do." Eugenia Abu recalls.

Who Is The Older/oldest of the Abu Twins?
Oiza and Meyi Abu: who is the older/younger? Oiza Abu is older than Meyi Abu.

Parents: Oiza and Meyi Abu parents -
Father: Oiza and Meyi Abu's father is Thompson Abu.

Oiza and Meyi Abu father who studied Theatre and Performing Art at the University of Ibadan, taught them about working on stage and other aspects of performing at a very early stage in their lives.

Mother: Oiza and Meyi Abu mother is Eugenia Abu.

Who Is Eugenia Abu? (Biography)

Eugenia Abu (nee Eugenia Jummai Amodu) is a Nigerian born broadcast journalist, writer, poet and media consultant, best known as a former news anchor and correspondent for the Nigerian Television Authority NTA. Eugenia Abu is one of Nigeria’s finest broadcasters and comperes. She anchored the 9:00 pm news on NTA for 17 years.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Eugenia Abu was born on 19 October 1962.

Age: How old is Eugenia Abu? Eugenia Abu is 58 years old as at 2020.
Eugenia Abu will celebrate her 58th birthday on the 19th of October 2020.

State Of Origin, Tribe: Where is Eugenia Abu from? Eugenia Abu hails from Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Educational Background: Eugenia Abu attended ABU Staff School, Zaria and Queen Amina College, Kaduna for her primary and secondary schools respectively. Eugenia Abu studied English at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, where she graduated in 1981. She obtained a Masters in communication policy studies from the City, University of London in 1992, graduating with a distinction. She also possesses a Graduate Certificate in Education from A.B.U Zaria (1981).

Family, Marriage, Children, Daughters: Eugenia Abu is married to Thompson Abu and they have 6 children - 1 son and 5 daughters, including twins.

Son: Eugenia Abu son is Joseph Abu

Husband: Eugenia Abu is married to Thompson Abu, her husband.
How Eugenia Abu And Her Husband, Thompson Abu Met:

Eugenia Abu and Thompson Abu, her husband got married in 1983, they have been married for 37 years.

Thompson Abu Biography, Age, Wife (Of Eugenia Abu Husband)

Who is Thompson Abu?
Thompson Abu is a Nigerian born broadcaster, profound writer, communication expert, Eugenia Abu's husband and the father of the Abu Twins - Oiza And Meyi Abu.

Educational Background: Thompson Abu studied Theatre Arts at the University of Ibadan.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Thompson Abu was born in December 1957.
Age: How old is Thompson Abu? Eugenia Abu's husband, Thompson Abu is currently 62 years old. Thompson Abu will celebrate his 63rd birthday in December 2020.

Eugenia Abu Full Biography (Autobiography)

Eugenia Abu is one of Nigeria’s frontline broadcast journalists winning several awards over the years for her work in the field including the Nigeria merit media award for best newscaster of the year. One of the nation’s most recognisable faces, Eugenia is also a prize winning writer. Author of two published books, In the Blink of an Eye, a collection of essays which won her the ANA/NDDC Flora Nwapa prize in 2008  for best women’s writing and the critically acclaimed Don’t look at me like that, a collection of poems. Eugenia maintains weekly columns in two national dailies, Tales from the main road, in Business day on Fridays and Five favourite books with Eugenia Abu in The Sunday Trust.

A motivational speaker, Life coach and media strategist,  Eugenia is a member of several National and International organisations giving her time and platform to various societal issues including gender disaggregation, women and communication, girl child education, rape, human trafficking, violence against women and Prison decongestion. She is a member of council of the National human rights commission, a member of the Editorial board of Thisday newspapers and a faculty member of the Africa centre for leadership and strategy. Eugenia is also a council member of the Lagos state Research and development council. She is Lead Life coach to an annual weekend retreat programme for women, W-TAB and was a member of the Vision 2020 National technical working group on media. On the invitation of the association of Nigerians in Western Australia, Eugenia delivered the 2008 independence anniversary lecture in Perth, Western Australia.

As a trainer she is constantly involved in media training for corporate organisations and International organisations and only recently concluded her term as National media consultant for the International Labour organisation, ILO. She has consulted for the United Nations fund for women, the United Nations information centre and the British council.

Eugenia believes that mentoring is the unexplored key to fast tracking Africa’s human development and this has given her the drive to mentor over 40 young men and women in the last three years, impacting in them the importance of a good work ethic, communication skills, moral values, etiquette and capacity building. A guest lecturer at NTA TV College Jos for seven years, she taught broadcasting, elocution, presentation, scriptwriting and news reporting as well as voice cadence to over 200 broadcasters across channels, across Nigeria. She is currently the deputy director training at the headquarters of the Nigerian Television Authority.

Eugenia Abu’s interest in Nigeria’s future generation also led her to found and lead facilitate one of Abuja’s leading annual weeklong creative and literary boot camps, The Treasured Writers, TTW, for children between the ages of 7-15 years.

A 1981 graduate of English from the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Eugenia obtained a Masters in communication policy studies from the City University London in 1992, graduating with a distinction.

She also possesses a Graduate certificate in Education from A.B.U Zaria (1981) and has attended several top management courses across the world. Eugenia was a delegate to the fourth word women’s conference in Beijing, China in 1985 and has attended several conferences across the world. She is a two time delegate to the Going global conference on Education. (Hong Kong and the United Kingdom)

A chevening scholar, USIS fellow and world traveller, Eugenia is writing her first novel and an M.A in Creative writing from Keele University Staffordshire, is in view. In her long and rewarding career she has interviewed notable world leaders including President Obasanjo, President Sir Leaf Johnson, General Abdulsalami and President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. Her portfolio includes literary giants like the Nobel laureate for literature, Nadine Gordimer and the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon among many others. Mrs   Abu is considered one of Nigeria’s finest comperes lending her voice, skills and experience to many national and International events in the last twenty years including the inauguration ball of the late President Yaradua and the oath taking ceremony of President Jonathan on the 29th of May.

Eugenia is blessed with the ability to write in most literary genres; fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and screenplay. She has recently completed a poetry pamphlet. Her third book is a novel in progress. She lives in Abuja with her husband and children.

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