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Facts About Michael Onome Ejoor (Full Biography)

Who is Michael Ejoor?
Michael Ejoor is a Nigerian born Nollywood, TV Actor, Singer, who has featured in many high profile Nigerian movies and TV series.

Full Name: Michael Onome Ejoor

Nickname: Jesus Boy

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Michael Onome Ejoor from? Michael Ejoor hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Tribe: Michael Ejoor tribe - is Michael Onome Ejoor Yoruba, Benin, Igbo, or Hausa? Michael Ejoor is Urhobo tribe from Warri in Delta State.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Michael Ejoor was born on 9 January in the early 1988.

Real Age: How old is Michael Ejoor? Michael Onome Ejoor is 32 years old as at 2020.

Michael Onome Ejoor Throwback photos

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Michael Ejoor is from a family of 3 children, and their parents.

Meet Michael Onome Ejoor mother (Photo)

Throwback picture of Michael Ejoor and his mother

Sisters: Michael Ejoor has two sisters. His elder sister got married to oyinbo man in 2013.

Childhood photo of Michael Onome Ejoor and his siblings- sisters

Photo of Michael Ejoor and his younger sister at his elder sister's wedding

Photo of Michael Ejoor and his elder sister on her wedding day in 2013.

Wedding picture of Michael Ejoor elder sister -

Michael Onome Ejoor with his elder sister and younger sister and brother in-law - his elder sister's husband (2013 wedding)

Educational Background: Michael Onome Ejoor attended University of Hertfordshire: BSc (Hons) Management Science with Business, United Kingdom, Hatfield.

London School of Economics & Political Science : PGD Accounting & Finance, United Kingdom.

 Michael Onome Ejoor photos

Wedding, Marriage: Is Michael Onome Ejoor married? Michael Onome Ejoor is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his relationship on his Instagram page.

Wife: Michael Ejoor doesn't have a wife yet as he is not yet married but he is dating.

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Who is Michael Ejoor dating, girlfriend? Michael Onome Ejoor is doesn't show off his girlfriend/Fiancee on his Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

 Pictures of Michael Ejoor

Movies: The Father, Michael Onome Ejoor has featured in over 14 television/web shows/series (including Tinsel, 360 With Abby and AfricaMagic’s Unbroken), 11 feature films, 7 short films, a music video and 3 musical theatre productions.

Net Worth: Michael Onome Ejoor makes money from acting, modelling, and other side hustles but Michael Ejoor Net Worth is unavailable.

Height: How tall is Michael Ejoor? Michael Onome Ejoor is 6.1 ft tall (1.85 Meters)

Instagram: Michael Onome Ejoor Instagram Page Account Profile Handle michaeloejoor 

Twitter: Michael O Ejoor Twitter Account Page

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